The Hardware Megathread


I just want to take a second to rip on the digitakt. Sampling is mono, as far as I understand. That’s a total deal breaker.

Beautiful box, but fairly useless if samples get summed down.


I don’t get why every one is hung up on the mono sampling. You can pan and use delay and reverb inside the digitakt yes?

I guess if you are cooking your own and want the samples to go in with reverb or delay.


It’s mono in. But because of the delay and reverb, stereo out. And you’re able to pan as far as I know. I can’t wait to noodle around on it. I’m also hoping to use a few channels for synth stuff and midi stuffs.


100%, I would very rarely sample anything with delay or reverb already on it. Unless it’s part of the pad/ drone sounds


On paper, yeah it’s extremely annoying. In practice, it’s not an issue at all. Between the reverb, delay, and automated panning per step, the soundstage that comes from the box has plenty of width. When I absolutely need stereo samples I use something else, like the Octatrack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Volca drum looks great! Sounds pretty good too from the few demos I’ve heard. I would most likely sequence it externally with an Elektron. It’s funny that the two volcas that intrigue me are the digital ones, love the FM


The mono doesn’t bother me either on the digitakt, i sample my modular a lot which is mono anyway. Going stereo on my modular was something that never interested me plus it would of been expensive.


Yeah, doesn’t matter much in practice, but the choice of limiting its memory and having this low bitrate and mono only is weird.
I look at the 4ms stereo triggered sampler and that module runs 48kHz, 32 bit stereo; and will gladly take a 32 GB uSD. It’s just weird.


Ive decided to leave my big knob in the chain, been listening to some tracks tonight and I’m surprised to say i can actually hear a different between the clarett and apogee duet which i didnt think i would, with the clarett i can hear more detail in individual sounds there just seems more space for the sound, very impressed.


My main problem with the digitakt being mono in is I want to use outboard efx and monitor in stereo. Can’t do it. Can’t apply DT effects live either to the external input which is really lame.

So if you want to use the box as a makeshift live mixer the mono in is kind of a stumbling block because it’s stereo features can only be applied after the fact once audio is sampled.

For the record, I really love the DT, one of the best pieces of gear I’ve used. But the mono issue, to me, is an issue and a rather shitty one at that.


Yeah, that’s a big problem if you are using it as a mixer/pass through thing. OT is the king for that stuff, but it’s a stupid omission to not have stereo pass through on the Takt.


See. Now that is a different story altogether. I can see the gripe there for sure. Kinda makes the inputs pointless for love use.

The context in which Ive heard the complaint is just that it can only use mono samples.


Didn’t someone say while it recorded mono you were able to sample the left and then right channels, not only summed together?

I know that drops tracks by two each time and honestly is some extra steps but useful in itself, no?

Hard pan each one, delay one from the other, pitch one an octave higher or lower, etc, etc.
Even endlessly loop infinitely with different starting and ending points. Get some cool phasing.

Definitely stuff I want to toy with anyway. Figure there are more than enough tracks available to attempt some neat stuff.

Edit - One more day until I get to open my Digitakt up…bought a pair of headphones with an 1/8-1/4 adapter to avoid the computer and daw… And thinkjng it might be time to get some AA batteries for the tascam recorder. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Of all the bits of gear I’ve bought and sold over the last 5 years the Tempest is the only gear I miss. I think I might have to buy another…


Took some waiting, but it has finally arrived. From the videos, I’m expecting The Mangle in a hardware box. Might run it through Clouds, too.


Any thoughts on the iConnectivity4? Planning to buy a new audio interface in the fall and would be nice to have one that I could also use with my iPad.


I had one, it worked well.


I have one, I never use the audio through as not using a computer I prefer the audio to come via cable to the mixer. If you don’t have crazy routing neeeds the iconnect midi 1 will be nice.

I currently use a K-mix with the midi breakout box.
Connected via lightning cable to the iPad or usb to the computer so the audio goes straight into the mixer and can the be routed to the Mpc


i love their devices. their midi interfaces are very powerful but the resulting downfall is that they are endlessly complex and the app for doing deep “under the hood” work (midi cc/sysex filtering or re-channelizing) is NOT at all straight forward.

currently i have 4 on this tour and have backups of their patchbay settings in the cloud, if i were to need to re-program one in a pinch it could take a while, iconfig is a bit of an unintuitive drag. that said, their support and FB group are fantastic.


Thanks @Automageddon and @chasedobson , I appreciate the insight. At the moment I don’t have plans to do any complex MIDI routing, though reading about these things some of them can be pretty powerful–passing audio over USB between your iPad and computer. The iConnectAudio4 seemed perfect for a minimal setup and would work with my laptop or iPad (or both!).