The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, sorry I was being a bit of a prick.
It just is weird to me that there’s so many “samplers” out there that don’t actually sample. And from elektron who usually seem to make cool stuff it’s lame imo.


I hope they get some more stuff into the model: range soon, because I could see them putting a cool spin on some ideas in the form factor and price point. Hell, if the Digitakt weren’t sitting right above it and none of us had any idea of a machine like that, we might think it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it has to stand next to the rest of their lineup and it really pales in comparison. But give us elektron sequenced wavetables in that formfactor. Even one voice of that could be dope as balls if we could make our own wavetables.


The Model: S seems easier to say…

I actually felt like it would have been pretty cool to jack with. Mainly for the sequencer and effecting of stuff loaded into it. But two additional tracks on the Digitakt and more capability seem worth. Plus I can use it with my hardware already owned, more easily. Unless I’m totally useless.

Plus this went from a budget buy to a Sweetwater credit purchase, so I upgraded. :yum:


Speaking of samplers Islainstruments who make the kordbot have announced they are building a Emu SP1200 clone, well not exactly a clone as it will work/look like a SP1200 but will have a lot more features and brad claims it will be built like a tank, metal chassis etc, he’s calling it a SP2400 and it’ll be under £1000


Watched a vid interviewing the maker. Looks pretty cool! 24 or 12 bit, using an old school way of transposing samples for all that artifacty goodness the original is known for. He seemed a little cagey about how many VCF/VCA there would be, hope it’s at least 8. Not really in the market for it but it’s the kind of thing I’m glad exists (or will soon)


Yeah, it’s a bit of a head scratcher for me too. A bit too minimalistic. The digi series is already enough cutting/refining the Elektron workflow. As much as I like them I can’t wait for their next full sized/featured product


I have a takt & tone, I don’t have a lot of time for music due to work so at this very moment I’m focusing on the tone a few hours each time I get home from work, what a beautiful instrument, it’s got to the stage where it is clearly my favourite synth. (and I own a lot of synths)


It’s great. I think it’s the most immediately lush synth they’ve ever made, just really quick and easy to make it sound good. I wish there was more flexibility in the chorus and I wish it had some sort of glide/portamento, but overall I love it


As for the modal series there is a huge set of people out there that make music but not like us. That’s who the model samples is for, the casual market. I wager it’s going to be an off the charts seller for Elektron. Lots of people out there who want to get into Elektron but aren’t about to shell out the dosh for even one of their mid-tier priced devices.


Frankly depending on how it handles loops and what on board FX it has, I might even consider it as a TR8S companion. And it is probably loads better than the new Electribe Sample


Hey guess what…I’m fucking double posting this…ban me : ) TR8S and Troublemaker 303 on iPad


I bet. You get an easy to get into Elektron for nearly 1/2 the price of the already lower priced units.

I can’t wait to use the Digitakt but feel it would have been fun to play with too.

Any one, thoughts?


Troublemaker 303, first time I’ve ever heard of it but it does sound good, it’s just the iPad touch screen thingy doesn’t do it for me.

When I seen volca modular I thought I’d like one of them, I could take it camping with me and record it on the zoom H4n, but now a bit of time has gone by I’m starting to go off the idea of the modular and getting more interest in the volca drum.


Got a Focusrite Clarett 8pre usb coming tomorrow, so what happens to unwanted apogee duet firewires nowadays, use as a paperweight ?


Yea, I’m not a fan either, but finances as they are an iPad synth is as close as I can get. I tried using to NI DJ controllers as MIDI controllers for Troublemaker, but to no avail. I’ll probably end up using the Akai Fire and a synth in FL Studio from now on. Maybe I can swing a used BeatStep for the iPad.


Don’t know what they’re going for on your side of the pond, but I’m seeing them go for $70-150 US on eBay, more if it’s a Duet 2, which is a little bit of something.

If you’re on Mac or are using ASIO4ALL, you can use both the Duet and Clarett at the same time.

Or keep it around as a portable interface? Paired with a laptop it’d make a fairly solid mobile/field rig, though it looks like you’ve got an H4N for that.

Otherwise, it’s a very pretty doorstop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought the demo by them was good. My kind of music. But probably pretty limited I guess. Sounds like a duotron with more configurability.


Pretty sure there’s no vactrols in there, basically heresy for a LPG. Lots of functionality in a tiny space, with lots of control lost to accommodate that. Could be a cool intro to modular synths for new comers, but doesn’t offer much for people already into euro or even the semi modular synths out there. Also I would definitely loose those tiny patch cables :confounded:


Focusrite Clarett 8pre turned up today, the wife hasn’t talked to me all day as i promised i wouldn’t buy anymore studio gear before i did the house up but that a whole other matter.

It works perfect and easy to set up, but whats crossed my mind that i didn’t think about before i got the clarett is my Mackie big knob which I’ve used for about 11 years, I’m going from the clarett to the big knob to monitors and I’m not usually anal like that bit i can’t help thinking I’m listening to the big knob and not the clarett.

Now because of all the claret I/Os I’m thinking of retiring the big knob, I like the big knob because if i just want to noodle with hardwares synths then the way i have it hooked up is i don’t need to switch the computer on, its kinda breaking my heart, I’m going to have to ponder over this one.


I think the target are the non modular audience. I never found the Volcas attractive, and same goes for this, I would rather get a 0-coast, but I think I will get the Volca Drum, as usual after selling the ND2, I miss having a dedicated drum synth.