The Hardware Megathread


Der Adler ist gelandet is the text I send my wife every time I land somewhere.

Unrelated to the Eagles or arriving, I finally took some time and tried Monark (I didn’t even know I had it) and it does sound really good, too bad it’s a soft synth.
The architecture seems similar to the Behringer Model D (I know it’s a clone and blahblahblah) does the Model D sound as good?


Yes, it does.


Frankly, I miss Monark. But don’t feel like I need it w Repro. It can get some wicked basslines going.

That being said…I probably will add a monosynth to my setup next fall. Something w a sequencer. Might look into that Novation thing. Not sure.

Alternativey I might just get a Beat Step for my iPad.


SH-101… yeah



I’d seriously look at the BassStation 2, with the update they did on the firmware last year, you can even use it duo phonically. And although it’s not the most distincted sounding mono synth, it is versatile.


Isnt the Novation Monostation basically a BSII in a groovebox?

But Ive heard many great sounds come out of the bsii. I just have a permanent hard on for anything w its its own step sequencer.

I know the BSII has a sequencer :slight_smile: I will take it under advisement


Had a chat with Cat3 a while ago about this and he also suggested the Sub 37 (Out of my current price tag) and the Sub Phatty.
I still need to sort a few things work-wise before I can make a choice, just planning/testing the waters…


but keyboards dude!

contrarily, im thinking for my 40th (in July… 0.o) I’m going to buy myself either and OB6 desktop or Prophet6 desktop, I have enough keyboards.


If you do decide to go this way (which I’m not a fan of anymore, as I mentioned somewhere previously), paying a little more for the Sub 37 is absolutely worth. Sub Phatty has at least half of its functionality hidden behind obscure button presses. If you’re going to use it with a computer, it might not be a problem, since the VST editor for it is really good. But still, used Sub 37s have really come down in price in the past couple of years and just have a lot more controls right on the front panel. A lot more functionality in general. Plus there’s a screen for the menus. And it also has an excellent VST editor.


but X0X box : ) No, I know…but really, I rarely play things live. I know enough theory I can noodle melodies on keys. I can’t really play chords or chord progressions.

I mean, depending on how many classes I get, I might let myself get a poly analog keyboard with a nice set of options and say, OK, that should pretty much sort me for making sounds out of the box. Dunno.


Finally got my new headphones yesterday. Didn’t get to try all 3 that I was looking at. Athr70x’s out of stock and they didn’t have a set of the AGK 702’s on display, and the ones in the box were shrink wrapped. The only ones I got to try of the 3 were the DT 880’s, but the edition version. They had some Sure SRH1440’s that were a customer return, Actually they had 3 sets. So, I auditioned them alongside the 880’s. I ended up doing this for 2 hours.
In the end I nearly got the 1440’s. The price was reduced, so just under the cost of the 880’s. I likes the twin removable cables, 2 sets long and short, they came with a hard case. Very flat, but a bit shrill in the highs at first, but not so much that your ears couldn’t adjust, and not bassy but there, which is why I think they had 3 sets of returned, if all 3 were returns that is. I know the ones I was trying were cos the slip was taped to the back.
Unfortunately there was one problem, that was not fixable, my small head and thin face. The cups didn’t have quite enough swivel to seal evenly, so I was losing the bass, unless I pushed the bottom of the cup in a bit.
So, I got the guy to get the DT 880’s pro’s, put them on, and the fit was perfect. I know in a lot of the reviews people complain about the clamping force being to much. So I went with them. When I got home, I realized I’d mage the right choice. They are obscenely comfortable, have such a solid build, and The coiled cable is perfect for me to move back and forth between my gear, without have to either take them off cos the cable’s too short, or keep running over the longer cable… There’s also something reassuring when you look at the clamp ends and see, “Made in Germany”.
To give an idea of the head size problem, my crash helmet size is 53/54, and I have to have the adjusters fully down, even on the DT’s


So I just pulled the trigger on a Digitakt. Can’t wait to fool with it.

Was going to get the Model: Samples but decided to order the Digitakt instead. Will have finally gotten my first Elektron!


I’d love to hear how you get on with it, that’s on my short list for solving my drum problem.


Will do. Should get it by end of next week and then some fun time. Hoping I can just do sessions with it before starting any projects.

I plan to record my DFAM into it and do some neat stuffs, at least initially. Probably end useful all over the board.


I rate it highly. If it’s your first Elektron box, it has the right balance of flexibility and simplicity to ease you into their workflow. Focused but doesn’t feel too limited.


And a much better choice over the Samples, I frankly do not get the point of samplers that don’t sample, especially when for not so much more you can get the whole she bang.


I don’t get the point of Elektron samples either, and that strap on battery they are talking about is a toe curling joke in my eyes its like dangling a sausage off your dinner plate, as if they couldn’t of made a battery compartment something they missed on digitakt that could of made it the best portable machine ever.


I think the thing that sold me on Digitakt over the samples was the recording into it. Different sounds etc. Ljke I could literally pull stuff from YouTube or the internet in general, and record it to a croppable audio take in the Digitakt.

That seems like a great feature. And beyond that, all of the elekton stuff.


You mean sampling? Seems basic for a … sampler!


Yes. I mean sampling.

And when I mean sold me as a feature, I was talking in reference to the Model: Samples or the Digitakt.