The Hardware Megathread


I’ll see what goes on with the XD when it comes out, so far it’s top of my list with the Arturia Brute 2.
Even though I feel like I should just go for a Mopho or get an Evolver desktop instead, the Evolver is the synth I regret selling the most…


I’ve always been interested in the Evolver but never pulled the trigger on one. What did you like about it? The grid matrix interface and itty bitty lcd has always kept me away.


I thought the set of digital and analog oscillators was quite a nice combo, plus it had some really interesting FXs, I personally didn’t get on with the interface. I didn’t find it difficult to grasp or anything, but it was slow for me. It certainly has a sound and a character all its own. I’d love a keyboard version, but that is virtually unobtainium at this point afaik.

Not to answer for Auto lol…but I’ve got some spare time this morning and I’m bored…apologies Auto!


Hey, I’m bored too. Wait… yeah just checked and I have like an hour of work to do today. The next 7 and a half hours are gonna rock :rofl:

I’m thinking about a cheap VA to try and really nail that 90s vibe. So far, I think the Mininova sounds really cool and it’s got a software editor and it’s cheap (like $250 easily cheap). Any other things I should think about? I’m after 4 voices or so, a few FX, supersaw waveform of some description or another. I suppose pretty standard VA stuff. I’d prefer a module option if possible, but I can live with a small keyboard if I have to.

Otherwise, I’d just say screw everything else and get a System 8 and be done. But alas, that would require me getting a rack, and if I’m gonna buy a rack with room for the two synths I have, why not spring for one with room for the next one I want… You see, it’s a slippery slope.


Pretty much what Relic said, the 2 analog oscillators and the digital ones offer a great mix and potential for routing, the interface was a bit meh. But its sound was ballsy and great
If I could find an affordable one I would go for the Mono Evolver Keyboard, with its knobby interface, I found a poly evolved for “only” 1600£ …


Roland Super JV2080/ Super JD990/ XV 5080 are worth looking into. Don’t get much more 90’s than that.


I always thought the Novation UltraNova (and the MiniNova since its the same sound engine) sounded really 90’s by default. I’d love to have an UltraNova again. But I don’t need one…


Nova Desktop if you’re short of space.
PS: it’s got comb filter too, never knew what to do with it, but sounds cool and stuff


ditto on the nord2,had the desktop still wanting the minilogue, but the small keys are a big stop and think for me.there is the monologue.then i will have enough for the ds evolver desktop.maybe.
dunno,really wishing i didn’t have to sell my tempest.grrrrrrrrr.


One thing I do love about the TR8S is I can have it hooked up to my laptop, DAW open, be working on a tune just on the device itself and when I need to create something I can make a synth patch, demo it w/ the beat I’m working on, pop an SD into my computer, bounce to the SD card, pop it into the TR8S and load it. The only thing that would be better would be a drag n drop SSD on board the TR8S.

Frankly, depending on the kind of music you make, it is a pretty capable all in one groove box (ish) if you can get it done with 11 instruments/channels. Though I’m thinking much later this year or next I’ll probably add a Digitone unless something better comes along.


Last night I had insomnia and while laying in bed I realised I do not really need a keyboard synth, maybe not even a module.
The stuff I do pretty much requires a sound source and something that can sample and manipulate the sample.
So I might just get a very flexible module I can use to quickly create patches to then sample.


Finally got the synth rack set up with the right shelves and bits. All quite easy to either play live or send midi from the desktop or the iPad. The iPad also routes the midi. Find that easier than just using different set midi channels. Also can easily route thru the amp or direct for recording.


It took me a bit to understand wth was going on in the top corner.
Looks nice, I would love to see a consolidated pic of all your guitar stuff too!


Do you always mic your Egnater right in that spot? Any concerns with it being right in front of a wall and on the floor?


That particular Egnater is “ported” in the front. But the port is way too large mathematically. So it is really an open front cab. :man_shrugging:t4:It is also not right on the floor, but on the metal shelf.
And the mics arent placed in the pic, I had just moved it back. But I usually have the condensor angled from the edge toward the center and either put the dynamic on the center or over the ‘port’ which gives kinda silly bass though requires phase correction.


Oi. Consolidated shot of guitar stuff. That would take me an hour to set up ha. I am mainly a singer guitar player. This electronic music is my new sweetheart, but Ive been collecting guitar shit for 25 years.

Not that I have a crazy collection, all workhorses for me, nothing boutique…but only have maybe a third of them out at one time and they are spread out around the house in various closets, and hangout locations.


I’ll wait! :wink:


So did ya’ll hear that Teenage Engineering is bringing back the OP-1, but are charging $300 more “because the used prices were higher than original price” lol…its like $1100 or $1200 new now…

I know, such a joke! Ha ha ha. Keep it, you weirdos.


Given that I have both, let me compare a bit:
Sample playback is based on 24kHz 16 bit mono for the DT and 42kHz 16 bit stereo for the Deluge. I think the recent firmware now allows AIFF or other formats.
Deluge has expandable memory using std SD.
Sound… the dry samples sound the same on either one, so what you hear in difference is entirely a function of the FX. The Deluge has more FX and the Reverb is good, analog delay is awesome. The DT reverb is just super nice and with overdrive and compression you can really polish the sound. The Deluge would be more at home in a setup with more outboard FX, while the DT comes with great basic FX built in. Also, the sequencer and mod matrix still has a bit of an edge in the DT, but only if you really need to put an envelope or LFO on sample start or length.
P-lock and probabilities is on both. And you get an arranger mode, which is hands down the best song arranger in any hardware I’m aware of.
And you get a synth, unlimited tracks, including MIDI and CV tracks. But the DT has a nice reverb.


The Eagle has landed…