The Hardware Megathread


I will look into it when I get home.

A quick google search makes it seem the updated the TR8 to output at 44.1, 48 and 96 so my guess is they maintained that for the TR8S. Only makes sense…who needs 96K?!

edit: looking more and more like a yes @chasedobson



thats good news.

im still trying to talk myself out of one but its not getting any easier.


@chasedobson also in windows all the I/O defaulted to 44.1k 16 bit in the audio device manager


Any of you guys owns a Minilogue?


I’m curious if they fixed the envelope click issue in the XD


the TR8S can do some passable acid-ish stuff with just what comes on board. I’m sure it wouldn’t please a purist, but I’m tickled as I was wanting to do that, but it doesn’t handle loops all that well.


quick and dirty TR8S demo…was building up a track today. So all the percussion is either a drum voice or a pre-loaded sample. The low bass is a sample I loaded and manipulated as well as the vocal. The almost acid adjacent thing is a square wave sample/voice on the TR8S. Everything done just with the one device. Single take. Some quick saturation, compression and limiting on the recording. Only kinda sorta mixed on head phones.


there was never an issue. the ML has extremely fast envelopes, when set at zero they click, all you need to do is slow them down a tad on the attack and you’re good.

i fucking love that keyboard for arps and basses due to those envelopes, if they “fixed them” i’d be bummed. :wink:


Minilogue here.


I shouldn’t listen to the Gearslutz Nation! I juat remember that being the scuttlebutt when it came out. Thank you for the correction. And that makes sense on the arps and bass.


when i got it i was like, click click click… YASSSS QWEEEEN



same with the envelope retrigger “issue” in monophonic mode. you simply had to set the portamento to 1 to get it to hold the sustain phase of the ADSR when trying to play it like a mono.

so it has some quirks but when you get used to them its friggin great, w the XD coming out soon id imagine that these will become even more affordable on the used market.


Lalalalalalalalala covers ears <this is me trying not to gas for a synth when I can just make patches in my DAW and load the samples on the TR8S…(also have an Akai Fire back in its box)

Quirks are good. They make me learn new things. The Minilogue sounds fab from the demos I heard. @chasedobson your music included in that. I remember hearing it in quite a few of your tunes when you first got it.


Pretty much what I wanted to hear, a quick review.
Any cons?



Bad news, looks like I was right (which I’m really not happy about). Teenage engineering is having a bad month.


I’ll have a read! Thank you : )


no high or bandpass filters, and the resonance cuts off a lot of low end.

one cannot filter off start stop messages so the sequencer fires when you hit when it is slaved to midi clock, my workaround has been to delete the sequence data.


I had a minilogue for about half a year once, maybe less. I get that you can increase the attack on that minilogue but I really don’t think that click has to do with fast envelopes. I’ve had synths with that fast envelope snap before (hello nord lead 2) and with the minilogue I feel it’s different.

To me that click just sounds plain bad. Like a really annoying pop that you would definitely want to dial out. Only problem was, for me, when I did the attack lost something that I wanted, the fast attack.

So yeah, hate arguing with you here @chasedobson, but I’m in with gearslutz on this one. Click? It’s there, it’s not musical in any way, it’s a problem.



no argument, ive got a NL2 as well…

they did offer a firmware update that resolved it, tho I’ve not installed it.

fine for my purposes.