The Hardware Megathread




I was curious what processor was in a Digitone and after a quick google I found it contains two ColdFire MCF5441 microprocessors and the Digitakt contains one, the MCF5441 is 32bit, it performs 12bit digital to analog conversion and can run up to 250mhz.

I downloaded some more PDFs and found the MCF5441 was designed to put inside a defibrillator :smile:


that’s pretty freaking funny man, great find lol




Last one, here’s a block diagram of all the components inside the chip


so what you are saying is I can turn a Digitakt into a taser?


If you ever keel over just put the Digitakt on your chest :smile:


Music saving lives. One digi at a time.


Can’t check the demo right now at work, but holy moly 16 voices of synth are getting cheap.


Im secretly hoping that in some future update elektron would up the 2 lfos per voice to 4…



WTF how they do dis?


I came here to post the same, impressive how they keep improving such a product.
Elektron has the same, sound locks, but those were built in the A4 from the beginning, not toward the middle end of a life cycle.
I’m on the market for a bass synth, when my shit is sorted, and due to budget and size, I’m leaning toward BS2 or Circuit Mono Station.


well crap - BS2 it is.

The nordlead2 has a similar mode where one can use ranges of keys to trigger specific sounds, intended for analog percussion, you’ll hear a lot of that in EP7 and LP5 era Autechre.


The thing that really makes me go “HOW?” is where are they finding the memory to do this?

I know one of the things the BS was always good at was switching presets fast, so I can see how they’d put a sound under every key if they mapped the midi all fancy behind the scenes. But where does the memory to store an extra 25 presets per table come from? Plus, the firmware’s got to be getting noticeably larger than when they started. Did they just overbuild the memory capacity figuring they’d find something to do with it?


I found a good deal on one of these guys (around $100 off) over the weekend, so that will be coming in next week. Ordering the cables right now. I’m going to spring for midi and use the prophet as a master so that everything should sync right up.

I’ve heard some of Line 6’s older stuff and thought it sounded great, and some of that is included here, so I know I’ll be getting some models I like in there for sure.


Funny. That is almost exactly where I am at for next fall. BS2 now seriously being considered w Mono Station at an equal spot…


The new line 6 stuff is even better.
I have a helix rack and it easily rivals eventide h9


That’s great news! I’ve heard the H9 and it blows me away, but when the used/discount market has these both around the same price and one can do only one thing at a time (and is best edited through an app!) and the other lets you do parallel effects chains… the choice is kind of obvious.


Yeah, that doesn’t really do the h9 justice in some ways. Some of the algos are multiple effects mixed. So to cover that same ground you will use up several models in helix. I agree about the app, but it’s actually pretty good. And the helix is best used with the editor anyway imo.
But the snapshots make it really great, best way to perform with it imo.