The Hardware Megathread


I am on so many cold meds for Covid and can’t sleep and I just bought myself a Behringer Pro-1 for xmas…yea Christmas bonus?


Hate might be too strong a word on how I feel about Guitar Center, but I’ve had bad/weird experiences almost every time buying from them and is exactly why I won’t ever again. Inept, plus the run around is how they seem to me. Even though Sweetwater’s sales tactics make me want to buy a gun, at least they follow through and I get what I’ve been guaranteed.


Can’t sleep past 3am these days, dunno why. Loving the Pro~1 though! Fat ass bottom on that girl.,


I can’t disparage GC overall, but what you describe is kinda my overall experience with my local store. The website or other stores, I can’t speak on.

@ Bro-1 that’s good to know. I had listened to a few comparisons recently since I got my bonus (just about the only thing I can say for Covid is the web company I freelance for went bonkers with requests for live stream support) b/c I knew I’d have to have one. Especially when I found out the dedicated controller for Repro-1 costs more the Bro-1 lmao.

If anyone is sleeping well during the end of days here in the US, kudos. I’m back awake at 7:30am with razor blades in my ears and throat drinking tea and wanting for the pain meds to kick in.


Are you hearing high frequency noise non stop? Like around 10977 kHz?


Let me know how yours stays in tune, my Boog D is out by a semitone and a half, just like… out of nowhere.


I did for like 30 seconds last night but it happens now and again to me anyway. I am pretty careful about wearing ear plugs at events bc of it. I usually wear them while I vacuum as well.


I forgot your Boog did that. Have you just stopped using it or do you just tune it by ear when you use it? Probably a lot to ask for a Behringer box but do they have like an internal master tune if you open it up?


I just tune it w a tuner plugin

these days out of tune has been my “vibe” so its a… feature? :smiley:


Hahahaha. That’s BoCs dirty secret…they just have all broken synths.


I guess we’re all crazy people. Is their a connection to insanity and artistic ambition?


It’s in Alice in Chains tuning! Good for sludge metal too lol!


Anecdotally and in urban myth for sure. I’ve always held the belief that boring people don’t have anything to say. I don’t think you have to be mentally ill or “broken” but if you’ve never had any intense experiences in your life what are you going to write about? My only evidence of this was from graduate school. About 1/3 of my peers were privileged suburban people and their work was either super boring or dry and academic.

Yea, I’m cis white dude from the suburbs, but I’ve had some adventures that inform what I create about.



I like you like you :wink:
In a straight way*
But you are sexy**


No explanation/edits necessary : )


Found this over on the Isla forums:

My lifetime collection – 20gb of high quality Acapellas

Password: freethevocals

Caveat: I don’t know the legitimacy or legality of passing around some of these libraries, if that matters to you at all. I imagine many of them, especially the older ones, aren’t even for sale anymore anyway.


I know this is the hardware megathread, but Bias Amp 2 is so much fun to tinker with, and I think with the right head from Positive Grid I can transfer it from the world of software into a real amp to play with. So anyway I made a customized bass head :smile:


Do any of you guys use an editor/librarian with your older machines? I’m looking at some new/old gear and one in particular, a Novation A Station, seems like I would really benefit from using it with an editor just to save and recall patches. I found an old copy of Sound Diver but it doesn’t have the A Station included (but it does support the Nova, yaaaaay!).

(I used Unisyn back in the 90’s and loved it for editing my Yamaha boxes)


Picked up a RockBoard Power LT XL - $60 new, 6600mA battery, and two 9V/1A center negative along with a 5V/1A USB output. I don’t really want to take a pedalboard out into the woods lol, but, I mean, I guess I could now. Mostly just want to clear some wire clutter for my little Pedaltrain Nano. Velcro the Power LT underneath it. I was having trouble finding a power supply for my pedals because the Zoom MS-100BT is f’ing power hungry at 500mA and my Neunaber Wet was having power issues at the end of the chain XD And I was on a cheap Donner 9V/1A power adapter at the time.

A lot of lower profile pedal supplies were often 100mA per outlet, or at most had 1-2 300mA 9Vs, or just did not suit my needs at all for various reasons. Now I have two 1A chains, or in this case, feed the hungry Zoom off one of them, and the rest of the pedals off the other.


Random bitching… drives me up the damned wall when companies sell things like batteries, power adapters, or in this case a freaking screw. They go out of their way to hide the specs to get you to buy their overpriced crap and sometimes the specs are just not readily available or easily searchable (or it wouldn’t even bug me, easily laughed off…). Like, my Morpheus uses a CR2330 and it took me a while of hunting and searching to find that while finding assholes money-grubbing profiteers damned near scalpers people selling these things for $5-10. Power supplies are bad about it, too. And then this screw. People sell a single f’ing screw for the EWI4000S mouthpiece for $5-10 and Patchman Music wants $8 to ship a fucking screw GTFO lol…

The issue is the EWI ships with a regular steel mouthpiece screw that can rust and then you can no longer change the mouthpiece. Their advertising is fear-mongering over this, citing expensive repairs (that I’m sure they are more than willing to do for you…), etc.

Anyway, rant off. I think my meds need adjusting because I keep staying up super late and sleeping only a few hours… :eyes:

My Morpheus battery seems fine, but eventually it’ll be a thing. At least I know now what to get. No idea if my Proteus needs a battery replacement at some point. My K5000S has a RAM expansion that has a 10yo (at least) battery in it, too. I should look into that…

Edit I got my EWI 4000S from Patchman, in fact, as I believed in on the “we know wind synths well and can adjust them properly” etc etc etc and installed their sound bank for me (the price was the same as any other place). I took a peak at the mouthpiece screw and it looks damned near stripped out already :unamused:

MPCStuff is also guilty of overpriced stainless EWI mouthpiece screws. I’m pulling mine and going to the hardware store…

Edit 2 At least I did find the EWI screw type easily enough. I tried to take it out and don’t have a screwdriver narrow enough to get to it. I think it’s some sort of “wide” phillips, 2.5mm x 12mm machine screw