The Hardware Megathread


It’s also a matter of being honest about time.
At the moment I mostly use the MPC Live as it’s just always ready with all I need at hand, and I’ve never been more productive or happier with my results. The MF is a great companion to it as it has a nice extra character and quirkiness to it, while still being immediate.
Do I want to add an extra layer of complexity to a setup that works and makes me happy?


My Handy Friend gave me a roll of “toolbox drawer liner” that’s come in super handy. I cut a piece to go beneath the SKULPT and SQ-1 so now they don’t move easily. I have plenty left if I need it anywhere else.

I started noodling around with my HD500X. I remember when it was Line 6’s “top of the line” floorboard and $500. Then they came out with the Helix stuff for like $1500 and still sold it as $500 as the “low end option” and now many of the other modeling companies all sell products approaching $500… :expressionless:

Obviously it doesn’t sound terrible, but I’m not overly enamored with it anymore, either. I remember why I went to a pedalboard with individual pedals. It could still have a use, though. I don’t know if the feature just wasn’t on my radar years ago, or if they added it in a firmware update (I updated it from 1.x to 2.x) but now it can function as a MIDI floorboard with CCs and notes, etc assignable to the footswitches and the expression pedal. So in theory, vs selling it I could still use it to control something like Guitar Rig, but I don’t know that this works over USB. The manual just mentions MIDI DIN.

I’m still mildly annoyed so many synths have just four voices… especially digital ones. But whatever. I digress XD

I know it wasn’t directed at me, but I was so pleasantly surprised with the results of Smooth Operator on the recorded stereo tracks (albeit they were individual L and R recordings) from my Zoom H6 that I don’t see myself worrying about that at all, at least for now.

The company needs to make a stereo pedal or rack effect or desktop box or something :crossed_fingers:


I’m not super good with programing, but would it be possible to put a hat on a rasbery pi with audio IO and a few knobs that you map to the right MIDI CCs for the parameters in smooth operator and then wrap it to run in linux?


…in theory. I suppose I could research people using Linux and audio software on Pi and see if/how it could work :thinking: I know audio and MIDI “hats” exist, and class compliant USB interfaces might work, too…

Edit 1 Derp, it just dawned on me that it will not work. Raspberry Pi is an ARM CPU and Smooth Operator is coded for x64 CPUs for normal computers.

Edit 2 But then I find this:

And it turns out Smooth Operator comes in a 32-bit flavor… :thinking:

Edit 3 I found this which seems easier to get I/O and MIDI going than messing with audio interfaces and whatnot…

Though it’s $115, though that’s not much more than a low-end interface anyway. And I don’t have to design/3D Print a case as they sell one.


Same thing using an Intel Compute stick running Windows. I have one of these. No idea where its power supply is, though :eyes: (and it’s 9V/2A that plugs into a micro USB…) )or if there is a way to power it on and have things autoload/run headless like the Pi


Boss SE70. Old, but is worth it just for the Rhodes algorithm, which makes just about anything sound lush. Goes on pretty much everything I do.
Boss VF-1. If you like distortion and overdrive. Makes my MS20 mini sound like a guitar, also has some very interesting delays and reverbs.
Half Rack Stereo Multi FX Processors. Both stereo i/o and midi i/o. Can use straight though or as a send/return, which I do.


I got bored when I decided it was impractical (for now) to faff about with making a Smooth Operator live computer. Knowing I can is enough. So I did this:



Perfect Circuit’s year end sale is a go. “Up to 40% off” and 10% off anything not on sale with the code “CIRCUIT10”.

Edit literally nothing on my wishlist on sale :unamused: (not that I have much; I’m in a selling mood…)


Do I even need to comment?

On a side note, I’ll be picking up Pigments, at that price it’s a steal…


In my build towards a proper HW set I’ve gotten into my line 6 M9 and have been pleasantly surprised at how midi controllable it is.


Yeah, those older Line 6 units were quite capable and IMO the time based effects on them are still quite nice!
The HD pro X was sweet too, and could be a great rack effect setup for a real amp still IMO


Other people doing “ambient guitar” : Chords, slow lead lines, long notes

Me doing “ambient guitar” : Where can I hit it to make the coolest sound in this wash of effects? :sweat_smile:

They still sell these new for $550. But not the floorboard that goes with it :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think I paid $50 or $75 for Pigments back in 1.x due to Christmas sale and crossgrade owning a MicroBrute. I have not had to pay for upgrades to 2 or 3, either. Arturia seems unusually good to Pigments owners.


Merry Christmas everybody, happy 2022 hardware gassing.


…what the hell is going on here? :joy:


@canecreek I got as a present an Atari Punk kit, it came with this sticker:


Someone is playing Salsa.

I’ll get my coat.



I’ll put money on these being bought up and sold to hipsters and millenials for 2-3 times the price on eBay and Reverb :joy: (seeing how Tascam says “for a limited time”)

Mostly spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Evening playing with my SRC6, MS-100BT, and HD500X. Made some great ambient presets, though the poor MS-100 cries uncle pretty quick on DSP ability :eyes:


Wow… Never thought I’d see cassette making a comeback in earnest.

My dream machine in the 90’s was a Tascam 688. I wanted one so badly back then but the cost to get one was entirely too high for me.


I have a 488mkII that’s sitting on a shelf (essentially storage; I don’t have room to really use it), but my understanding is that the 688 has a better head and ofc MIDI sync. I’ve considered modding it to have individual outs but that is spendy, and I should probably just sell it anyway :eyes:


The 688 also has a meter bridge and a 10 channel mixer (technically 20 channels).

At one point I was torn between the 488mkII and the Yamaha MT8X, but I would have needed a MIDI sync box for either one.