The Hardware Megathread


It’s no Modular Grid, but it’s a fun little pedalboard planning site:

Edit 1 Well, Modular Grid does do pedalboards, apparently :eyes:



I had no idea that existed. Some pedal boards I’ve seen recently are absolutely crazy.


I found several sites dedicated to it; Pedaltrain has one even. But I’ll be damned if so many of them, including Modular Grid, are missing a lot of pedals. I was hoping Modular Grid would be better since users can submit stuff. Looks like I need to submit some pedals :eyes:


I have other picks. But I figure my reputation should be shown to be worthy in other areas :joy:


Well that was an utter failure. I tried adding the Nux Analog Chorus and it’s waaaaay too big. Modular Grid said they would “resize it appropriately” :expressionless:

I spent a lot of time figuring out the PPI of my monitor, how to convert larger pictures to the right size, then I get to the end of the submission and see that, so I just put a picture, and they F it all to hell :joy:

This is too much work/effort.

Edit 1 The Mooer R7x2 I added appeared to work okay…

Edit 2 It’s late and I’m tired. I switched the width and height like a dummy…


I dont typically work like this, but I’m working on a track and all the hardware is firing on all cyllinders.

Sub37 Bass
Prophet 8 boards of canada warbly pad stuff
Virus lead
Boog Model D arp
(childrens voices sampled from Sesame Street)

Typically i sequence a part and track it into Ableton as I go, and build my arrangement with audio but this is really satisfying. Resampling the master channel as the arrangement plays and doing realtime synth manipulations is making for some nice organic modulation.

a secret pool


I really liked that, thanks for sharing. I love using weird/creepy/esoteric/unusual samples of words, I have a large collection XD and always have some loaded up on pads to fire off.

Edit 1Unrelated, Modular Grid wants people to use png but “If the jpg image has a white background it will be automatically replaced with a transparent background.”

Why would I not use jpg? :eyes: I’m not a photo cropping witch…


Photo Cropping Witch is my new band.


Digging it. Need to listen on something better than my phone :slight_smile:


As I add pedals I own to Modular Grid and they are not the right size in comparison to each other, and I verify the dimensions with a tape measure. Maybe it’s an experimental feature… or maybe they recommend png because it works better :eyes:

Edit 1 png does not work better… the file, however, was ten times larger :joy:


I think minimizing this setup for doing this sort of BOC style downtempo live (MPC as the heart of it) would be a blast. Whatever I dont end up carrying will get sampled/looped


A secret pool, great stuff I enjoyed the listen.


One of my single guitar stands is missing the rubber strap that goes over the neck to keep it on the stand if it’s jostled. I got hacky/crafty with some silicon straps for mounting bicycle hardware to the handle bars:


Well, I can a feel a little less dirty about my Behringer gear…

TL;DW - A year ago Benn Jordan challenged Uli Behringer to donate money to charity and he did. $200k total and donated 1500 synths to various programs.


That’s a really nice track, now the big question, will you inner engineer try to track all sounds separately to mix it in software?


Holiday time! So later today I’ll finally have time to set up the virus and play with it a bit more to see if I can unlock that Virus magic.
I also have a very cool track I need to finish. Well, track might be a loose word, in MPC lingo I have 4 good sequences and I need to create a few more variations to then re-arrange in song mode…


Yes. Absolutely, I consider this a demo.

Fortunately w this setup I can track everything in one pass and the A frame is setup in a way that I can “play knobs” on the way in. Lol, play knobs.

To my ears there is a lot of buildup from 200-500hz (it’s all the reverb!) and the drums could use some punching up, there’s not a whole lot going on in the way of EQ on that version other than some on the master.


Do you intend to use the virus in single or multimode? I’ve been struggling to get my single patches to sound one to one w multimode due to the shared verb/delay. I think in the future w multimode I’ll need to bus to individual outs and use fx outside of the synth itself.

Next up is a few line level to eurorack modules and vice versa so I can use my euro fx on the aux sends/returns of my console. IT NEVER ENDS


I must have missed that.

When did you get the Virus? Did you go with a TI? What are your initial thoughts??


Got it off an Ebay auction for real cheap as it was collection only, so the plan was to play around a bit and eventually sell it or store it for when I have more space on my desk or in my studio.

It’s a TI desktop (@chasedobson mostly used in single mode as a sample fodder), in very good order.

First impression is that it sounds really good, like reaaally good but it’s the most softsynth of my hardware synths. Despite the knobbyness, you still need to get very comfortable with the menu diving, which is arranged quite logically once you wrap your head around it…