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I’m looking for an end of chain device, besides the Analog Heat, that can go at the end of a synth / pedal setup to amp the signal to headphones, with stereo I/O. I was looking at the Strymon iridium but unsure because it’s definitely geared to guitars as an amp sim. It does check boxes however with the eq, stereo I/O and headphone out.

Why someone doesn’t make an end of chain device for a small setup like this besides the analog heat is beyond me. Seems there would be a huge market for this.

Problem with the iridium is once I buy the iridium I’ll need something to record the signal. At that point I might as well just buy a heat, lol. It would be my 3rd or maybe even 4th one I’ve owned. I love the heat but was looking for something small and more cost effective.

I even considered a 2x2 interface that can run stand alone or just running direct to a zoom h5 or something like that.

There’s no going back from the rabbit hole I’m currently in, lol. Suggestion box is open if anyone has one.


Handy friend has a drill press. So I’m going to line one of these aluminum controls up with a 6mm bit and then drill it out to 6.35mm.

The Wasp Deluxe, like the original, does this annoying thing of “lol 37 notes ONLY LOL!” and so using the Maschine+ in Keyboard Mode, some notes cut off at the upper end of the pads :unamused:

Well, I have a Zoom H6 that everything goes into; it has a headphone out, and an aux out that goes to my bass amp. Neunaber makes a product called the Iconoclast with stereo inputs and outputs, headphones, too.

More or less half the price of the Strymon and imo Neunaber makes great things (I have an older Wet stereo reverb and love it). Instead of using IRs, you have an active simulator with knobs so maybe it’s better with synths?


I had not seen the iconoclast. Solid suggestion, ticks the boxes. I agree neunaber makes solid products. The stereo wet is always something I’ve had an eye on when looking at pedals.

I’m not pulling the trigger right away so if anyone has any other thoughts I’ll take them.


I plugged my SRC6 (Ibanez) bass into the B7K bass preamp pedal and then into the BX-60

The active electronics in the bass are enough to overdrive the piss out of that mixer unless I put the input gain all the way to the line side, and with a bit of bass boost I can still get it to saturate if I dig in with a pick :smile: It was kind of neat to have something that responds like that. I’ll probably bypass it and plug straight into the H6 or Maschine+

This $25 “CoolMusic Insane” distortion is pretty damned nice o.O It sounds a lot better on synths than my B7K that I had high hopes for. It was cheap and cheerful and just does the job well. I might have to pick up another since they’re practically given away used and they’re pretty smol… The B7K was nice for an EQ boost, the K-2 was vibrating the wall (and from two 4.5" speakers lol Phil Jones amps are little and awesome).

Wiring is such a pain and I never have the right lengths I need… I should just buy a bunch of plug connectors and a spool of cable.


Huh? What is this video/audio for exactly?


They were responding to my jam station pic with the monkey perched on it. As for the video itself I have no idea myself XD


I’m not talking to my Minibrute 2S right now… :unamused:

The Wasp can fuck right off, too, for that matter lol…

K-2 is being my homie though :smile: (apparently I can’t get this pic to display right… but it’s both pitch knobs dead at 12 o’clock XD )


Behringer has blown me away with their quality synths + pricing. I’m desperate to purchase one of their first LmDrum batch releases.


…now my Maschine+ is being pissy about loading from one of the fastest SD cards, and their articles even mention using the Sandisk Extreme Pros as advantageous.

…meanwhile my Plus chokes and stumbles and then crashes/reloads spontaneously. It’s about half full. I need to purge some of these Kontakt libraries I never use.

Got a cool song going, though :smile: (But I still despise NI’s asinine user content way of only two folders deep…)


I think I got a knockoff SD card :unamused: It maxes out at 84MB/s when it’s a 170MB/s card, and the volume creation date is listed as December 31, 1969, and modified on January 1, 1980 o.O (Apparently several SD cards I have laying around show that…)

I plugged in a Samsung USB flash drive that destroys it @ 107MB/s write and 355-392MB/s read. Welp.

I have a PNY “95MB/s” SD card that’s doing about as well as the previous Sandisk (it’s absolute trash at write speeds, though, 8MB/s :smile: )

Lexar “633X speed” did 20-40MB/s write and about as well as the Sandisk on reads. Well, 65-70MB/s+…

I should really go to bed…


I own a 128GB Amplim SD card that maxes at 23.4GB. I feel your pain.


Sounds like a power issue. You’ve euroracked those, no?


The MiniBrute 2S is on its own power. I’ve seen issues with its tuning on Arturia’s forum as well as a method to recalibrate it. I just need to get around to doing it. Though I thought I had it in tune with the global knob closer to 12 o’clock…

The K-2 is in the same case as the Wasp and on the same supply. I used them all for hours last night and nothing got out of tune as I used them, and nothing else strange happened. The Wasp I can send a sysex command to calibrate it apparently. I suppose I could unrack the Wasp and see how it performs in its own case/power, or swap the K-2 and Wasp cable positions on the distribution board to see if the K-2 suddenly needs adjustments…


My boog model D just went a semi tone and a half sharp out of nowhere. Came home from a tour and boom, sharp. Playing it after was wild, I thought I was having a stroke :rofl: Wall wart powered, it’s odd and I’ve not been home enough to chase down Behringer support.

I’ll do it in a few weeks, I’ve since acquired a Sub37 so it’s a bit low on the priority list.


Well, I found the problem. You see, what had happened was…

…my dumb ass had the fine tune control on the MB2S turned flat a bit for some f’ing reason and didn’t think to check because surely I wouldn’t move that on the main oscillator :woman_facepalming:t2:

Now global tune is at 10-11 o’clock XD

I had 40… thousand 300+ files in the user content folder on my M+ SD card. I have moved User Content to a USB flash drive. I didn’t feel like I had that much of my own stuff and I’ve deleted a lot… still, going to remove more stuff. I have a lot of things from Sample Science I probably won’t use anyway. And why do I have Wet and Dry versions on a machine with its own effects :eyes: NI’s Expansions still take up 50GB on the SD o.O

I have some house cleaning to do… then I’m recording something, damn it.

Edit 1Found the culprits. I have a collection of old timey public domain tv, movie, radio snippets and voice overs. Well okay. They’re fun for using as one shots :smile: Still, got it down several thousand XD I should just dump it all and stick with NI’s Expansion drum sounds and sampling…


looool when you leave record on and your loop is playing, and you add some cool sounding little fill completely by accident because you were fiddling with and testing a reverb on the fx send of the mixer, and end up keeping it.


My brother told me I sounded like Bob Ross while we were wrapping presents today. Took about 2 hours but I’m done for the year.
Or so I thought until my mom said she needs help with some big ones.


Old man’s fashion meets contemporary beats.


lol nice


I actually wear that smoking jacket quite often, I’m in love…