The Hardware Megathread


It seems cool but I’m kinda sorted on the sampling side.


Absolutely same! Literally half my sound making gear are samplers LOL. I was watching a review on just the FX and it sounds good but I’m not buying it for that.


If I’m being annoying someone temp ban me lol…but I’ve literally not given a shit about music for like a year and a half and feel super inspired lately…so I have a keep or sell dilemma

Much of this will probably be repetitive to some things I’ve posted here and is x posted to Elektronauts…but I’m really trying to figure out whether or not the Digitakt is worth keeping. I love it. I have no complaints. Just compared to the SP-16 more and more I think about all the cross over and lack of features on the DT the SP-16 has that are very important to what I want to achieve.

Feel free to ignore me. I’m just in full nerd mode.


I’d say if money and space aren’t a concern, hang onto it for a bit and see if you ever want to use it. When I got the Super6 this year, I was sure I was going to sell my Rev2 when I needed more space. But after having them both here for about 6 months, I realized I really enjoy using them for different things. Sometimes I want to play one, sometimes the other. So I need to make a bit more space, which thankfully is possible for me, and the money isn’t an issue so I decided over the summer I’ll just hang onto them both until such time I’m not inspired by one of them. Both are included in my future plans for what I want to do with my setup until then.

Unless I get a Moog One (joking that thing looks like a bundle of reliability and firmware issues I do not want in my studio I have enough of that in the Super6 thankyou)

EDIT: I meant to say give it 6 months to year and if you don’t have any desire to play with it, I’d sell it along.


Thank you. I’m honestly very confused on this on as I’m at a point where I really don’t need or want stuff around just to have it. It ain’t even a money thing at all. I mean…I’ve got one of my new pieces on payment plan but I can easily afford it. But honestly part of it is my work space (physically and mentally) feels a bit crowded. I’ve got three got’dang samplers and I’m trying to figure how anyone (specifically me) would possibly need that.

Experimentation is needed. I hope my creative energy keeps up. But if I can grade 25 essays in one day then go up and do 3 30 minute DJ sessions with my gear I guess I’m doing pretty good. The missuses may grow tired of tiktok and watching murder porn on her own though…


Sell the Digitakt, prices are quite stable so you shouldn’t make a loss and you might be able to get another one later for more or less the same. Focus on what’s working for you and keep riding the creative wave while it lasts


my S2400 finally shipped :smiley: \o/

in other news I said the “wrong” thing and instead of being referred to an outpatient program like I wanted, I spent 10 involuntary days inpatient in a mental hospital. what a shitshow lol (I’m fine). AMA XD


SP404 MK2 caught my eye but not as a sampler, I’m looking at the DJ function and thinking I could fill it with my tracks and use it to DJ at parties etc but I need to know more about the DJ function as all of the reviews I’ve seen just brush over it quickly.


Oh wow. I didn’t catch the DJ mode. That is something I did not need to know lol. It is a curious notion as the SP series has always been pretty live use friendly (at least from videos and such I’ve seen). Makes me curious what it could possibly be.


What is the DJ mode? It somehow simulates a digital deck or something?


I’ve not had a chance to dig into what it is at all personally.



I got some praise for getting rid of two mixers the other day. Wife points!