The Hardware Megathread


nail hit on head, news at 11! I need moar caffeine…


Do you think any of us are that far from it?


not anymore, she would give a great hug man.


my S2400 just arrived and I am so fucking happy <3 time to play!


so the case. top shelf! I did not expect this at all and and expected just this generic thing and was so surprised it is branded and fits it well. would purchase again


That’s really cool. After you and canecreek started talking about them and put it on my radar I got to looking at them… if I had they cash and thought I’d get one by the next century, I’d go for it. The SP-1200 is kinda off a lot of people’s radars but with was big in the Chicago House scene when it came out, as well as Hip Hop.

They even make a big deal out of it in the Wu-Tang: An American Saga show on Hulu.


I had a day off in a hotel room, w my ableton setup and UAD Apollo. Usual stuff BUT for reasons I had a Dave smith Prophet 6 in room as well that belongs to the band.

Holy cow it’s an inspiration machine. I’m trying to figure out how best to get one of my own.


I’ll have to listen at home as I’ve not got headphones with me but if I ever bought an analogue poly it would be one of the prophet remakes.

I’ve got the DSI P6 filter on the SP-16 and love it. For DJ tricks I still prefer the A&H Zone analog filter, but the P6 LPF + Drive really brings shit to life in a not overboard but not too subtle way.

Also, reminds me, I owe you and @RFJ a some better Tone Beast demos as I fucked up the other ones.

edit: I’ve also thought about using an old laptop dedicated to just U-he Repro and getting this controller: but at the end of the day I feel like I’ll spend a few hundred dollars and not be happy.


Oh wow, there’s a Roland D2 on gumtree, lol




For those who might be interested, this is my hardware synth YT channel:


Never heard of this company until today:

I guess the Bass&Beats is their newest offering–wavetable groovebox with PCM percussion. But its only one mono synth track (I guess you can’t turn your nose up at that too much for only $199). The XFM 4 track FM groovebox looks more interesting to me; I was dissapointed that the Model:Cycles is mostly percussion oriented.


Also…shit…looking at the U-he Repro dedicated MIDI controller now has me thinking why not just buy the Behringer Pro-1 : ( : ( : ( the actual synth is cheaper.


I still have yet to really dive in to the Behringer Pro~1 but so far it sounds tits.


I was about to pre-order the xfm then decided against it. But this one seems interesting, ignoring the drums, I wouldn’t mind 1 channel of wavetable and sequencer


The price is in Volca territory so I can’t get to complain-y. I would want to now more about workflow, menu diving, how much control you get over making patches. The promo video is useless (no surprise there I guess). I’m very interested in having a hardware wavetable synth at some point.

@Subtronik I’m sure I’d be happy with the sound, but always good to get a referral from an IDMf gear head. I’ve got both an RD-8 and TD-3 and they both sound great. No complaints. Maybe for Christmas : )


Nice… I would love an RD-8. I’m hoping for an RD-9 next Christmas. Fingers crossed my last big buy for a looooonnngg time will be a big sky reverb.


the mk2 is out now, those machines are cheap, me likey, i might pick up one in particular if i get the scratch.


That will be next on my table. Trying to decide between saving up for a Virus TI desktop or an Argon8M.


Ive not used or looked into the Virus series at all. But the Argon is looking pretty sweet for the money.