The Hardware Megathread


Cool. Thank you : ) I was fairly certain I was correct but hadn’t had to think about this kind of thing for a minute.


Eh…so I might have said something around here about not buying anything for a while…but my Numark 4 channel DJ mixer is…well…shit…the noise floor is simply unacceptable and I wasted my money (and I knew it when I bought it)…so I got myself a birthday present…(will be selling my other DJ mixers to help fund it)…

will be hooking up my two CDJs, the 808 clone and Model:Samples… I’ve really been spouting off too long about this setup, hoping the investment of a quality mixer will help nudge me into really doing the live stuff mixing stuff I’ve been planning on doing forever


Hello Waldorf…


Yeah ok, Waldorf quality, many voices, analog filter. But for that price I would also expect some effects. Happy not to lust after it. Saving the gas for more Superbooth announcements…


it’s really spendy for what it is, imo.


All I wanted from them was a Waldorf Attack in the Blofeld/Pulse desktop format.


That would be an IDM slayer.




When I bought the Super6, I told myself “oh it’s a small company, they’re gonna be busy doing a new synth - no way they’ll put out a module”.

So to any interested parties, there may be a blue Super6 for sale in the near future. Just want to see how much this weighs and actually costs. Problem with me and modules in the past has been that by the time I sell my keyboard and buy the module, it has often cost me money somehow.


Just under £2000 UK price


ive just watched Stimming talk about it at Superbooth, i nearly smashed my monocle when he said it was 2799 euros :roll_eyes:


I hope that price is different in the US or my price issue with modules continues, that translates to almost $2800 US which is what I paid to import my keyboard from Germany (including customs and 2-day air shipping during the Christmas rush) XD


Somehow that price doesn’t surprise me. Looks like a cool little box but I’ll continue to use my laptop has a finishing tool : )


When you figure something out on your own because you’ve got a little experience.

Was trying to figure out how to use some acoustic instrument loops on my M:S in a Disco/House DJ set. M:S doesnt have time stretch. But I can p lock sample start, delay and sample length so if I put in the work I can use tap tempo to beat match my M:S loops with my CDJs. First experiment worked a charm. Cranked the BPM up and a down things sound pretty good, better towards the original BPM of the loop.

I suspect I may finally max out p locks on an elektron device for the complex loops :joy:


Can’t believe I am saying this but really wish the Monostation had a software editor for patterns. I have a bunch of bassline patterns I want in it for for use in DJ sets and transcribing them by hand is for the birds. Especially since Im just copying and not creating.


Stunning priced his mastering box right out of range for most people who would want a box like that in that form factor.


I know right? I feel like most people that’ll spend 2,500 on that were willing to buy nice compressors etc anyway.


It arrived early so maybe I have time to play tomorrow :grinning: