The Hardware Megathread


Bo didn’t seem to care for being told the 6U RackBrute could hold 89hp and not the 88hp Arturia says, and retorted that 88 is the official from Arturia. Like, MFer, I own one and filled it with 89hp and so have others… XD



The explorer looks nice, in a different world, a world where I have more time, I would give it a 2nd opportunity. Or maybe not as I remember how much I struggled with the odd modulation values…


I’m in some FB group for synths/gear where he is an admin. I made some off hand joke about how it “must be a slow news day” because the only news on any gear sites was the stupid Elektron battery handle. He seriously went and counted all the people who reviewed it to tell me I was wrong. I wasn’t even making fun of him or anyone else, literally just commenting on the situation, but he took it as this huge slight and made several replies trying to get my attention so I’d know I was wrong. It was a really weird interaction.




Oh yeah, I was just going to comment on that. I think I might buy it for myself at the end of the year. Just going to wait for a loopop video or something so I can see how it works before I buy it. I’m interested, but the Explorer has half the knobs of the ASM desktop module, so IDK how the OS or whatever is going to be laid out to accommodate that. But if I got this thing I don’t think I would look at the Opsix or Modwave anymore, and both of those have been… I wouldn’t say particularly tempting, but I keep getting curious.


Friday night and a wee bit of time to myself,

back to 1967…


Looks like UDO will have a new synth at superbooth.

Im looking forward to seeing/hearing the new Dreadbox analog 6 voice Nymthes, im hoping its a kinda 6 voice typhon but im probably wrong.


Not OC but thought it was funny.


So true


Rage Aainst The Machine around since approx 1991.

Octatrack since what, 2010?

Impressive foresight :stuck_out_tongue:


Take your data off this thread, nobody needs your negativity.

One more post like that I’ll beg you do re-admin me so I can ban you.


Sending you nothing but free hugs man :rofl:


I hit up Perfect Circuit a couple of days ago, fortunately for my wallet they didn’t have either of the 2 things I’ve been eyeing in stock.

However, I did play the Sequential Take 5, I dig it.



Thought this might be of interest around here.


I didn’t know this was that far along.

I’ll be using my Apollo satellite for the same stuff, cause - I already have it. (;


Yea, I guess I’m actually the one who is behind on knowing this even existed. Similarly, I finish almost everything in my DAW and I’d wager it’ll be out of my price range.


So dumb/newb question if I have a line level instrument with a TRS mono output and I want to plug it into a DJ mixer that only has RCA stereo inputs for each channel would this cable work? I am pretty sure I have to have signal going into both L and R on each channel on the DJ mixer to hear the instrument on both L and R on the master out of the DJ mixer.


Correct. The Roland Recorder had RCA, so I had to use 2 TS to RCA from the mixer. You’ll be sending the same signal to both left and right channels. If you do want to pan the signal away from centre, you should be able to use the balance for a similar effect.