The Hardware Megathread


Oh, no I’m not. Just a random comment about things I’ve lost money on over the years XD


Oh, I feel you. Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me yet…


Osmose and M8 i feel will arrive soonish, the Avalon ill be surprised if that ever turns up.


I tend to steer clear of crowdfunding music or gaming gear, got some bad experiences in both. Especially games. But that’s off topic.

On a side note, blessed be battery powered gear. I’m not happy at my work desk as I spend too much time there but I’ve been able to make some great beats on the sofa.


Osmose certainly looks great. The price tag means I would need to try it first and see whether to go for it or not.


My buddy I was visiting this weekend got me a Korg Gadget kit. Gotta say Im pretty stoked to get it set up to sample it.


What’s a Korg Gadget Kit?
I know Korg Gadget, but kit?


I think I’m just miss naming it. Its the Korg Gadget. It comes with all the modular piece-y parts. Maybe it isn’t even Korg…I need to take a closer look, I swear it was like the hardware version the Korg Gadget software?


Ah that one! I thought you were talking about the Korg Gadget App!
It does sound like fun


Ok good. Yes. I am not crazy then. No, not that app (though that would have been a fine gift too).


Was it this?


Yes! I couldn’t find it online yesterday. Ah I see its called little bits.


Korg Littlebits aint a new product they came out 7 years ago, bit of a gimmick really.

You’d get idiots like Bobeats doing the car saleman thing anything for views cracking on their good, but when he switched the camera off i bet he never used them.


I got the Korg Little Bits thing on a steep discount from a closing Radio Shack and it’s in a drawer somewhere, now XD


I agree with this wholeheartedly. Ive ranted at length to @relic; about that guy over the last year, on multiple occasions. He seems so nice it’s hard to talk shit but, seriously though, I can’t stand the way he presents himself in his videos. They’re so awful it’s almost like I can’t look away. The craziest thing about it is he’s has absolutely MASSIVE success over the last couple of years. That studio he built, with his YouTube money, good lord. I just don’t know what to say.


But to his advantage you have the asmr effect, the consistency of his brand and style and more importantly you don’t need to be a synth geek to understand his videos, they are good for entry level and when they show something more advanced they take the viewer there instead of dropping something they wouldn’t get. Unfortunately for all of us, YouTube monetisation means that videos are getting longer while I would really like short, to the pint videos.
He’s played the game really well tbh. Compare him and Nick Bates, Nick hey jjust better and more knowledgeable but more technical and focused, sometimes I struggle following him, BoBeats is less of a teacher and more of a buddy, without being annoying. Both successful but different styles.


I use the “don’t recommend this channel” button on youtube a lot. Usually for all the get rich quick channels that are now being recommended to me. Maybe I should just watch them all. Do you have any idea how many synths I could buy if just one of them worked?


I’ve basically just abandoned YouTube as far as gear reviews…I don’t know the names and faces and frankly I’m perfectly capable of picking new gear for myself w/o the opinion of someone who jumped into they synth hobby only 2-3 years ago.


Bobeats used to annoy me with his Eurorack videos when he first got into Eurorack, lots of his information was wrong, however in his new videos he has a huge rack, which was what i was telling him to get to begin with but he was fanning about with these small starter cases which just cost you more money in the long run.

MylerMelodies, the amount of modules he reviews and claims are brilliant then you never see them in his rack ever again, i just look at him and think that Eurorack in a cardboard box he was flaunting for sometime, total fire hazard.

and Molton Music, he doesn’t like taking any advice.

Sorry am i being grumpy


Bob Eats is pretty annoying.