The Hardware Megathread


Something Russian this way comes…


There is probably no way this comment will come off as me not making fun of people but I’m really not…


I love when people post their “Old School 90’s Jam” and its made with a wall of complex gear that any producer from the 90’s would have given a kidney to have just one piece of gear from and it doesn’t even sound as good as actual 90’s dance music.

Just tickles me is all. People should have fun and do whatever they want.


i’m not sure what that Soma machine does but i guess it will be weird/experimental, have fun.


Had a wee shuffle and managed to fit a 1210 conveniently where it won’t get knocked about and can be permanently hooked up to the s2400.



I’m so stoked for you. Really thinking about picking one up at some point. Let us know how it does…


Blimey, you could chop vegetables on it and make a track at the same time


Living the audio-culinary dream :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I need! A synth that lets me make music and helps me cook dinner. Million dollar idea there if I ever heard one.


Have you seen the trailer though? You can only cook witchy food and stuff, no way you can chop onions and tomatoes for your sauce on that!


I did watch it ages ago. I remember it being quite “witchy” now lol


there’s a guy on YouTube that “let’s make X music like we’re in the 90s” and has a ton of synths for basically every genre. it’s cool to see and I like his videos, but yeah, people back in the day would have struggled to have just one of those synths I think XD He does go pretty minimal on a given track, at least.


Oh! I think I know that channel, is his artist name the Flashbulb? I think he did IDM-ish stuff in the 90’s. If not if you have more details I’d like to check that out.


it says … warning (carefully ) !!! fragile !!!


If you like watching folk using old 90’s audio technology and like a bit of drum and bass then Pete cannon is the man.


Flashbulb is Benn Jordan (who I also watch at times), this guy’s named Estuera:


Oh cool. Thank you :). Ill peep it.


Behringer Model D.

Solid all of these years, now its a semitone and a half sharp. WTF?

I tried updating the firmware, no change… its useable and tracks pitch well across octaves but having my master tune at 9’oclock instead of noon is concerning.


Poor guy from Isla seems frustrated in the latest video from today. Apparently on Monday he is picking up the latest shipment which gets people through to May 2021 and people that ordered cases. He ended with “some people have been waiting over a year, adjust your outrage accordingly” lol. I imagine people have been bombarding them with emails. I know I had absolutely no idea I had to wait for a whole other shipment just because I ordered a case, but I’ve still been content to patiently wait. Small company and a popular product and all that. People are getting them and that’s the important thing; if no one was getting them out in the wild I’d be a lot more worried.

Unlike some other things I’ve pre-ordered in the past that never saw the light of day… :eyes:


You waiting for Osmose too? I thought that was just me and Canecreek.