The Hardware Megathread


Speed and focus are definitely essential for me.


I can’t find my Nanoloop FM, which worries me as I think I left batteries in it that could be leak-prone I’ve discovered…

edit found it in a sudden inspiration on where to look, and I had removed the batteries like a smart person. Time to put Eneloops in it.


Curious if you’ve thought about Push 2 being as you like the clip / session view jamming provided by the Force but you also are enjoying working with Ableton again. I get Push 2 isn’t standalone but it could be the bridge somewhere in between the Force and Ableton. I upgraded to Live 11 the other day and as a result YouTube started suggesting Push 2 videos to me so I’ve been looking at it recently. I was a Push 1 user for about a year, wrote an EP with it. Push 2 looks much more capable though with it’s display and overall functionality. Also, being as it’s a few years old now the secondhand market is rife with 500 dollar units. Again though, not standalone and maybe that’s a must for you.


I’m still using Ableton Live for remixes and to finish the arrangement on some of my tracks, but I tried a few times to write a song in it and it just doesn’t work for me. Working in software for me (as in ‘in my case’ not ‘in my opinion’) is the opposite of focus and speed, I fiddle around, get bored, move on to something else.


That makes perfect sense, electronics are usually more complex than I can imagine. If someone could put that in an FX unit I would be all about it. Im loving a lot of these remakes but I only have so kuch space and money lmao


They seemed to move the goal posts a few times when I was waiting for mine, I really wanted to sound off at Brad on the forums and social media but I bit my tongue because I thought confronting him might push me further back in the queue.

The thing that really rattled me the most was the fact Gareth Williams had one, for months he had it in the background of all his videos yet never spoke about it or ever featured it in any video, I kept thinking he got one for free when I funded it and still waiting for mine.

My plan was to rant once I got mine, but now I have I’m content and not angry anymore lol


I wasn’t expecting to use the speakers on the Live soo much, it’s nice to leave my workroom and not to have to wear headphones.


Do they have a good sound? I am considering that over the One, but the speakers kind of throw me. Is working “over” the speakers a problem? LIke I would end up resting my arms on the thing I imagine, and the edge does not look sharp, but also not super comfy.


Better sound than I would expect from a portable unit, blows the Deluge out of the water and sounds better than my laptop. I wouldn’t mix on those speakers but for listening and producing they’re fine.
And work nicely as wrist rests.
The portability of the Live is a nice bonus and adding an internal sdd means no cables!


Wow. Even in a premium product my instinct would be to be skeptical of onboard speakers. That’s cool they sound so good.


Yeah I’ve read mostly good things about those speakers.

in other news, still not a word on my S2400, yet.

in other, other news, I have a Decksaver problem lol… Almost all my gear has one. Just think of what else I could have spent the money on XD and then I have to put them some place when using the gear.

My Behringer Acid Duo do not have covers. I found alternative covers made of cloth but they’re not much cheaper than Decksavers… But when I look at something with a Decksaver on it, it makes me happy for some reason XD


I broke out my EWI 4000S suddenly paranoid it might have leaked batteries, but was pleasantly surprised it powered right on. Upon further inspection it was loaded with 4 Eneloops (NiMH rechargeables of awesome).

Then I was reminded I can’t play it for shit and it’s just a novelty until I do. I’ll have to figure out a fingering to use and… shudders… practice. We’ll see how long that lasts lol…

It was setup and programmed by Patchman Music, a wind synth specialist. It was pretty playable due to that, or something. Hell if I remember anymore. One more to the pile of misfit instruments and oddities I’ve collected over the years :eyes:


I would never touch one of those.
In middle school (not sure what this is in the US, age 11/14) we had ‘musical education’ and had to play recorder. That screeching shit ruined wind instruments forever


LOL one of the possible fingerings (it can be programmed for most wind instruments) is recorder, iirc.

also fuck recorders… they made us do them, too. Hot Crossed Buns! lol…

Thankfully the EWI is completely incapable of shrieking the sound of its people unless you program its synth to do so at extreme breath pressure XD heck, the EWI USB is just a USB controller. the EWI 4000S has an interntal VA synth, I think it’s essentially some Akai VA from a keyboard, and the 5000 is sample-based. Maybe they recorded some shrieks for that one just for a goof, I don’t know.

I can barely get the fingers of both hands to coordinate enough to play piano keys or a bass guitar fingerstyle let alone the notes of a woodwind…


Oh my…


laughing and crying in “I can’t afford it”

Looks fabulous though. For 1,299 I’d have to consider other options though it does seem feature packed.


It does look pretty.


I want it.

:eyes dart around room to see what I can unload to fund it:


looks/sounds great, just think they got the price wrong


Rode my bike down to get a haircut, an hour wait. Decided to go for a walk, what do you know? A pawn shop.

Hopefully this Arturia Beatstep is worth the $50.


:edit: my thought is - beatstep controls the boog model D for EBM/Techno goodness.