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On Elektronauts consensus seems to be on a digital drum machine in the Digi format, or a va synth. To be frank, I would buy either.

Go through the thread on Elektronauts, it’s pure gold!


A proper va synth in digi format would be the best thing they could do. They should have done it 4 years ago a bit after the DT release. Seems silly they didn’t and moved onto the model boxes before rounding out the digi series.


Interesting, yea, I’d like to see the VA synth. Almost everything in their lineup is basically a drum machine besides the A4 and DN.

@Auto-meh-geddon I saw that, maybe I’ll give a quick glance through…I’m sure its hundreds of replies at this point hahaha.

@RFJ yea, agreed, and interesting you bring up the Model boxes as they’ve got the samples on sale for 249USD on their own webstore right now. Wonder if there is a connection at all.


Yeah I got that e mail from them about the price reduction and thought something must be in the pipeline.

If it’s a va digi box I’m going to have a difficult time saying no. At that point I’d probably require a DT as well knowing me, lol.


Haha. Agreed. Ever since the DT, DN then the Model series…I was like why oh why is one of these NOT a straightforward synthesizer? A little part of me would like to see them do a wavetable synth in Digi form as well, but I think its just because I kinda want a wavetable synth. I’m a bit over the analog craze at this point.


Wavetable would totally be fine too because, assuming it has a filter (don’t know why it wouldn’t) it’s essentially a va as well.

Also, where’s the thread on Elektronauts about all this. Looked, can’t find it. Help!


I think this is the big one.


I had an unexpected windfall and the source insisted I spend it on something fun…

…this Sp-16 Toraiz is the perfect way to integrate live versions of own beats into my dj sets as it uses Pioneer’s DJ Link tech so I can sync it w my CDJs

Gotta say really intuitive, though I watched a few quick walk thrus. First impressions are that Ill mostly want to prep my sounds on other devices. The digital fx and filters and usable but very basic.

I like the DSI Prophet 6 LPF and HPF on the master. The overdrive sounds pretty good as well.

It has a good looking song mode if I really want to let the machine do a lot of the heavy lifting. One reviewer said it’s a 50/50 split between a performance tool and a production tool and that seems absolutely true.

Drum samples Im likely to load raw and sequence on board. Everything else Ill likely sample my hand rolled loops and one shots after serious sound design work on other devices or in the DAW

I haven’t explored it yet but it might also act as a bridge between my CDJs and other hardware as it has both DJ Link and MIDI i/o.

If one was expecting to dump a bunch of premade loop packs on this and construct songs I think theyd be disappointed as the sound shaping onboard seems good for finishing/mixing but not creating.

I am happy that for the money its an actual sampler. But honestly w drag and drop storage over USB I might record loops to my DAW, finish them and drop them onboard.

Not sure Id recommend it over the Digitakt if one wasnt invested in the Pioneer DJ format. Or if they wanted to do their sound design outside the SP-16 and use it primary for performance.

Like everything Pioneer DJ you are paying for the privilege of it being easily adaptable to that closed ecosystem. I’m not mad or upset about it, just the way things are.

I also feel like they used to cost more than they do now. Anyway. Didn’t find the price unreasonable given the options.

In many regards it isn’t all that deep but frankly that’s what I like about it. Pretty much WYSIWYG. A reasonably priced solution to spice up DJ sets and perform you own beats live. I think I’ll have my synths and samplers hooked up to my Mackie Mix8 with some pedals and the Tone Beast on the Aux Send and the master out going into the inputs of the Toraiz Sp-16 for sampling hand rolled loops/sounds into the SP-16.

If the DJ Link sync crosses over to the the MIDI Out I’ll probably connect the RD-8 for live use as you can also use the SP-16 inputs as live audio thrus and assign that to any of the 16 tracks.


So this looks real neat-o. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these both come in under $2K US for what amounts to one hell of a statement piece.


I’ll have to revise my review of the SP-16 at some point as mine shipped with the original, promises yet to be met firmware 1.10…upgrading to 1.60 makes it a whole new machine.

Relatedly…I can’t say enough good things about Legowelt’s free vintage synth sample collections. They sound like pure cheese off the bat but you have to imagine the possibilities in your sampler.

edit 1: I can see why ya’ll having a proper song/arrangement mode on the modern MPCs…SP-16 feels like a good compromise between working hardware and using a DAW in that regard.


And Akai does the MPC Studio 2 for $270 and it’s essentially exactly why I got a Maschine Mikro mk3 vs the OG Studio because they couldn’t be found for less than $500 and I wanted a computer travel controller.

Oh well, I’m in Maschine Land, now, Akai. Which reminds me that I have three Expansion Vouchers to use very quickly before they expire…

Isla update apparently they still don’t even have the latest shipment due to congestion at Miami harbor. Some day…


Wow. I didn’t know any of the MPC standalone hardware was so inexpensive. Not that I want or need it but I’ll bu looking the MPC Studio 2 just out of pure curiosity. EDIT: Ah, I see, it isn’t standalone. But still, depending on the software that price isn’t anything to shake a stick at.

I had an original Maschine for a long time. I liked the way they did things from the get go.


I’m kinda of in standalone heaven with the Mpc at the moment. Being super busy, time is a premium and an all-in-one solution is just great


Your MPC absolutely has more onboard, but I already know the SP-16 is going to become my centerpiece. It does as much or more sound design wise than the Digitakt. It samples directly, resampling is easy, it has a proper arrangement mode. It can render both the master and individual tracks–as loops or the entire arrangement. The giant screen that includes touch function is so nice. And its a part of the Pioneer ecosystem. I like the delay less than the DT’s and there is only a master reverb. I also think it has way more storage, which is USB compliant drag and drop on top of being able to stream directly from USB stick. It also does P-locks and I think you can record knob movements.

I say all this realizing that when the SP-16 came out it cost twice as much as a Digitakt but now…man…I gotta say…if I had to choose.

Right now the only thing I wish it had was an envelope modulation destination or a 2nd envelope for modulation. But the DT doesn’t have that either. But kinda who cares because I can whip up something in my DAW, render the audio, and drop it right on the SP 16…

I may have to turn in my Elektron Fanboy Membership Jacket. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but its really making the Digitakt feel redundant. However, I have not yet done the big update on the DT so there is that.


I don’t have any Elektron at the moment, but I already bought a 2nd hand SynthTakt, just in case…


I’ve got a buddy who uses the SP16 along side his modular, seems like a great combination.

YouTube NastyNachos if you want to check his stuff, I think you’d dig it.


I will peep his channel for sure, thank you!


I’m actually thinking about 42 Hp of modular, I already have the lunchbox and the power…
It would be a sound generator, not fx, but not sure what to add.

#4270 - lay out your modular plans - free modular eurorack simulator

it’s kind of interesting to see what one could cram into 42hp… is there an associated power module that takes up space?


I’m interested to see if more comes out of TipTop’s collab with Buchla. Like, if they’ll eventually do a 208 or some of the crazy arbitrary function generators. I’d get into eurorack for that, compared to getting an actual Buchla system. The new Easel is $5k, but if I can get a eurorack buchla system for half that and then mix some of the Rossum stuff I’ve always lusted for in there I’d be thrilled.