The Hardware Megathread


Any midi sysex experts here?

I’m hoping to find a way to edit a single patch change for a Prophet6 to land on a different bank and patch slot.


I’ve got big project ahead of me - if i can get my head around the hex/sysex stuff it would make this a lot more streamlined. I’m needing to merge sets of patches from 2 different prophet 6’s and re-organize the patch/bank order. All of the editors i’ve tried have been shit, listing patch “names” when the pro6 lists its patches as #'s

edit: ideally i’d like to go through this show file (playback and midi) - trigger the existing patch, grab it as a single patch via Sysex, and then edit the string of data to move it to a different bank/patch slot.


I saw that too and literally rolled my eyes!


I still swear by akg k702


Im starting to GAS over a PlayDifferently Model 1 mixer, 6 stereo channels, perfect to place on my desktop and hook up synths, drum machines, samplers.

But the price…:thinking:


Oh noes!
After being late, the Elektron Power Handle is to be recalled!
What will people do???


LOL. How did they fuck up connecting batteries in series to a power socket?? How Elektron!? Short circuit and overheating will do it. but JFC, it’s a dead simple design and broken (going with the factory cut corners on them… but hey)


Been trying for that last 12 hours to order an Avalon, theres that many people wanting one its impossible to get on the website :tired_face:


S2400 should arrive about next Wednesday.

out of interest i payed £814.15 for it, just payed the import tax of £154.12, so all together it cost me £968.27

Softube were doing a deal on the Oto Biscuit plugin so i finally bought it after having a dabble with the demo for £70, which i thought was a good price especially since the same exact plugin made by softube on the UAD platform is still £189 :rofl: , it sounds great too :heart_eyes:


Anybody interesting in buying a Abstrakt instruments Avalon be quick as there are only 81 left for preorder on the webshop, i mention this because of the rarity of some components this is the final run of Avalons.


I can’t wait to see them popping up on eBay and Reverb :eyes:

I always wanted an Avalon but never managed to get a hold of one, then they weren’t being sold, and now… well… no monies XD oh well.


So, been thinking of picking up a Novation A-Station or a Nova. Anybody have any experience with either one?

Always wanted to do a little bedroom setup with a BassStation, DrumStation, and an A-Station. Knobs, knobs, and more knobs.


Has your S2400 shipped yet?




Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh and almost spill my coffee.


Expert Sleepers ES3 and Es6 incoming.


I took some time to get to know the Hype synth, one of the built in synths of the Force. It is macro based so you have only limited control but I’m well impressed by the variety of sounds you can get out of it. My main issue is that the lfo is fixed to the cutoff…


364 days later :heart_eyes:



You’re clearly meant to make “hype” af dubstep with it.

lol nice glamour shot :smile: mine is still “processing” :unamused:

edit I figured out why. I got a hard case and those won’t be in until the 10th…


I tried something completely different for me and made a more Cortiniesque song just with the internal Force plugins, I’m quite happy with the sounds and the mix, not too happy with the composition and structure. To be honest, nobody would really notice that these aren’t hardware synths unless told so.


Good stuff, i released a track sometime back totally inspired by Cortini and like yours it 100% software that sounds like hardware.