The Hardware Megathread


hahahaha, yea, I’m not sure exactly what my attraction is…a lot of the locations have a cool history and I enjoy personal interviews so at least the first half of the show is interesting and not just those three bozos running around in the dark screaming every time there is a bug or a slight draft.


my partner and i subscribed to discovery+ just for fake paranormal news.


Its worth the $5 just for that and my partner loves the true crime stuff as well.


Are we all dating the same person?


Not 100% sure but I regularly have to listen to podcasts about bloated bodies found in a river at 930am before caffeine…lol



Which ones though?


Which podcasts? If you really wanna know Ill ask. One of them she calls the “fuck word murder podcast” but that isnt the real name…its two women from Cali…


Applicable to the HW thread. I think I built like 500 ft of TRS cable the wrong way around to send midi signals (40 ft leads at most but multiple)

Maybe it was the lead fumes, maybe it was me being a total fuckwit. I had to walk away after a 16 hour day mucking about w this shit and will solve it in the morning.

Big takeaway? Don’t tour w bands who expect one to customize everything. Oh and handle your weed. (I was sober when I made the cables and “wonky” when I tested)


That’s still up to 12 meters, massive cables.
I feel your pain.


Scope creep from customer is a cnut to deal with :rofl:


This somehow reminds me of when my dad gets a client who wants to do the visual design of the website themselves then complains that it looks ugly after its programmed…like the script changed what their fugly ass color and font choices look like lol.


update. out of all of the cables built, 2 had issues out of the ~thirty i made (there was TS and power too), i pretty sure thats a 167.92% rate of success.

i triple checked my math. ran the numbers, and then fixed them.

its a win.


as I damned near max Bitwig’s DSP meter with a handful of tracks and want to crawl back to simpler times with a hardware box. Also JFC Abbey Road Vinyl annihilates DSP. I can watch it take a chunk when activating it. Too bad their constant sales means it’s only worth a little and hardly worth selling. Turns out this was a major culprit… to be fair I’m running 256 samples like a lunatic.

The MPC 2.10 update looks tasty, admittedly I was a little surprised they went the NI route and didn’t go to 3.0; but hey, that just means free updates for people.

Still sticking with Maschine+ though. It’s annoying that any time there is a software update, NI makes you sign in again, though. Akai does a lot of things better on their hardware better in stand alone mode, though it is certainly a more mature product line. I noticed this morning that a Maschine Discord server has disappeared from my list :eyes:

The Proteus 2000 “bright piano” and “dance organ” sounds have all-but killed any GAS for a Korg M1.


Join us, join the Akai side of groove boxing…


I try really hard not to actively be a cynical piece of shit…but I think we have reached peak analog stupidity…

Don’t bother reading the whole thread, but the fact that this many people are taking such a topic seriously just makes me laugh. Like seriously? We’ve swallowed the analog kool aid so hard this is were we landed?


Just got my S2400 tracking email

She’s on her way home


I’m pretty glad I pre ordered this… @Auto-meh-geddon you need one don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:


The audiophiles have met the synthesists. Having a toe in both pools myself, I’d say it’s a dangerous combination.

For reference, I just took the last page of a thread extolling the virtues of a $2500 pair of headphones that they released 67 pairs of for the world last week. I don’t think I see a single comparison there to a headphone under $2000, and some of those run much more. I think it’s kind of ridiculous, and I like Audeze (I have the LCD-X). Some of the hyperbole and comparison to other gear without any mention of its actual function is what the Elektronauts thread reminds me of. Just a bunch of people justifying their purchases to each other.

Good thing we don’t have any threads like that here…


and here I am some peasant with some 250ohm DT-770 Pros :tipping_hand_woman:t2: (and ATH-M50s before that).


Lol my other set is a pair of Senn HD280s that are intermittently dead in one ear. I’d say the LCD-X is a little OTT for most, but I decided to get them in lieu of a speaker setup because I’m still young and looking at constant moves. I want a portable setup that doesn’t depend on my room. So that’s my justification, a pair of the X is about the same as what I’d want to spend on speakers, stands, and room treatment. But that’s a specific checklist of things I wanted these to do/eliminate the need for. It’s not just “OMG pretty headphones!”.