The Hardware Megathread


At this point in my life I don’t see the value of learning another DAW as I’m basically just using it as a mixer and the VST FX. I do want to try Harrison Mixbus someday though. Should have bought it when it was $40 US lol


My thought process:

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I keep thinking about diving into another DAW, and I always wonder how much sound I could have produced in the time it takes me to learn it enough to be competent in it.

They’re just tools, they all do the same stuff (especially once you add plugins/VSTs) - the grass is always greener, and it feels like digital GAS to me. Think I’ll take a Tums and get back to banging on what I know how to use.


Mixbus is pretty cool. I use it for mixing, after I arrange my tracks in Bitwig. For hardware, it is a bit fiddly for recording for me, but I am a super noob so it is probably more me. Mixbus is on sale several times a year, and I am on their mailing list, I can give you a shout when I see it is on sale, if you want.


To be honest, I tried to force myself to get something going on Ableton only.
Minutes later I turned on the Force and the Microfreak and I had something going in seconds.

That’s just proof that I need limitations to make music.

Which also means I might get a Minibrute 2 to go with the Microfreak…


If you think of it next time you see a sale but no big deal. I do appreciate it though :slight_smile: Ive been thinking about buying it for years and years and haven’t yet so…

W the 1010 Bluebox I probably won’t be recording to a DAW in the near future. I haven’t used it a lot but for someone recording only line level devices I can’t see a reason to record through an latency ridden interface ever again.


MPC 2.10 is out, with audio interface support, new instruments, new envelopes and effects on drum samples, new effects and big fixes. Quite a big deal. The new drum sampler effects and finally the pitch envelope are quite cool.


I’ve been hesitant to update my Digitakt even though the new update makes it a whole new machine. I think I might give it until the next minor update.

Also taking a long good look at the Modal Argon8M (the module). Wave table/wave shaping would be very different than what I can currently do with my hardware. Also, it comes with a rack mount kit which help it fit into my the space I currently have.


Yeah, that update is sick!
I think it actually pushed me over the edge to shopping for an mpc one


That seems super interesting, I like the current resurgence of wavetable hardware synths.


Having enough “normal” sound sources… I just pre ordered this latest SOMA madness… I think it was the witchy ladies fingernails that sold me on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sure those updates will be on force soon too :wink:




I’ll be patiently awaiting the episode of Ghost Adventures where they come to your house to clean out the demons you summon with that thing.


Have to say, this one does look like a lot of fun and if I understand it correctly it would take some work to even halfway emulate this with software and some controller such as the QuNeo.

Not sure if I would enjoy working with the front panel though - it’s funny and kinda looks like the old Ohmforce VST stuff, but I dunno. I would think about buying it as an audio-educational tool for my boy if this was the real front panel hehe:


S2400s are back at headquarters, production is up and running again


Speaking of Ghost Adventures, every now and then they bring out some cheesy bits, I remember once being appalled at them using an iPad amp simulator built into a case to capture some evp.
The effects chain showed a bit reducer, filter and eq. As if they were trying to hone in on certain sound and almost generate them…


I feel that like all Soma Labs stuff this is meant to be a performance tool. A dark techno set with this and a drum machine could be quite something, so would something like Sunn o))) which seems to be the obvious inspiration for the video.

I see lots of heavier acts sporting this in the future.


Oh they are so bad, the least scientific of the least scientific. And I know exactly the device you mean that uses that iPad fx rack lol. Its just like paranormal reality porn.


Yet I enjoy watching them.