The Hardware Megathread


Im the other way around been using UAD plugin since 2004 (i think been a long time)
However as of now i’m finding native replacements for all the UA plugins i’m fond of.

I’m doing this because my UAD set-up has been my achilles heel for far too long every time i want to upgrade my computer, first i had 3 X UAD-1 cards in a PC which cost about £380 each back then, then i went to MAC and non of those cards worked in the MAC so i bought a UAD-1 PCIx for £380 which was supposed to work on the Mac pro but there was some hardware issue that UA were working on and in the meantime i bought a UAD-2 Quad for £1200. Ive had my Mac pro 13 years now and all the latest software doesn’t work on it anymore so i may go the Apple M1 route but again ill have to buy some type of UA hardware to run my UA current plugins when i’ve already spent £2720 on hardware to run them (an expensive dongle), i just need to get out of this UA ball and chain scenario.


Thunderbolt for my 5,1 Mac is clutch.


This is how wonky my new house is. This was measured on my music desk, steep enough to make a beer glass slide.
A bit more re-arranging will be needed


Starting to think how to fit in my new space, this seems the best solution, with just a 3 degrees angle, which a piece of wood would easily fix.

Sun is never direct and I can always lower the blind.
A sidecar is needed maybe a 19” rack with Force on top and the rest in drawers?


Looks good


Latest from Isla from 28 JUN:

Our vessel is now just off the coast in some kind of ‘Holding pattern’ Waiting to dock.
Our shipment should be cleared from customs and being delivered to us around July 16th.
The next 500 after that are still on the ocean and will be delivered to us around Aug 6th.
ALL outstanding orders will be serviced between July 20th - Late August.”

ie Soon :tm:


I live in California and have been trying to get to the beach most weekends lately. The line of ships sitting of the coast is real. Doesn’t matter what beach I go to, you see them, pretty much all the way out to the horizon.


Still pondering about an Avalon and then behringer drops a devil fish.


If my machine isn’t on this boat i’m going to be more angry than Major Robert Henry Cain


You didn’t order before me, did you? I forget and can’t be bothered to search lol. But I was right by the cutoff mentioned in the last update and don’t have mine, I was early October, so ours are out there on the ocean, chilling and vibing with the salty spray, or some other random “lofi beats nonsense” XD

lol sorry, there was a thread on reddit’s lofi sub about how “lofi” has basically been co-opted by “lofi study beats” etc and essentially taken over the entire thing, mostly by a bunch of people with gear that is either a DAW or has essentially pristine converters, etc.

Back in my day…! etc… I mean they aren’t wrong per se. There’s definitely this instant gratification vibe coming from a lot of these, usually younger, people… and basically all imitating each other and not really doing much different.

It does, however, give me a sense of confidence as an artist that doing the weird or even possibly dumb things I do has merit XD Even if it might sound a little wonky…

Audio Damage Discord’s plugin “sickly chorus” preset is my jam
Using the OP-1’s “tape” and slowing it down after recording, or even before recording, as it lowers sample rate…
Sampling from cassette tapes using an old janky surely in need of TLC Tascam 414 mkII I picked up for $20 at one point. It’s twice speed so I have to pitch it down. I stole/modified the idea old samplists used with their shitty RAM samplers and playing records faster and pitching them down, with a different twist.

I used to guard the last two and then laugh because I realize none of these “influencers” are doing even the OP-1 thing and it became their little darling…


I ordered before you on August the 2nd, I should of had mine by now by Brads earlier estimations which left me convinced he’s had people queue jumping behind the scenes. Let’s face it if you have an excel document with everybody’s details on how can you later be so far out in estimation as the last boat that came was originally supposed to fill orders till the end of August.

PS he gave the end of August cut off estimate after boxgate.


Man, that td3-MO definitely has me gassing, I don’t really need it and it’s hard to justify in the current state of the world (who knows how long I’ll actually be making money)

Should probably just focus on making music while I still can haha!




I told you, might as well wait for the Behringer remake…


Well, that explains why the TD-3 price drops and lack of color models.


Considering selling my DeepMind12 in the fall to fund a Subsequent37.

DM12 is currently my only full sized keybed, i need to have at least one.


Today I’m planning on taking the Microfreak to the garden and just enjoy making patches. It is undoubtedly my favourite synth.


I actually had to work work rather than fun work.
So I’m now installing Bitwig demo to give it a spin and see what all the fuss is about.


i was going to try it earlier only to find my OS is too old :disappointed_relieved:


I have it 10 minutes then I missed Ableton. Old habits die hard. I’ll try again…