The Hardware Megathread


“Just use MIDI, like God and Dave Smith (and Chet Wood) intended.”

That K-2 is calling my name, though…


why in the name of all things holy is a decksaver for 80hp Behringer’s $100 normally?? o.O they’re the simplest f’ing ones lol. Just a damned rectangle.

Is it a tax because Juli can sometimes be an edgelord? :thinking:

K-2 on the way… sans plastic lid.


Get an Expert Sleeper Disting. it’ll do the hertz conversion (amongst many, MANY other things)


While I do think Decksavers are stupid expensive…it is a pretty niche product. I’m not excusing their pricing but it ain’t like they are selling a 1,000 units of each variety a month…


I can’t find this functionality mentioned. I do see Buchla to Euro and back. And a Linear to Exponential converter. A Disting would handily fill the remaining 4hp…

edit which would be the latter one, though I though I had read logarithmic which is inverse of exponential I thought. Well okay then.


I’m in two minds on decksavers, they do seems like a useless expense when I could just use tea towels, like a did for a long while but they help making everything look tidier.

First world gear issues.


while building some stuff I dropped something on my Decksaver-equipped Minibrute 2S and I was glad to have it.

…meanwhile my dumb ass did have it on the floor (was along a wall at least). There’s another company whose name escapes me that builds polycarbonate covers, but their catalog isn’t nearly as large.


And now for the big controversial decksaver poll:
Stickers on a decksaver: Yay or Nay?


In the spirit of not constantly buying and selling gear I’m trying to cultivate in myself, I say “yea!”

Also…I’m neutral on decksavers…given more disposable income I’d buy them.


nah. most of my stuff is on an A-Frame so nothing is above it and all of it regularly gets the dry paintbrush dusting and occasional air can.


I’ve almost done it. Almost. I can’t quite bring myself to do it, and I love stickers and have many… and markers to color the stickers with…


I wouldn’t put any old stickers on…I’d only pull stuff from my premo stash…anyone can buy “sticker bomb” packages online these days. I got some on ebay to help fill out projects before, but mostly want the special stuff to shine through a bit.


also I apologize…I’m not trying to explain how to do sticker bombs to someone else, you do you! I just relate to people by telling stories congruent with the conversation about myself lol…


Tbh, I never sticker bombed so I appreciate the mansplanation.
Side note: I do lots of catsplaining.

Having a complex synth is making me approach design in a different way, more thoughtful, as just turning knobs makes shit get muddy quickly, so I’m relearning restraint…


There’s a Morpheus data card on eBay atm, but it seems priced high and I’m not sure it’s one of the more interesting ones. :thinking: That post was withdrawn as I tend to reply to a lot and end up with a lot of posts; I should just use quotes, I keep forgetting it’s easy to do on a Discourse board XD

You’ve been found out. You’re the cat.

lol you’re fine. And I don’t plan to “sticker bomb” anything lol. I like them enough, and do put them all over my digital planner pages. My Cycles came with a huge sheet of them that are all black and white and it left me with indecision, so I just placed an overlay on it from Oversynth. I may place a few of the ones it came with, I dunno, yet.


A guilty pleasure I get from Decksavers is getting back desk real estate without removing the gear from the desk… :eyes:


Ah yes, the desksaver


a friend: you should get a glass top to protect your new desk

me: what about gear and polycarbonate? :thinking: :tipping_hand_woman:t2:



I’m currently working on different working hours, so I start at 11ish am and finish 8ish pm.
All well and good as it gives me more flexibility and free time in the morning. But I need something portable to be away from my desk as I’m now spending too much time there.
Might try Brando for IPad to see if it is as good as they say or if it will cause me IPad fatigue like most apps, except Nave. Nave is cool.


First rule of safety is that protection is a last resort.

I protect my desk by not letting arseholes near it.