The Hardware Megathread


he was referring to scratches mostly. Meanwhile Everything on it has rubber feet XD


Even the cats? :rofl:


18 posts about decksavers and this is the first I’ve heard of them. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.


I like having this SFC-5 on my desk now that it’s all sorted out.

…I do not like not having an expensive polycarbonate lid for it :tipping_hand_woman:t2: :eyes:

(it also rocks slightly which is slowly driving me mad…)



What is it? Seems like a modular environment module to fit a modular environment?


Meanwhile in West London…


Lol that’s why I posted xzibit for the “yo dawg” meme. Yo dawg, I heard you liked modulars. So I got you a modular synth inside your modular synth so you can modular while you modular

Ryan Reynolds is “but why” XD


By the way, I need more training for outside Synthing. I spend about 1 and half hour cross legged on the grass and my legs still hurt…


Stay in your wheelchair.


fuck. I kinda want one, and apparently hard af to get… it kind of looks like a nightmare though. The kits are inexpensive at Thonk but don’t expect to get one until the end of this year.

People keep telling me that’s a not a great way to sit anyway. But just walking a lot in general limbers the inner leg muscles up, and also just stretching them when you sit that way, ie move the knees downward. When I started going outside again and sitting that way, my legs hurt, too, from disuse of those muscles.

I tend to use either a portable camping chair that takes less than a minute to set up or tear down, or just my yoga mat.

lol savage…


My last act will be banning your IPs.


I just realised why the light was so odd, partial solar eclipse was going on behind those clouds.


Did you just get one? I saw you were asking about them on a forum whos name will not be named


I started asking as I was getting one cheap. Quickly realised I won’t step sequence. But I have other things for that. I wanted something battery powered, I can use away from my desk as I’m struck with the space at the moment. Synth sounds are really good, drums not so much but again, I have samplers for that.


Yeah i remember enjoying mine. I used to connect the usb out to my iPad. That was a cool portable combo


Really trying to figure out how Stereoping sells “dedicated” MIDI controllers for $550 and programmers for twice that. I think I could do this with an Arduino or one of my Axolotls. Granted they are stand-alone, specialized, ‘boutique’ etc and transmit over MIDI DIN.

I just found this:

so I think I can use that to work out Reaktor ensembles to use with my Maschine+ in standalone; I’ll have to try it and see. Programming an E-Mu Morpheus from the front panel is a major pita :eyes:


Liven XFM sounds really juicy in the demos, do I risk pre-ordering while I’m about to move house?


I watched the Plinky video and was tempted to get a DIY version, but my sensible head kicked in and told me theres that much going on with that plinky it will just end up being another ornament.


Lost my afternoon to watching Plinky videos. Lovely sound, might need to join the hype train mailing list.