The Hardware Megathread


I begrudgingly fixed it.


In theory there will be a sort of official power-pack/handle for the Cycles, but it hasn’t materialised in a while…


yeah I saw that back when these came out. I’m sure they’ll blame COVID :eyes:


I feel like I am the only one that doesn’t care about taking their gear out of the house to use. Like…I don’t need to take my Digitakt camping…I’m there to be outside, phone off, cooking food I normally don’t, joking around with friends etc.

Cool that other people want that. Just has never been something on my radar.


I went to a museum yesterday. Need a dispute settled?


I don’t think I’d take it camping, as I like to backpack light. Though something inexpensive like the Model line wouldn’t be a bad idea in case something happens. I do like to get out into nature, though, and do things, just not when it’s overnight like you’re talking about. At that point my phone is relegated to camera status.

Down by the local pond with a folding chair on a day that isn’t sweltering? Sign me up for that, though.

love my new “title” XD



You missed one.


well, I have its rack module equivalent already… and there’s a few more out there lol


I always wanted one of the Emu Command Stations, never had the pleasure


I kinda wanted the PL-7 with the Protean Drums ROM, apparently it’s a bit on the rarer side. My 2000 has a XL-7 (Xtreme Lead Command Station) ROM I picked up for $50 somewhere along the way because the XL-1 was $200 XD



Noticing after I spend money on a used Focusrite 18i20 3rd gen that once I have everything audio set to the same sample rate (any audio software matching MOTU PCI control center) I have had no problems. Naturally… (started doing it again…)

I never had issues like that with my Babyface, though. It always changed based on the DAW and I never got weird audio issues like lower/slower pitch, crackles/distortions just watching YouTube, etc. Dem RME drivers tho…

It was the cheapest 3rd gen 18i20 on eBay or Reverb and sold by Sam Ash at that, so we’ll see, and I shouldn’t be out money selling it. It does have things the 2408 doesn’t, like instrument inputs on the front and mic pres. I don’t think I can ADAT the 2408 into it, but I might be able to ADAT it into the 2408? I’m not sure, these PCI interfaces seem really inclined to not play well with others >_> time for more RTFM or just get rid of it finally. It’s entirely possible my next motherboard won’t even have PCI and PCIe is always tricky as they’re next to the video cards…

When looking to figure out some things on my Axoloti Core boards, I found where someone made an Über Axoloti for $90:

kinda curious about these, considering someone made a mini Buchla Easel type thing with a normal Axoloti (and time, lots of time) edit seems like the Axoloti the Akso boards are also hard to come by but maybe that’s the chip shortage? Who knows…


I have no clue what you’re talking about, too technical for my brain this morning but I got a purple knob, no pun intended, literally a knob with a purple halo. Shit the more I write the more awkward it gets. We need to stop talking about purple on a hardware thread.


it follows you… like that person you don’t like that thinks you’re BFFs XD


A RD-6-GP actually showed up on my doorstep, btw… they were serious, said it was early Christmas/late birthday, all the times I watched their house last summer, etc. Fine… It’s… okay? Kind of boring as drum machines go, but at the same time there’s a loveliness in its simplicity. Unsurprising to anyone here, it just has several bread and butter/good drum sounds, and they added a nice clap; otherwise it’s just a TR-606 clone with a BR-110 clap.

I don’t really need/want another drum machine, but at least my TD-3-GP has a dance partner in matching clothes, now.


Yea, the funny thing is the RD-6 is faithful to the original…that’s all it was. Really the RD-8 is pretty much the same (they’ve added some modern stuff) but sound wise there is not a ton of editing. The sounds are the sounds. But the 606 was a huge part of dance music history none-the-less.


Am I the only one who loved Propellerhead’s Rebirth then moved on and realized he couldn’t really bother with 303, 808 and 909 sounds?


That is all too essential to so much of the music I love to abandon it completely. But I understand if people are tired of it, 100%


I never messed with Rebirth, but tend to use drum machines outside the 808/909 myself. I’d only pick a 808 or 909 over a DrumBrute Impact just to sell them and pocket the difference lol…

edit at this point I barely even think of drum machines as essential; it’s easy to synthesize and sample drum sounds, or resample them from existing samples. Likely selling off my Volcas and 522.