The Hardware Megathread


…I was not aware the Cycles came with a huge sheet of stickers I can color and decorate with :heart_eyes:


Best keep that well hidden, you know what happened last time…


Someone IRL already joked about buying me a purple RD-6 to go with it lol…


I felt dumb as I looked at my patchbay and had a eureka moment -_-

Normalize the synths I use the most to inputs 3-8, 1-2 can be used any time for anything I want to plug into the front. And… y’know, patch anything else in as needed :woman_facepalming:t2:


You should get it and name it Automageddon.


Seems a lot of the mid range USB C audio interfaces are USB 2.0 :unamused: which is fine, I guess, just seems… shady marketing, as I didn’t even know USB C was backwards compatible, and I might as well use the C port on my motherboard for something?


Fucking brilliant.



Just casually waiting for my ban, now.


You’re forgiven for various reasons:

  • Eurovision is on TV;
  • I have a giant spread of cheeses in front of me;
  • I’m too tipsy to actually do anything anything remotely technical.

May my lack of action hurt you more than a ban.


At least I spelled it right?

edit I see what you did…


Lolol it’s spreading. This is an awful violet red color though :stuck_out_tongue:



I think I may have an addiction.

On a whim, I stopped by a pawn shop on the way back from Walgreens.

… I put money down on a pair of Sterling Audio MX3’s and a 1st gen Axiom 49 (I already have a 1st gen Axiom25 and an Axiom Air Mini 32 plus a pair of Mackie CR3’s). I almost paid for them outright but I managed to restrain myself from doing it.


How does it handle long audio tracks?


Also, my Force’s has way more purple.


I knew you were just a closet purplist.


I haven’t tried but I don’t think that’s a thing for Maschine at all? Though in theory I could cobble up a Reaktor sample player or a kontakt library for that.

Synthlord. So you’re saying you could have left my name alone and just put Purple Apocalypse next to it.

When I was at Guitar Center picking up some cables and strings they had a used Force for $800 or something…


I don’t mind the purple as a colour. I just can’t effin read it!


what is Elektron’s deal with using 3.5 ×1.35 mm barrel plugs >_> though the battery jack on the Cycles is 5.5x2.5mm… they use the 3.5x1.35 on the OverHub, too (and obviously Samples). Though Ripcord makes a cable anyway, my other battery pack can do 9V and it takes 4-10V on that plug.

I think I should run the 50%+ CPU demo song on the Maschine+ and see how long my battery lasts.