The Hardware Megathread


That sounds really cool. I update my DAW but rarely look at new features. Wonder if FL20 does anything like that.


We are not here for long before we’lll be gone, so whilst we’re here just keep buying gear :smile:


Blasphemy Sunday:
I might use my FL license, record some loops and see how it feels.

I’m sure it will be horrible.


You’re not missing anything. The strip is coming back to life, and because of that there have been fights up and down it for the last couple of months because everyone’s been so cooped up for so long they don’t know how to act once they do get out.


I love FL but Id rather just drop files into it rather recording into it.


Well. I ordered the line mixer for my RD-8. I feel like its a piece of gear that’ll stick w me and be helpful w any drum machine w individual outs.
Let the 808 madness begin!

But now I want an Warm Audio 1176 compressor for it lololol

Fuck my finances I guess…


At one point last year, I found myself just staring at people if I saw them outside. I had forgotten how to socialize or something. I’d snap out of it if they waved at me, and then everything was fine. It was so weird.

I’m fine, now.


if you’re in the US, zZounds will let you buy it for $50 a month no interest :eyes:


Honestly, for the sake of £30 (or less) open yourself up to another world of music making (on Mac or PC)
im just setting mine up now as i type :heart_eyes:


Oh Zzounds and I have very intimate relationship LOL


Interesting, I just got an email from Novation announcing that the focusrite group has acquired Sequential. Wonder what neatness will come out of this.


Waiting for backlash reacts

“novation is going to ruin SCI”


well that was unexpected. Maybe Dave finally wants to retire XD


I read into it a bit more and they say he’s going to remain in charge. No timeframe on that.

But yeah, getting his name off the front door, re-issuing the Prophet-5, and selling the company all sounds an awful lot like a setup for retirement.


I mean…I think Novation have been doing pretty well. I would defo have a Peak or Summit if finances allowed. The Iridium seems like a great idea but not looked into it much. The Tracks (and the one before it) seem popular. I love my Monostation. One of the coolest little desktop monos I’ve owned.

I’d certainly rather see them team up with Novation than disappear.


Well this looks kinda fun…

Dat price tho…


I haven’t seen Novation ruining anything so far, there will be people who will complain about it, as usual, but I don’t see anything negative out of this


We could even see prices come down on things, and newer, less expensive cool synths appear.


So has anyone with a machinedrum played with the new unofficial OS update? What’s the feeling?


My homie has and he’s in love with it.