The Hardware Megathread


Maybe Novation revisiting the tempest would be an interesting thing, from what i gather it already has the sound and Novation could add an element of quirkiness.


I’d love to see that too, but when i was in San Fran and visited SCI it was pretty much indicated that any further development on Tempest is a pipe dream. That came from an annoyed that i brought it up firmware programmer.


The Tempest is one of the grooveboxes I always wanted but never did…




Same! Id love to see a Novation update on it or some kind of similar collab with Sequential


Ahhh, the elusive proof that not all gear should indeed be purple.




My wife noticed when I sit there with headphones and the polyend tracker I’m forever laughing whilst rubbing my hands together, a phenomenon not witnessed when using any of my other hardware.


I’ve spent a week cheating on my MPC with a Maschine+ It’s… better in some ways, worse in others, and NI is just cancer when it comes to third-party content (your user content folder has TWO LEVELS of folder structure max… someone from NI said this won’t change). I’m a little salty mk3 owners get more content on the software side of things, but oh well. I guess I got a free license for FM8 out of it and a buttload of expansions.

But I got a Reaktor ensemble from the user library working with all controls exposed to the 8 knobs and multiple pages of them. It’s JP-4c, a super saw emulator. This is not officially supported by NI at all, and could be broken with an update, etc, etc. But that’s what pushed me over the edge to take the plunge. Less ins/outs than the modern MPCs, but you can plug in class-compliant audio interfaces to a USB port, so that makes up for it and you get to choose what you want/need.

So now I finally have a reason to dig deep into Reaktor since it seems like I got myself a stand alone Reaktor host. And having access to 128 parameters via the pages thing is much nicer than Akai’s 16.


A quickie i made tonight

I used to work at a coke oven plant for 25 years, back in the 90’s i took my Yamaha SU10 sampler on a night shift and sampled machinery and radio communications. I put them samples in Polyend tracker and ended up with this, whats funny is the “Bleep” of the clocking off machine i managed to make a melody out of it :rofl:


I used to love my tempest, I often regret selling it.


I regret selling my Monomachine. I wish they’d release a mk3 with modern Elektron aesthetic and sequencing; I would buy one immediately.


There’s a minty fresh TX81Z for $200 I could get my hands on. It’s tempting. But a Maschine+ with FM8 isn’t that far off, though those 12-bit converters and 12-bit internal processing do add a little magic dust…

I’m trying to figure out how to build Reaktor ensembles to use as external synth programmers. I have to say, though, that having things like Kontakt choirs on a hardware device is pretty nice…


With all their new gear…all the FM…all the analog…surely they could come up with something that would be as cool as the OG Monomachine


Yes a MnM mk3 and MD mk3 would both sell like hotcakes if you ask me.


FM8 is great but there is definitely some majick in those converters.

Not the most convenient editing tho, thats for sure. I’d love to be updated on your Reaktor builds, I myself have done nothing but fail in that environment. I’m able to frankenstein patches together but thats about it. The low level stuff really does my head in (dyslexic) and I get to a point where I’m like… Chase just make some fucking music.


Well, that TX81Z is gone, and so soon after I mentioned it :eyes: Fine, I’ll make my own FM synthesizer, with blackjack and hookers… I would also like to request a ban if anyone posts bragging about scoring a minty TX81Z off eBay within the next few weeks XD /s

As for Reaktor, I’ve converted/adapted some existing ensembles’ controls to the Maschine knobs (and I get 16 pages of 8…). It’s easier for some and daunting for others. It should, in theory, just be a matter of having knobs that send MIDI CC values or something. Maybe NPRN? I haven’t been able to find any ensembles that already do this, which is either worrying or they’re just tricky to search for (or I am bad at it).

Of course then I have to load that ensemble into the Maschine+ and get it to send MIDI data out the DIN port…


Where do you find the patience to program from 16 pages of 8 knobs per page?

I made on the Force a template to control the CraftSynth, just 2 pages of well organised CC values and names and I almost died.


In Reaktor you just click a knob/parameter on the UI or in the editor and there’s a panel that shows the ID. Maschine’s knobs are IDs 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, etc. I save a pic of the UI on my iPad and draw numbers next to the controls.


Well, these became a thing…


I kinda like them and kinda don’t? I’m usually one of those weirdos that doesn’t want wood on everything electronic music related… though it grows on me at times.