The Hardware Megathread


mechanical switches even :open_mouth:

And it’s Gameboy sized, with a 6 hour battery… and seems pretty sanely priced for the features on offer… and has a synth engine based on Braids, and a chiptune one (and FM, and a sampler…). Lol after I type that I then read it was inspired by LSDJ for the Gameboys :smiley:

They seem to have squeezed a lot out of a Teensy.


I already had my heart broken once :broken_heart: lol


Can we move on from the purple TD-3 thing before I start banning people left right and centre for their lack of taste or decency?


Suddenly I want one.


I’ll end up banning everyone and being the best member on a forum of one.




If it makes you feel any better, I’m waiting for a bright yellow watch to come in that I think is going to be wonderfully tacky with my purple sweater. Unfortunately, I only have bluejeans, but I’ll look into aqua trackpants or something to really sell it.


It sounds like someone has purple synth envy.


I might just change the colour scheme of the forum to grey and purple…


How do you like it now???!!?!!?


I usually like purple to a certain extent… but yeah I’m with you on that Behringer… My first reaction would be:

And the forum color change is atrocious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You spelled beautiful wrong. :rofl:


Well the weird thing is that it looks great on the phone and terrible on the PC…


I found it looks bad on my big monitor, good on the small one though. I think a slightly less vibrant hue might actually work well.


Seriously, no purple.


Maybe it’s designed to look black under stage lights? :laughing:


Prince would be telling you this is what it’s like when dove’s cry… (lol I missed the change)


Took this one in 2014 at the now defunct Hard Rock Hotel in LV.


I miss that place…


They have a license to build another HRH elsewhere in LV. For now it’s going to be a Virgin hotel. Bleh.

It was my fave after the Aria. Good, good times there. I miss getting retarded in LV but with the pandemic still going strong, I probably won’t go back until Spring/Summer 2022.