The Hardware Megathread


That’s MonoSyntheosys, it’s kinda nasty.


Looks like I’m back to the doctor for antibiotics then lol


Yeah, that sounds really cool, but the price.,.oof. I like the digital controls though. A lot like the Monostation, as Loopop mentioned.


Ouf 700 Euro, that often means US retailers would have them for 700USD . I must have missed the bit where he compared it to the Monostation but that is pretty accurate. At that price point I’d have to seriously consider a Moog or a DSI synth though–just because I’d rather have “that sound” than a bunch of modulations I might never use. I’m not much of a sound designer, really.


I’ve pimped my Model:Samples lol…if you remember I nearly took the button/knob labels off trying to clean the surface.


very nice Relic. : ) That is definitely the best skin I have seen for it. Nice and easy to read, easy on the eyes.


Thanks! Even if I hadn’t “needed” it I think this particular skin is an improvement over Elektron’s very simple labeling.


“This update is for everyone who currently has an unfulfilled order.”

Facebook: lol video failed to load LOL


Judging by the comments my S2400 is still a long ways off despite the last video talking about filling orders out to December from the last batch. Sigh. Oh well.

also lol from Isla:

It is, however, incredibly frustrating to not be able to watch the video despite trying four different browsers, so I can have some sort of idea of what is going on…

edit looking at the comments, I literally missed it by one. f’ing. day lol…


That stinks man. I heard the S2400 was quite delayed.


Honestly, I’m surprised music hardware hasn’t been affected much the last year. Other than a relative handful of delays in new products, there hasn’t really been shortages that I’ve seen. Compare that to computer parts, games consoles, cars, modems, etc, and I don’t know how we got off so easy. And that’s with an AKM factory (one of 3-4 makers of high-end DAC chips) burning down.

Cold comfort to those of us waiting for a product, I know, but I’m also in some of those other pools where it’s way worse right now and graphics cards are now being smuggled by crime syndicates because they’re such a hot commodity.


Ordered mine on the first day of pre-order.

I’m far more excited about this than i am the S2400 or Osmose i also have ordered.


It seems super cool, but too expansive for my budget, for the price I’d rather get a Polyend Tracker.


I’m annoyed because Brad said the current 500 would see orders to near the end of August, and i ordered on the 5th of August.
Now he’s come out saying the current 500 will only see til July 20th orders.

When your only talking about 500 units how can you possibly be a month out when your running a business and have all the figures in front of you ? this leaves me convinced he’s doing queue jumping behind the scenes. But i’ve not said anything publicly because he still has my money and my machine so ill just sit tight lipped (well apart from on here :rofl:)


when i look at the price of things, i always look back and think some15 years ago i payed $450 for the powercore/softube CL1B compressor plugin which is now dust in the wind. when i weigh that against devices like this i actually see how much of a bargain they are.


Iirc he said December at one point for this last boat o.O

Oh well, more time to get my new space set up.


Couldn’t help myself lol


Damn hippy!


I mean this in a good way, but that looks like you spilled a bunch of smarties on that thing. The candy.

Reminds me a bit of the Moog Matriarch/Grandmother. Which I like. Still want to get a Grandmother when I have more space.


Haha, No worries! I fully realize I went full on neon hippie raver. And…haven’t had some Smarties in a minute. Now I kinda want some lol.

Oh wow, huh, it does look like that Moog quite a bit!


For people looking for a purple TD-3:

it’s still a preorder XD