The Hardware Megathread


I don’t know anything about it but Elektronauts has a pretty extensive thread on it. I’d even put a wager on it being one of their user developing it.


The SMD stuff came presoldered on this build.

but it is an awkward build it that things have to be done in order or they get in each others way.


I think the main thing it does is allow the MD to work with that audrino midi box thing, whatever it’s called. Outside of that I don’t think it offers anything over the Elektron firmware.

I’m prepared to be wrong though. I was reading that thread the other day but didn’t see anything beyond that.


This is the closest I got to a heavy metal FM guitar…


It sounds like a very heavily processed lofi metal guitar lol. Crazy


I never thought I’d end up in a relationship with an Fm Synth…


I dig it! You are having a serious fling with the OP Six!

x --------------------------------------------------------------- x

I am currently working on a live, OTB remix but that needs a little more work before the public hears (and sees!) it I think.

I’ve got another beat I’m working on, I don’t want to call it a throw away, but it started as an excuse to play around sequencing the TD3 with the Digitakt (because honestly fuuuuuuuuck sequencing the TD3 with its own sequencer, what a nightmare).

Then I recorded a little vox from one of my favorite, old Sci Fi movies and started adding some additional parts to and it started not sounding half bad. All that to say I will record at least some audio of that beat for ya’ll this evening.


Not quite a double post…

just goofing about on hardware, deets in the OP…


My techno patch from last night.
Somebody on facebook was being inquisitive, so i told him the truth…
“Its just an expensive way of doing something not as good, but it is fun” :joy:


At this point in my life, I’m right there with you. I just want to have fun. My delusions of anything else have been wiped away. That’s a hell of a patch you’ve got going there, sir!


And that’s just the kick…


LOL (stupid software says MUST BE FIVE CHARACTERS…here is your 5 characters, you bastard)


Modular veterans will notice i’ve only used 1 VCA :roll_eyes:


Well, I just factory reset my RD8 for no reason beside I got frustrated and confused, thought something was wrong. WEEEEEEEE. Ah well. Onward and upward!


uh oh. I’m having trouble with the NL4. Every recording I’ve made with it has been too quiet or it clips my recording device. There’s usually that sweet spot with my synths where when recording it it’s juuuust right, but with the NL4 my experience has been it’s either very small or it doesn’t exist. It’s probably something I don’t understand…?


I don’t know if this would help but I remember with my Analog 4 mk1 desktop you had to turn the oscillators down to 60% volume or less because it just kinda sounded garbage unless you started there. Nothing about it in the manual but at the time that was pretty much the general wisdom on the internet and everything I did sounded loads better after that. Same on my Monostation, if using both oscillators I start at about 50% each for volume.

Likewise, I’ve found myself turning samples’ volume down significantly as a starting place on my Digitakt as well.

In all cases there is plenty of head room in the master volume to get a decent recording.

I wasn’t ever having clipping or too-quiet recording issues but the recordings I am getting now are better.


Super6 has this issue too. Couple of things help:

  1. Use an audio cable that matches the synth’s audio connections. Usually, that’s TS. I use TRS everywhere because that’s the bundles I buy and that apparently can drop a synth that isn’t designed for it by 6DB before you ever hit the interface.

  2. I still record quiet, and just normalize my audio once I’ve edited my takes together.

  3. I don’t love this one, but many of the Super6 folk are saying they are using DI boxes with great success. I guess the idea is that you convert from line to mic level, and then let your interface’s mic pres get the signal to a good level. Seems expensive and roundabout to me.


Do you have a cable to connect the JD to your mouth as well?


Hey @Relic, question on the Monostation: Are you experiencing an “issue” where the master volume does basically nothing for the first 50% of the turn radius? I have found there is a rather narrow band of control available there, which is annoying.


You can get f.e. a Behringer DI box for pretty cheap though, might be worth it to just have one around.
Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P is the one I was scoping out myself. here in Germany it costs €18.