The Hardware Megathread


Thank Admin for the “Login with e-mail function”. Was getting pissed for not getting my passes to both the ACC and E-Mail for months.

Off-Topic aside, I played from tables and CDs back in the day and had a couple years break, got rusty a bit so I was wondering is this setup possible:

I wanted to play sets for myself via launching clips from pads (think machines like Launchpad etc.) and having an effect controller in the middle. Something to give those launched clips a bit of excitement. All of this could be connected to a laptop controlling which set of clips is routed to the launchpads.

I know my production could use a sampler with effects built-in, something like the SP404 but i don’t know if things could be connected that way together. I’d settle for a different effects machine. Any advice guys?


Hi Marquis, not sure exactly what your end-goal is for the setup. Do you mean to have something between your controller and your DAW to mess with the midi data in the clips, or are you taking about audio clips you trigger with your (f.e.) Launchpad and route the audio through effects? For scenario one, I would suggest, depending on your DAW, using built-in midi effects. Bitwig f.e. has a ton. you could just put them on the track in question for some randomization. for audio effects, well, regardless of where your audio is coming from and how it is triggered, with the right HW setup you could also route your sounds to HW effects, or again to busses within your DAW. so your “routing” could phyisically look like this: Launchpad>Laptop>Audio Interface>Effects (maybe in a loop back to the AI)>speakers or something. Is that what you meant?


i suppose Marquis could use a midi controller such as Midi fighter twister which will launch clips and control plugin effects on the fly to as he says “add excitement”


I bought a Model:Samples a few weeks ago to add my my small collection of hardware. I’m really enjoying it. Fantastic little tool!

I have some questions. With the waveforms, can you add your own? I have seen a video explaining that they used MAX to create the single cycle (period) waveforms. My question is; can i create my own in Reaktor? would I gain anything over the stock waveforms by making my own?


I haven’t made my own SCWaves but I did add some from another pack. It gave me more options/sounds, yes.


Hey gang

I am here to report that, after fighting the forces of reason and common sense REALLY hard for many, many months, my heart won against my brain, said fuck it & pulled the trigger. I simply couldn’t get this thing out of my head.

Guitar Center, very much aware of incoming stimulus checks I’m sure, sent me a 20% off coupon… which, in essence, shaved off about $625 from the actual price (when you add CA tax to full price tag)…!! So even still pricey, it has the “an offer you can’t refuse” thing to it.

It’s backordered, so I don’t have to pay right away (not a bad thing), and will build my anticipation even more.

I looked at so many reviews/demos on Youtube or elsewhere that what I initially thought may have been a glorified VST in a box is actually so much more than that. Sound and possibilities are incredible. I am in love.




Good for you, that’s an amazing synth right there. I look forward to the demos once you get it.


Thanks, man! Yep, really excited about this beast. I’m probably going to download the manual already and start reading through it.

It is actually the first ever hardware synth I have bought - so I decided to go big. I had a crappy one back in the early 90’s but it was officially my sister’s, despite her not using it and me having “borrowed” it :slight_smile:


The Nord Lead 4 is here. It’s great. Still getting used to doing the majority of my knob twiddling with my left hand, but I think I’ll get used to it. I’m still at that place where I suspect many of us are when we buy a new synth and start figuring out how you’re going to use it and what you’re going to be using it for.


Haaaaaaaaaa! Enjoy fellas…now that I’ve been back at it regularly I am enjoying the shit out of my new setup. Very fucking excited to show ya’ll something.


Thank you guys, both ‘Creepr’ and ‘canecreek’ are right. I want to control pre-recorded audio clips from a Launchpad and the whole output signal would be affected by the controller in the middle. Will take a glance at the Midi Fighter, it’ almost like a 2 in 1, can do FX and launch clips, but I feel like pads are more “theatrical”.


Push 2 and a midi figher job done :sunglasses:


I like this guys (i assume its a guy) Jams


So jealous


Sorry…! I really didn’t put that up to brag - just simple happiness to finally get something I have wanted for a long, long time (a great hardware synth, that is) and be able to join the hardware team :slight_smile:


Nah man you are fine! That is a hell of a synth and a nice knobby interface. Can’t wait to see you what you come up with there.


Congrats on the new synths! Makes me want to go shopping


It’s not bragging, it’s the hardware mega thread after all!


Ugghh. I hate when the sales tax alone is more than some synths. I feel your pain sir.


Admittedly a nice problem to have though :sweat_smile: