The Hardware Megathread


According to Brad our SP2400’s should of been delivered to him on Friday :grin:


Thought I’d lost this 7” but the twins found it in the shed.


yeah, I just dug up the video when you said that. He said this shipment should cover to end of 2020 orders :smiley:


I don’t know anything about OTO machines but typically that’s the way a freeze reverb works. So you can play clean notes overtop your pad layer. So you can accompany yourself on guitar if you will.


I ordered a Nord Lead 4 on friday…sold my P’08 and Rytm to afford it (I wasn’t using them enough to really warrant keeping them) and somehow I don’t feel excited about it. Instead of a “yay new synth” feeling, it’s more of a “my god, I just spent $2400 on an instrument I don’t really need, and technically don’t know how to play…I’m an idiot”


Well I hope you warm up to it when it arrives. :slight_smile: The Nords look like really nice instruments.


Not strictly speaking music hardware but the modular peeps in here should appreciate this :slight_smile:


My God you are right, just been testing it without the patchbay, i could of swore using it in the past the notes over the freeze had reverb on them but i’m obviously mistaken, kinds gutted now as thats how id want it to work but i guess you need 2 sound engines to achieve that. :joy:


Great video that, massive machine, love the visuals just so BOC, id love to make videos with it.


Yeah, I was in a negative space when I wrote that. Truth is, although I might not “need” it, there are some things the Nord has that my other synths don’t:

-Don’t have any polysynths that aren’t vintage and liable to have issues (:crossed_fingers:) The P’08 was modern, but I never really loved the sound of it.
-Multiple filters on a poly would be nice.
-4 part multitimbral, very nice.
-Arpeggiator that doesn’t have a reputation of being a POS (looking at you former P’08)
-Most of the parameters I would want to automate/modulate can be via MIDI cc control
-A warranty
-Don’t have any VA synths/modern digital synths. Having one that can sound both analog and digital is more appealing to me now than having to pick one or the other.

I’m probably in a weird space mentally about ordering this thing because I sold two pieces of gear for a piece of gear I’ve never actually played or…seen in person. So if I don’t care for the Nord , well …shit.


Yeah I can sympathize, I just dropped what was probably the last wad of cash I will have for a while on 3 pedals I have never been able to use myself…Thankfully they seem fantastic so far, but i definitely had that “what have I done!” feeling a bit over the weekend :slight_smile:


So my Meris trio arrived yesterday. So far, I love the sounds I am getting, although the polymoon is odd…it is sort of hard to get a real delay sound out of it without turning off most of the settings. Anything above like 20% on any dial sends it into pad/reverb territory. I have to get more used to it. For pads though…fuggedaboutit…fantastic. the Mercury 7 is amazing…I am ashamed I was for so long judging a verb by the number of algos…2 is plenty. and the Ottobit is what I expected, lots of rhythmic mayhem, great to techno-fy any drum loop. the filter on it is really fantastic sounding too. I will post some vid or at least sound clips once I “git gud” at using them.


multitimbral is big…@RFJ and I were chatting about that lately…that modern synths seem to just leave this out for no reason and the arp is big too…I tend not to use them because I feel like I don’t have enough music theory to use it correctly but given their popularity it always shocked me that a lot of DSI’s new synths didn’t have one that worked…

I used to absolutely pine for a P08 years ago, now it feels fairly undesirable.


P08 is fuggin great.

When I got mine it took a bit to click, it’s not… straight forward? Unsure how to describe.

I’ve never used the arp so I can’t comment on that.

:edit: I found that all of the early DSI stuff was quirky. For example, my bud had a Tetra that he let me borrow for a hot minute and I hated it, at the time i didnt particularly like the Mopho either, something to do with how they edit and felt non standard (coming from Nord, or even Sylenth)

The P08 has a sound I like, though its specific and I’d not recommend it as ones only analog synth. I lean pretty hard on the audio mod in the filter for filter FM stuff and its great for melodic techno leads (brassy type things).

Im definitely not contradicting @moodorf, or am I intending to, I just got like… opinions, man.


I’m really happy with the OpSix, it sounds super nice.
And I was quite intimidated by FM synthesis but it is really fun. And bass heavy.
This is the kind of synth I could explore for ages, plus if I’m stuck for inspiration I can just hit the randomise button until I have a good starting point. I haven’t done that much as I want to learn first.
One thing I noticed is that with FM synth I think more about what I’m doing and where I want to go.
Plus it doubles up as a good VA so even better.
So far I really enjoy mixing fm and subtractive, start a standard patch the have some envelopes add some fm or just the mod wheel.

I’m struggling with long evolving pads at moment, which should be fm bread and butter, but most likely it’s me not the synth…


All the recent Korg synths are drool worthy!


I’m working on patch sheets for the RD8 and TD3. I’ll post the PDFs here when I am finished. I’ve stolen the images I am using from Behringer, enjoying that little irony.


you monster XD


if you had a 1970’s UK childhood then reminisce for 18 seconds :rofl:


Oh man I love that pedal, it’s been on the list for awhile now… nice