The Hardware Megathread


I bought a Boog Model D and a Buno 106 (Deepmind) out of spite. SPITE.


I mean, they did kinda did make themselves look bad when they went after that one reporter who posted negative press about them.


They are. Indisputably, on some levels. The same way Amazon and Walmart and all the other “we’re going to muscle in and undercut and you can go fuck yourself if you don’t like it” companies out there are terrible. And they’re assholes about it to boot (re: corksniffer stuff).

But at the same time, just like a broke-ass single mom can make a meager paycheck stretch a little farther at Walmart than the local grocery, it means that you and I and all the musicians that aren’t Richard Devine or Joel Zimmerman can afford go get a thing that makes awesome sounds and do something cool with it.

I wish I had the moral center to only shop at locally owned boutique places and buy synths that were handwired by underprivileged children, but I don’t. I’ve got a room full of Behringer shit that’s fun and useful, and I’ll make dope tracks with it to cover up the sound of my woke socialist sobs at night.


I’ve never really had beef with the stuff they’re remaking for a better cost, just that every single behringer thing I’ve owned has broke in the first few months of owning it, or just felt really cheap and sloppy. But with that said, I’ve never touched a neutron and everybody I know who has one loves them


Regardless of what you think about all this, this video is pretty entertaining…


I was going to tell you I think he did a follow up you might not have caught where Berhinger actually responded to him.


This looks stacked with features and is supposed to come in under $600


A new Alessandro Cortini/MakeNoise collab is going to be revealed in the next day or so. Saw a bit of it on his IG live stream today, looks/sounds pretty cool. Pretty much a drone synth, I suppose


Any recommendations for a cheap-ish small tabletop synth good for strings and pads? I’ve been playing with my new Electribe EA1 and can’t help but think “I need some strings or pads”. I’ve been trying to find a Novation A-station, Nova, or even a K-Station but can’t find one for sale for a reasonable price or, in the case of the A and K, can’t find one at all. The other similar synths of yore that I remember (Access Virus, Waldorf Microwave XT, etc) all command a pretty hefty sum for even completely abused examples.


If you like the Novation stuff, you could take a look at the Mininova, or maybe a circuit (which I believe has the same synth engine as the Mininova but with a sequencer and other stuff).

Also, Streichfett by Waldorf (I think, not sure about the spelling, but I do know it’s a Waldorf tabletop unit) is a modern take on the string machine.


I agree with @White_Noise that the Mininova is worth looking into. A very powerful subtractive synth engine. It does tend to have a 90’s ish vibe to it IMO. The patch flipping pads are a cool feature. I had the UltraNova (same synth engine as the mini) which is bigger but not a full size keyboard. More menu diving on the Mini.

Otherwise the Waldorf Blofeld comes immediately to mind for strings and pads (though I imagine it is quite a workhorse). I feel like maybe a Juno 106 clone (I think there is an inexpensive ish one out there). Possibly also a Deepmind Module (I would defo go for the 12 voice one).


Waldorf blofeld



Seems that would be and awesome audio trough for a sampler! Some interesting textures and tones there.


Now to just wait for a used one! Lol


lol yea! exactly

Not to say it is overpriced, but I’d need to see way more demos before I dropped 6 bills on it…


Yeah right now, from what I’ve seen, it’s overpriced. Reminds me of the Lyra-8 a bit as far as the sound, and I still have those Lyra PCBs, I need to start working on those first


I’m now fully convinced that people selling old gear on Ebay are ex-crackheads or something. There has to be some level of drug-fueled brain damage to price stuff like this.

So the thought occurred to me “Me… maybe find something like an Alesis Nanosynth, surely they can’t be terribly expensive and the sounds are workable even though Alesis’ filter has no resonance”.

The only one I’ve been able to find was $369 on ebay. I had one around 2001, I think I paid maybe $150-$200 for it from Music Go Round and I felt like I got shafted even then.

I’ve looked at a bunch of older romplers, even a few unique pieces like the TG33 (which I used in my uncle’s studio back in the early 90’s) and they’re all pretty stupidly priced… Except the Peavey Spectrum Synth, I can’t even find one of those things.


Wasn’t sure you would be interested in a rompler so I never suggest this, but I have and use a JV1010 for sometimes entire tracks. The don’t remember your settings when you switch them off, but the have about 1.000 patches out the box: piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, orchestra, synth, ethnic and percussion. I have the 5 encoders of the Prophecy mapped to : cut off, res, volume, attack, and release, so I can make basic edits to the sounds and note the positions if needed. They go from about 160 bucks U.S on ebay, This is on Reverb at the mo

This small track was done on the JV1010 apart from a couple of samples from my SU200, but it does show the pad sounds a bit in a track:


first of all +1 for TG-33 I want one of those things too, but not for $500. I don’t even bother with eBay anymore…it’s been said a thousand times but–craigslist, craigslist, craigslist.