The Hardware Megathread


Proteus 2000 prices seem decent, even some still below $300. The ROM expansions, on the other hand… :woman_facepalming:t2:

It’s really pretty good imo, and I still have one in the closet loaded with some rare ones :eyes: Rob Papen’s Techno Synth Construction Yard and Beat Garden which omfg those prices holy shit lol they were even $200 when I got them years and years ago, so might not want those… The XL-7 (xTreme Lead meant for the drum machines) was $50 off some website, not sure on those ROMs. Decent bread and butter off the default ROM iirc.

I really need to autosample at least Beat Garden to my MPC and make some cash XD my depression has been rearing its ugly head during the pandemic especially hard…


Thanks for jarring my memory. When I got my first corporate IT job back in 2000 I was supposed to run out to buy a JV1010 or track down a JV880 and a couple of cards… But there was a used R8mkII on display at the shop I went to buy it at… Then the next time I went back a JX3P w/PG200 for cheap… And then then next time there was a CZ1000 and a Korg Poly 800mkII for cheap… then I forgot all about both of them buying other crap.


people in my area are equally crack-ish when it comes to Craigslist. I’ve seen dusty, generic Yamaha PSR keyboards from the early 90’s going for $200+ locally, not even the halfway decent ones like the PSR-630, but the stuff I used to sell at Best Buy for $80-$90.


@misterjones313 eBay is a wasteland imo. Defo inflated prices on a lot of gear. People will own a modern piece of gear for a year or so and try to sell it for like $50 less than new. And then maybe, maybe you could get another $25 with if something has an OBO. To me if you are a private seller opening the box should forever peel $50 off the price and if you plug it in an use it at all it is USED lol.

You might try Reverb but I’ve had similar pricing experiences there. That said, I’ve also seen some sane prices on Reverb.

I just buy stuff new now.


I got my OG Trigger Finger from Reverb for a really good price and I’ve seen a few odd pieces that it seems only I have an interest in with what I would consider to be pretty decent prices. At the same time, why are 1st Gen M-Audio Axiom 49 and 61 controllers north of $150??? They were new in 2006, it’s 15 years later and they’re no longer supported past Win7, why are these people selling them for only $50-$75 less than their new price when you know they’ve traded hands a time or two and have been beat to death? Even stuff that you would figure should be really cheap given how ubiquitous they were years ago (i.e. any Roland Sound Canvas, Yamaha MU-series modules, Korg 05Rw/X5R, etc) is still expensive unless you catch one at just the right moment.



Speaking of eBay…

I recently had to get out of the eBay buy sell game, just last week actually. They changed the w they handle payments received on the selling end of things. Basically forcing all sellers to keep a bank account number on file with them. That’s all well and good I suppose but I just prefer to run all my gear stuff through PayPal and keep my checking account out of it. So I liquidated all my gear and downgraded my setup. Goal was to wind up with a few pieces of gear and a zero balance. Prior to I had lots of gear but a big balance given as I primarily was using PayPal credit for all my gear stuff.

So anyway I went from about 3 grand of gear between a modular setup and Maschine Plus to a much more affordable setup that I can actually pay for, lol.

Wound up with a blofeld, 1010 black box, the NDLR sequencer and the Microscosm from Hologram Electronics. I’m really loving this setup. I’m convinced now everyone using hardware needs an NDLR. It really removes most of the barriers from getting chord progressions and sequences from your mind to your synth. Pretty amazing little 4 part sequencer. And the microcosm I’ve only used for about an hour now but it could likely be the best effect unit I’ve used. Sounds exactly like I have wanted other pedals / pedal combinations to sound but never really got there. Great little box if you’re into ambient glitch.

Cool thing about this setup is, it would make live jamming with a guitar player or other instrumentalist totally possible given the way the NDLR handles things. Anyway…

This should probably go in the pics of your studio thread but since I’ve rambled on and on here, here it is…


You know you won’t last long.

On the other hand, Force and MF are the most stable and productive setup I’ve had in ages!

Will look up the NDLR, chords and progression are my weak link. One of my weak links…


Tidy little setup! I do like very much how it all fits in that stand. And the NDLR looked really cool when I peeped via our off site conversations. Seems very immediate for when you get the change for some music time.


Lol, totally fair observation based on my last 5 years of behavior. I don’t really have a choice though unless I want to try and start selling gear on forums. It’s just not worth it to me to go down that road. With eBay you can put something up and pretty much have it sold within the week with very little hassle. Forums and Craigslist are just way too much of that…hassle.

You on the other hand have done a great job with your setup man. I really commend you for that.

And if it’s chords and whatnot you have a hard time with definitely look into the NDLR. Pretty reasonably priced for what it does. Chord / pad track, 2 programmable arps and a bass drone. 4 channels all governed by the circle of fifths like interface on the front panel there.


It’s not just will power.
On one hand I have bought some other gear, Micromonsta2 and Cycles, but they’re not a permanent fixture on my desk, on the other I got to the point where I turn on my gear and I have something going in no time, it feels good.

Plus things are quite uncertain from an economic point of view, so I have to sit tight until I can comfortably afford a Korg Modwave.

I had a look at the NDLR, but for the reasons above I’ll just look into chord mode and progressions on the Force…

Out of curiosity, why did you sell Maschine+?


Financial reasons and the fact that eBay is making it much more difficult to sell things / flip gear, for me at least. If you read my way too long tl;dr post they’re basically making it difficult for me to sell things based on new policies. That’s how I find my gear, eBay sales.


Nice, im also really enjoying my blofeld. I have it hooked up to an h9 and even though the blofeld has its own fx, the h9 really does add a lot!

I am however really gasing for a mpc one. The only saving factor is that they are nowhere to be found in canada


Next build incoming. I couldn’t say no to 16ch of trigger sequencing at that price.


I think I need to close my browsers at night.

So today I’m going through the many tabs I have open, closing the stuff I no longer need and I come across one of several tabs opened to ebay. Apparently, while nodding off at my desk during the wee hours of Saturday morning, I decided to buy a Boss DS-330. I honestly have no recollection of it. I remember looking at them during the day, and noting that there were finally 2nd gen units for sale like the one I owned (2nd gen units have more sounds and supports both GM and GS with logos for both on the display) but that was it.

It’s supposed to be delivered by the 8th.


I’ve had a few surprise pieces of gear show up at my door over the years lol


Time to put my money where my mouth is.

One of the artists whom i produced and mixed a record for is hosting a series of livestream events, mainly focused on HW performances in the realm of noise, industrial techno, dark ambient etc. He’s asked me to put together a 30 min performance for his stream in March.

I’m thinking it’ll be comprised of - MPC2500, Virus/Prophet8 (im not sure which just yet, pro8’s lack of flexibility compared to the virus is made up for in its sound), MS20mini, Schecter Omen geetar and my dubstation (16ch soundcraft w modular fx and a bunch of rack thingies)

I’ll be shooting for Ben Frost style scary ambient and heavy distorted percussion.

When i have a date/time and link i’ll post it up.

I’m stoked to get some noise going between this EricaSynths BlackHole DSP2 and Befaco Crush delay (crush delay is SO GNARLY)

@Auto-meh-geddon - i’ll DM you the details, this’ll be right up your alley.


Spoke too soon. They decided to make that event a harsh noise event.

Not my bag.

We’re talking May now.

Mixed blessing?


I think some of you would enjoy the vibe of this…I didn’t watch the whole thing, but worth skipping around in for 10-15 minutes for sure.


You can still make a live trial event.


looping back around to say that this set has been recommended to me by a few individuals and it is TIGHT.