The Hardware Megathread


Korg showed a first of the Drumlogue, with pcm, synthesis and samples…


Stop it, Korg/Go home Korg, you are drunk.

This could be a really cool box.


im sayin… if they ad P-Locks like they have on the tiny but mighty volca Drum they’ll have a winner.



those P-Locks better be those “deep sequencing features” he mentions!


Yea, motion recording isn’t enough for this to really compete.


Yo Korg is on fire this year!
I guess really they have been for a few years. I wish they would replace the electribes with a proper groove box tho now!


The DrumLogue seems to have that capacity…


Hopefully, can’t wait to see more of that and the new novation circuits!


I keep going another way than Korg with my gear purchases but I do really have to hand it to them. I want to see how close they get to a proper Electribe reboot with the Drumlogue. edit: well ok not a proper reboot but something that scratches that itch.


Drumlogue has stoked my interest, hope its a volca drum on steroids.


thought id post here not hardware related but so you can see what kind of an odd ball i am.
In the 90’s i bought alot of vinyl and some i left with the shrink wrap sealed, today any modern vinyl record i buy if it turns up shrink wrapped i dont open it, i want somebody else to open them when i’m gone.

Anyway the new “Bicep - isles” album was released today, i ordered the vinyl sometime ago off the Ninja Tune website, they sent me an email today that they have just posted it, i’m kinda disappointed as i thought it would arrive on the day of release (like you see with those dudes who order xbox games)

So i’ve sent Ninja Tune an email today complaining that i thought they would of emailed me a download code on the day of release, could they email a download code as putting a download code inside my vinyl sleeve is of no use to me as i don’t open my records. :rofl::rofl:

sorry for my little rant, i’m kinda classing vinyl as hardware :joy:


hard same.


Why don’t you open your records? Seems like a total waste to me, honestly. Frankly, people will probably not care about your music when you’re gone and especially if, hopefully, you live a very long life, as it will be very vintage by then/“old fuck music” (unless they’re your kids, maybe, but by then you’d assume they know what you like, it would not exactly come to them as a surprise).

BTW, keeping the shrink on is not a good idea - in the long run, the plastic can stick to the cover and damage it, especially if you live in a warm or humid place.

I hate it when I buy vinyl on Discogs and the guy’s telling me “still in shrink!” as a selling point. It has the exact opposite effect on me… Plus, some records are “re-shrinked” to pretend they’re new, so the seller asks for 5x what they’re worth. Nothing like buying a “new, shrink-wrapped” album and seeing finger prints or hair on the cover when you remove it… uuurgh

Fun fact: I got a Skinny Puppy vinyl yesterday and the seller put it between two old records to make sure no corners would be bent. So I have two Capitol compilations, one from February 1963 and the other from April 1964 (or the contrary). I was thinking that, in they heyday, some people would have killed to have them. Now they’re worth shit - literally became book ends. Time is a funny thing.


You had me at Skinny Puppy!


Got lucky, found this one for half the price those fuckers sell it for ($60 to be precise, which for a double album that was only pressed 1,000 copies is a good deal… especially considering how SP stuff goes for crazy prices)


I answered that in my first line, I’m an odd ball :joy::rofl:


I’m in the same boat on that one, for more practical reasons. I have a copy of Discovery by DP, and there’s a manufacturing error on it in track 9. Just one white spot on the record where the press was contaminated or something because an otherwise perfect album has a random pop for like a minute in that song. So I’d rather buy used mint/near mint than sealed new so that I know the album runs well. Plus, the first 2 or 3 plays of an album are actually hardest on your needle IIRC, and I spent close to 200 bucks on my needle so I want that thing to last. Which is to say I’m going to thoroughly clean any record I get before I play it for the first time, old or new.



Seriously fuck Behringer.

Bringing affordable tools to people who don’t care to spend astronomical prices for vintage synths and gatekeeping a generation out of the joy of synthesizers.

They’re terrible.