The Hardware Megathread


Man, I feel you. I did the same thing last week with my newly arrived circuit. Not as complicated a bit of kit to be sure, but making music on the couch is great isn’t it? I am no longer tied to my dank man-dungeon to fiddle with ma beats.


D-05, not D-50 XD the modern “boutique” remake.



sorry I’m in love, you know what it’s like :heart_eyes:


Definitely know what it’s like, I’m on my second honey moon with the MF and currently it’s the only synth on my desk next to the Force.


Yeah getting 3 noise engineering oscillators in the 3.0 update is very cool :sunglasses:


Orange or black?
Those things do seem sweet


I got a black one though I did favor that vintage orange. I will post some A/Bs when I get everything setup.


OMFG the Akai Force is just the gift that keeps on giving. Sold mine this week and now the buyer is saying the screen doesn’t power on with the rest of the unit. WTF. I tested this thing through multiple boots, and updates, for hours before I shipped it, specifically because it had that exact issue and it just stopped one day. Is it firmware? Was it damaged in shipping?. Well, fuck me, looks like my best case scenario might be to give a deep discount on this now, if I don’t have to take this blasted paperweight back.

I know other people have a lot of love for that thing, but this has to be the most unfortunate purchase I have ever made on my end.


That’s tragic but also kind of hilarious, I’m sorry :laughing:


Probably a ribbon cable!

See if the buyer is comfortable to open it up, or if you’re comfortable with he or she doing so.


Yeah, I looked into it and that was what I saw. I was in there recently because I wiped the hard drive before selling it. IDK how I could have messed it up because I re-mounted it in exactly the same way that was working before. But, I explained that to my buyer and I’m waiting to hear back from them.


That stinks, man. Hope you get it sorted in a way where everyone is happy.


My friend doesn’t make music anymore he hasn’t got any audio equipment, i’ve been sending him small videos of my tracker via messenger tonight, he’s just got back to me with “fuck it i’m not getting the new xbox now, i’m ordering one of those trackers instead” :rofl:


Seems like a good piece to own if you are going to own just one : )


Haha that’s funny. I actually recently got a license for Renoise over Christmas, and dipping into some tracker shtuff. I’ve used Renoise some, but never had a license so couldn’t render to file, but I have used Sunvox in the past, which is a free program.



This is pretty much Waldorf Nave +++++++ with a keyboard, I’m impressed.
Not by the kaos engine thing, but by everything else


You should have listened to me and kept it, but o, you knew better, this wasn’t for you…



If they made a 4RU version I’d be interested.


Saw that one. The demo sounds on KORG’s page are rather “meh” though. Will have to see people playing with it/some reviews to get a better idea of what it can do, probably.