The Hardware Megathread


So… I went and got the MS2000R!!!

It is pretty beat up, there’s quite a bit of wear cosmetically, and the rack ears are kinda bent up. It’s definitely gonna need some work to get going, but I’m hoping to make it kind of a project. It did NOT come with an adaptor, but I have an extra one and I ordered another anyway. I was able to talk the guy down from $250 to $160!!! Partly because he found another issue with it, besides the screen cutting out until it gets smacked, the headphone output apparently cuts out as well unless you jiggle the power knob. I haven’t opened it up and checked it out yet. Also, the switch on the back that changes one of the inputs from line to mic level is loose, so I’ll check that out.

I’m pretty stoked to have gotten it so cheap, but it is going to need some work. Most of the MS2000r’s I was seeing have been going for $375-425, so if I can get this working, that could easily be a nice profit.

Pretty stoked on it, but still need to check it out.


I looked at those for a very long time. I’m a sucker for anything with its own step sequencer!


Absolutely. I hear it has a pretty cool mod sequencer to it. I prefer working with sequencers to keyboards, so this is really ideal.


So, so far I’m actually pretty pleased with this unit!! It powers on and I can play the presets, which are filling me 90’s/00’s rave happiness. I’m thinking that all this thing actually might need is just to get cleaned out.

I took it apart, and there is a bit of dust that’s built up around the components. The issue with the unit cutting out and need to be smacked seems to actually only effect the LED backlight, so you can actually still read it, tho I guess it could be troublesome in low light environments. As far as the headphone output, I feel like I am noticing it cutting out a little, but when I was troubleshooting it and trying to recreate the issues, I smacked it and suddenly there was just weird noise coming through and no response from key presses, tho the unit was still on. After taking it apart and simply blowing off a bit of the dust, it seems to be working pretty ok, and I even tried shaking it and the signal didn’t cut out. The LED does stil lose the backlight, but that’s not a huge deal.

So far, with a little bit of thorough cleaning of parts and pieces and things, it’s working pretty well for getting it for $160.

Now I just need to figure out how to program it.


These might help:


Nah, yeah, I’m gonna download the manual and go through it, in any case I’ve played many a synth, and I learn by fiddling, but thanks for the vids.


@RFJ what is that really great MS2000 tutorial video you sent me that was really cheesy but useful?


In the top one he goes into the manual a bit. I’m woeful when it comes to reading the manual. I still want to get one, but they rarely come up in my neck of the woods and if they do, I don’t have the readies at that time.


I’m glad it worked out for you! Sounds like none of it was too big a deal. I would stop smacking it, though :wink:

Were it me, I’d give it a thorough going thru - blow & vacuum everything out, contact cleaner on the knobs and jacks (tarnish, man, tarnish), check that everything is nice and tight as far as mechanical connections. Given the backlight problem, I’d check every point where something attaches to the chassis, because it’s likely a ground issue. There’s likely a ribbon cable of some kind from the screen to the PCB, that’d be another likely point of failure.

Anyway, congrats on your dance machine, sounds like a lot of fun.


Holy crap the amount of MS2000 videos on YouTube has increased a thousand fold since last I checked a couple of years ago. Anyway, that video was more of a performance than a tutorial. First hardware synth I ever owned was the MS2000r and it was this video that sold me on the unit.


Some noodling on the MS2000r (recorded over my laptop speaker):

Seems all the chips and major system components are working fine on the unit. The backlight still is cutting out, but also running onboard diagnostics the system finds a short. I’m working through schematics now trying to track down where the problem is occurring.


After a long working day like most i only have a few hours then its bed time and work again which i why i never seem to have any enthusiasm to set foot in the studio.
Since having the Polyend tracker with those few hours each night i’ve managed a track idea every night, amazing sketch pad.
Ive just formatted a 128GB SD card to FAT32 and dragged over the Native Instruments Battery 4 sound library so thats me sorted for the night, off to bed with my headphones and plug away… :sunglasses::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


And new oscillators made by Noise Engineering for the Microfreak together with unison mode!!!


I totally understand this, with the Force and MicroFreak combo I can just noodle half hour and have something good to go on next time, no setup and no fuss.


You’re really making me want one of those!


what the actual fuck, D-05s are a fucking GRAND on eBay now!? Remember a time when instruments got discontinued and blew out for cheap, and didn’t show up on eBay for stupid as fuck prices? Pepperidge Studios remembers…






wow…I haven’t looked into the vintage market for a while…


Well. I hadn’t said anything because I’ve not even unpacked it but I finally invested in a dream piece of gear for me, a Warm Audio Tone Beast Preamp. It is only mono but I bought it mostly to track monosynths and big kick drums. If it is some how a game changer I’m going to consider investing a second one and getting them modded into a linked stereo pair for tracking the master out or for bus duty.

I’ve been following Warm Audio on and off for years now and it seems clear from demos etc that they have really nailed great sound at pretty reasonable prices.