The Hardware Megathread


The salmiak got opened on Christmas Day, what you see now is a bottle of Jack Daniels


I was just going through some of the polyend tracker demo tracks last night checking out the realtime jamming live aspects, fun indeed.

I’m thinking i’ll knock up 90’s rave inspired ideas on this tracker then transfer to Ableton to add the modern production/techniques, quite looking forward to what ill be producing in 2021.

A few of these synths have just had a mention so thought that was a good excuse for a rack shot :joy:,
Ive just found out Dreadbox only ever made 500 abyss’s so thats a keeper.


Has the NTS-1 arrived? How do you like it? There’s a free overdrive effects somewhere on the internet, I put it in slot 1, so I can have an effect chain with distortion, delay and reverb…


Fuck the sounds, how are the games?


@Koldunya I think we’re coming into a resurgence of VA synths, which is a great thing.
I have currently 2 on my desk and love them equally, the Microfreak is super inspiring and playable, and the MicroMonsta2 sounds Huge (even though I’m not a huge fan of the filters), it reminds me of the Blofeld in terms of engine, with a better interface.
And if you fancy sharing some of your auto-sampler patches, I’m sure my Force will be glad. I can’t be arsed with it, I tried it but then realised I hardly use software and I hardly use more than one note


i’m not familiar with Nes games, but i had a go of the lawnmower one its very similar to Hover bover that i used to play on the commodore 64. Music projects can take about 10 seconds to load but the games load instantly.
The games available at the moment are all Homebrew games i guess for copyright purposes but it only a matter of time i guess before you get all the good stuff :joy:


No, hasn’t arrived yet, and it has me pissed. I ordered from a seller on Reverb instead of just ordering on Amazon so I could save $10, and the whole thing’s gone wrong. Hopefully it gets sorted fast, otherwise I’ll likely request a refund and just get one from a reputable source.

All’s a shame, I was really looking forward to playing with it over the holiday break.


Annnnnd I just bought a Keystep. I’m done. Seriously, I’m fucking done.


Is this like a digital version of the SH-101 or a poly version? I love the SH-101 sound. There was a VST version that was like a classic reese bass machine I used to use all the time way way way back. I’d like to try the Behringer clone of the SH 101 some time. Price is right.

I will say this is typically a good time of year to buy vintage stuff as people tend to sell stuff in general to buy whatever is new. Or you can wait until around when all the trade shows happen, same effect then.

Here is one on Reverb:



If I were going to buy one of the Roland Boutiques, it would hands-down be the SH-01A. A mono bass machine with 4 voice poly and unison modes? Like, duh. If I’m not mistaken, the PG-8X free softsynth is based more or less on that architecture, and I love that thing, always making great sounds on it.


If the SH-101 had MIDI as standard I’d have bought one by now. I think it might be my favorite filter on a synth.

HMMMM…I haven’t checked SH-101 prices in like a decade; they’re not as high as I thought they’d be…and I am getting a $600 check to soften the blow and…:thinking:

The only thing is, I really don’t like buying gear without MIDI and retrofitting it would be pricey.


I know Behringer’s image in kinda in the shitter right now but listen to their SH 101 clone. I’m sure someone did an A/B.


Ahhhh I remember those!! I never had one, but I remember always seeing them in stores. When I was in high school, I usually just had a workstation/arranger keyboard, like the ones from Radio Shack, tho after high school I actually did have a fairly nice one, the CK-8000 or something like that? It actually had some cool sounds too that you could modify a bit.


Nice. I remember in high school I started playing bass. I was never any good :laughing:

But every time I went to Guitar Center I would find myself browsing the synth section more and more. I distinctly remember the SH-201 and the MS-2000.


Did anyone see the leak of new novation circuit units?
I can’t find it anymore… it was a German site that showed 2 new circuits.

Edit: found it :


I never clicked with any of the ‘circuits’ so quite happy both of these will be a pass from me.


Hell yeah. I realized I have this big jug of change, I’m gonna get to rolling it all up and if I have enough, I’m gonna do the same!


For sure, it seems like a solid investment. I’ll post up my experiences when it gets here - only bad thing about holiday shopping is waiting on the shipping.

I figure right now is a great time to buy stuff like that as folks are offloading things they upgraded over the holiday. I’ve seen a couple going for around $110 including shipping on Reverb and eBay.


I was just super disappointed they didnt have the scales setup as versatile as on other pad controllers. If they ever sorted that out i might revisit tbh. But the way it was when i had one was garbage. I wish there was a way to choose the layout of the octaves like on push.
Does anyone know if the launchpad pro allows that?