The Hardware Megathread


I saw the new Circuits : ) I’ve only ever tried the Monostation which somehow seems to be the least popular (maybe poor marketing, I don’t think a lot of people saw the value since they had payed for lots of voices in the Circuit and then were asked to pay the same price for one voice in the Monostation).


It’s too bad, isn’t it a bass station 2 in a groove box more or less?
I just couldn’t get along with the implementation of the scale mode on the pads on the circuit, it was too simple and limited imo.


More or less, yes. It is missing the BS2’s second envelope or something like that. It is a shame people didn’t get it…it can be really simple for beginners and lots of options and features to grow into.

I mean, it has fucking patch flip/patch per step. And I think it holds 64 patches per project. Granted I think this was a firmware update feature. Even w/o it this is a no-brainer piece of gear if you need bass and leads…it has filter overdrive, 4 flavors of post filter distortion, lots of modulation options.

I don’t really do scale modes on gear b/c I think it gets me in more trouble than its worth due to my limited music theory knowledge.


Amen to that. I JUST got a circuit 2 days ago and have had the monostation for about 9 months. I will never give up either. I am currently sitting on my couch reading the manual for the circuit and making all kinds of usable patches. And this is just with the default sounds. The monostation is an absolute beast imo. That thing sounds dirty af and all of that analog synth inside PLUS patch memory so you can fiddle and come back to it…just a masterpiece of usable hardware. I am now trying to figure out if I can justify buying both of these new ones when I get my stimulus check…my wife would kill me but only if she finds out. :slight_smile: TBH these new ones look like they may make the circuit a bit superfluous if one had all 4, but then again, you can use it to control 2 other synths. A thing I noticed by accident is that when I hooked up the midi between the C and MS the program changes on the master © also affected the MS, so in theory, if you had several of these you could make entire sets and switch all the instruments at once. I guess that is nothing new to those who use program changes via Midi, I just have not experienced this working well before and since these devices have the same easy to use patch selection/creation setup (via the pads) it is super easy to line up compatible patches and make tracks.


Is the scales mode still limited to the root notes being on the ends of the pads?
I wish they would make the scales mode more like the push.


AFAIK yes, the root is always on the left-most pad. What does the push do differently?


I like the look of the grey one, however like somebody said in the thread if your going to edit samples then having an LCD screen is the way to go.


Anybody played with/own the Organelle M? It’s hideous, but looks like a ton of fun


I’ve not. They seem to pop up now and again, they still make them. I see that it is basically Pure Data in a control case, which is cool.

For myself I’d have to ask how serious am I going to get about learning Pure Data as that seems the key to getting the most out of it : ) Cool that you can hook up a keyboard, monitor and mouse to it program (if I’m reading the homepage info on it correctly).


All those reviews i watched before i purchase the polyend tracker and nobody mentioned the included felt dust cover, to me its the icing on the cake.


The push could be setup in 4ths, so the note layout was almost like on a guitar that way. It basically had different ways the notes were laid out. It’s been a while so I don’t exactly remember but I was very let down when I couldn’t do that on the circuit.
And even the launchpad pro does it iirc.


I think the Force can be setup in 4ths too


Out of curiosity in your gear reading online has anyone come across noisy or broken audio outputs as a “common issue” on the Model:Samples or have you just read it anywhere at all.

I just spent 30 minutes googling it and searching forums because some asshat online insists it is a common issue on the Model:Samples because he has a broken output on his lol. And I’m bored and petty.


That’s one little big detail.
I’ve been dabbling with live coding recently, makes me miss using a tracker and having a more ‘typing’ approach to music, if I had some spare money and time I’d get the tracker


Don’t believe what you read in forums.


Yea. Absolutely. : )


Especially this one. :thinking:


hahahahaha, in true IDMf spirit


I bought a M-Audio Oxygen Pro25 since sitting at my table to use one of my synths as a MIDI controller isn’t always an option now. I wanted something I could put on my bed next to my laptop and if it were to fall on the floor it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Pretty happen with it so far, though I’ll never use half the features it has. I just wanted a keyboard and maybe a pitchbend & modwheel.


The more time I spend with the Microfreak the more I like it. Extra nice when used with a bit of reverb. My current Ms-70 chain has a bitcrusher followed by a plate reverb and it’s just great.
I even love the keyboard!