The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, I kept seeing it in demo videos (like every yootuber has one, maybe they send you one when you start a synth channel). More I’ve looked at it it’s a crazy swiss army controller - 32 keys w/ velocity/aftertouch, mappable knobs, full MIDI implementation, CV note/gate/pitch, MIDI to CV, chord mode, arpeggiator, polyphonic 64 step sequencer, and you can even play over the MIDI to CV, it looks like. It also has what looks to be a nice software configuration program as well. At $129 new, I’m shocked it’s not a Behringer product :laughing:

There’s also the Keystep 37 which gets you a full three octave keyboard and MIDI CC control along with a few more bells and whistles. I’m not sure the extra $40 and larger footprint is worth it for me, but it does look nice.


Not super exciting but got myself a Western Digital Passport to back up my DJ music and samples. For some reason our local Best Buy was having a really stupid reduction on the 2 TB black models.


Damnit, I just bought a Novation Launch Control on eBay. I dunno what the fuck is wrong with me. GASin’ hard.


im in the same boat, i have this delay coming and now im like… YOU NEED MORE SAMPLE AND HOLD MODULES… so… yeah thats a thing. Im going to see if WMD has any old stock/testers of their modbox i might be able to score for a discount.

The delay will be the heart of a patch that does triggered randomized pseudo buffer repeats. trig out to the S&H for delay time with a mult-ed trig to a 2nd S&H for feedback time. this delay has a send/return that you can feed stuff (ie bitcrusher) to the feedback path so… its gonna be pretty IDM over here for a bit.


oh and Attenuverters. gotta limit the range of those S&H modules so i can tame the chaos a bit.


Tracker arrived today, had about 2 hours with it and first impressions are i’m very happy.
Its smaller than i thought (which is a good thing) the cables and connections you get with it are well thought out.
You get this very neat felt dust cover with it that ive never heard anybody mention.
I spent the last 2 days watching videos so i thought i was going to be an instant expert but as usually my mind kinda went blank when it was in-front of me, however i had a track made in no time.

The second i turned it on i updated to the latest 1.3 firmware which was a very simple process.

Always wanted a box i could take away from the computer and make music, i’ve bought a few elektrons with this in mind but elektrons are at a level of complexity where you have to use them regular or all is forgotten, the tracker is different is far easier to use, it sound great. its costs £439, they could of asked £800 and id of still felt the same.


Man, the hardware megathread ain’t been this gassy in a long time. I’m loving it! hahaha


Yeah, your cascading GAS sounds about like mine - gonna get this thing, oh yeah I also need this thing and that thing and maybe I should have that other thing if I’m gonna do that… down the deep dark rabbit hole. And you can never have too many attenuvertors.

That patch sounds crazy. Going to need some sound samples when you make it happen.


I’ve got GAS too. Does Elektron make a tummy pill?


They will sort you for between about $300 to $1,300.


I’ll wait for the Mk. II :wink:


LOL. Brilliant.


I used to drool over classic synths, like the TB303, Minimoog, Arp 2600, and there was at least one synth I had always wanted from early-00’s/late 90’s, but nowadays with all the remakes coming out for way less and being all-analog, I haven’t really had much desire to get into any of the old systems. I LOVE analog, but I’m not necessarily going for vintage original gear. It if it gets the job done and it’s analog, I’m happy enough.

The late 90’s/early-00’s stuff, back in the day before analog started coming back, people were still praising the superiority and convenience (and cost) of digital gear and damning analog as “old”. Now, analog is back and people realize it actually IS really cool and provides things that you just don’t really have in digital formats. I think it was just the old people thinking analog was “dead” when really it was just because no one was making analog gear anymore. Granted, a lot of the designs from old synths were still under copyright so clones were out, but people still made stuff like the XoXBox… I don’t know, it’s weird having people get into it now, having grew up in a time when all that stuff was just “old” and “outdated”, and only certain professionals who KNEW analog was awesome stuck with it, but now it’s back in and analog’s ok because it’s being made new.

In any case, nowadays all the gear from the late 90’s/early-00’s doesn’t really seem to offer as much imo. There was definitely some gear from that era I had always really wanted, for example the Korg MS2000. I’ve ALWAYS wanted that synth ever since I found a rack version in a used music gear shop, went back and forth over it for like a month, then finally went in to buy it but someone had beat me to it!

My concerns with gear from that period, is just it’s longevity, as the digital devices I’ve had haven’t always seemed to handle aging in a room that well. Granted, I’d leave the equipment out and so it’d get dust in it and stuff like that, so part of it is just me not necessarily taking care of it, but certainly now, buying something from that age and me still just going to leave it out until it gets dusty and knobs start freaking out, I’m not terribly assured of how long they last. In any case, VSTi’s are WAYYYY better than they used to be back in that day, and they can do a lot of cool stuff, so if I do need a digital synth I could just buy a plugin. But I think just buying digital gear that is 15-20+ years old, I’m hesitant to spend my money. idk tho, I haven’t really seen what’s out there or tried buying anything. The digital gear you’d see from that time tho I’d be hesitant to see how long it’d last cuz while that stuff was cool, my gear would always end up having issues after a few years.

I’d rather buy one of the new analog synths, those definitely have my interest, but there are some things I’ve thought about trying, some of the nicer tabletop synths like the Access Virus and things like that, I’ve thought picking up an older model for cheaper and trying them out. I’ve just never gone and took the plunge. But yeah, mostly I just buy more recent analog gear nowadays.

Of course, part of that also is I make more money now lol so I can afford a brand new Mother 32 so I just don’t want to take the chance on old digital gear lol


Fuck let’s just keep it rolling…

1010 Blackbox arrived today, just in time for 4 days off. Maybe I’ll get a couple hours with it over the long weekend. Although that’s heavily dependent on what the rest of the family has up their sleeves.


Really cool and thoughtful response @IO_Madness.

I agree the late 90’s/early 2000’s don’t have a ton of memorable gear. If I had bought the synth I lusted after when I was just getting into making music around then I would have bought


Does anyone actually have one of these anymore?


i ended up with a bunch of shit i wanted during the late 90’s/early 2000s as it got cheap quick.

virus classic
novation bass station OG
Alesis Midiverb 2
Line6 DL4

im going to fire up octamed and cover some juno reaktor.


I’ve been pawn shopping synths since the 80s. I’ve owned Moogs, DX7s, Junos, 808s, Oberheims, Ensoniqs, all sorts of shit that are ‘gold standard’ nowadays. They all sound great in their own way and much music was made. No regrets.

But nobody talks about the downsides of all that gear - the space, the heat, the constant upkeep, the unobtainium parts that die, and on and on. All those synths were made with components that didn’t benefit from the massive engineering advances in the last several decades. They drift out of tune, their power goes wonky, their caps explode. All that’s even more true today than it was 30 years ago. In a word, their a huge fucking hassle. It’s probably good that they cost thousands of dollars now; it means people that buy them can afford to keep them running.

If you want to know what they sound like, buy the Arturia collection. It’s like 99% sound-wise, great interface and more features than the original models with none of the headaches.


I see the mic, and then I’m all “…is that salmiak booze/wine?” :joy:


I want a Virus C but just can’t bring myself to pay their prices these days. You can actually still get a “MS2000” in the Mikrokorg, iirc. 4 voice VA seems meh though. I think the 90s Clavia Nords had voice expansions for up to 12? Meanwhile Elektron is still all “lol 4 is enough!” in their analog line, though it’s arguably more expensive to get voices there.

I don’t shy away from even admitting I still use software. I love the modern MPC’s autosampler feature for sampling plugin patches into it. I stole the plugin’s soul and now it’s mine. I am the Synth Succubus :joy:

Not to mention Bitwig is a sound design playground and The Grid is incredibly deep while being so much simpler than something like Max4Live imo, and I don’t need to faff with two programs. The Grid’s main weakness is using it with hardware or software instruments. It really works best with its own sound generators. Getting it to pump notes into an Arturia Piano V is an exercise in hating life and wanting to murder people in Berlin; so I just use the sampler module and a piano multisample, which is annoying. Maybe in another version…

If NI would let people make Reaktor patches to use on the Machine+ I would drop that $1400 in a fucking heartbeat, though. Hardware I can design patches for? Yes, please (yes I am aware of the Nord modular stuff). Although I wish the Maschine+ had more inputs/outputs.

As for modern analogs? I’m an Arturia fangirl atm. It started with a MicroBrute and went to a MiniBrute 2S and I would not kick a PolyBrute out of bed. Software side, I have V Collection 7 from the even.


I am really just starting my hardware journey as I spend all my work-day in front of a PC and whereas everything I have produced to date has been 90% ITB, I find I “play” with my HW synths way more. I can zone out and tweak and fiddle and so far I have some great ideas written down (gotta keep a notepad handy for that, with line drawings and everything to remember what I did.) I too have lusted after some older stuff, like the Rave-O-Lution and the MS2000, maybe an early Electribe but I agree with much of the above: the older analog shit seems like a hassle. It may be a fun hassle, but still. The only synth that I think I would impulse buy if I found one under a thousand would be a Kawai SX240. It just sounds cool, and looks great.
I just bought a circuit, may arrive today, so now I have enough HW to make some solid tracks that will not sound all same-y. This should be enough for a while, I told myself if I cannot actually make some music this way then there is no need for more hardware. If I had a few grand to spend on a “signature synth” I think I would go rather for the Super6 than anything vintage, but for now, that is a pipedream.