The Hardware Megathread


I’ll throw my hat in on the end of year gear whoring and report I bought an Elektron Analog Keys. Just couldn’t pass it up for the price. If relic is the worst I might be tied or a close second. Once I start looking it’s inevitable. Maybe I’ll keep it forever, maybe I’ll make a couple jams and sell it. I just love playing with gear and variety is the spice of life, so fuck it. Now I just have to figure something out to sit on the empty space on the top right side of the panel, lol. 1010 black box looks like it would fit perfectly. Gear whore deluxe.


It was bank holiday Monday yesterday in UK so couldn’t phone Juno for a discount on a Polyend tracker, i phoned this morning and they ain’t doing discounts on the tracker (they are selling well and they are the cheapest anyway) so i ordered one.

Going to spend time tonight sampling noises on the Eurorack ready for the tracker arriving tomorrow, 16 or 24 at 44.1 I’m lead to believe.

I have a S2400 and Osmose ordered so the plan was to buy nothing else, but that tracker is right up my alley.


I’m waiting for the NerdSeq Portable…


Anyone checked this one yet? the start of the vid is a bit dull, skip to a quarter way through to start hearing good stuff. the end has the best bits:


Anyone have any experience or suggestions regarding MIDI to CV? I know the Expert Sleepers stuff is highly regarded in Eurorack world, but I was more looking for something stand alone.

Will the Keystep do this? It kinda looks like it would - MIDI in/CV out, but I don’t own one and don’t know the limitations or whether it’ll pass that info to CV.

The CV.OCD and the Midimuso CV-12 both seem pretty awesome.

Mostly wondering what people are using to bridge the analog/digital divide.


So I’m taking this class next semester at the school I work at because they pay our tuition and class fees for one class a semester, which means I technically can qualify for student pricing, and so I’m thinking about buying a perpetual copy of Pro Tools at the student rate (50%).


I just bought myself a Circuit. :star_struck: It is no Super6 or Solar 50, but it will really round out my budding hardware collection. And now I will have sooo many blinky pads to play with, since I have a Monostation and a Launchpad too. Blinky blinky lights…:hugs:


Congrats! I’ve have heard wonderful things : ) And always nice to have two pieces of gear from the same company that are meant to compliment one another.


pulled the trigger on a Befaco Crush Delay for my eurorack glitch delay patch i’ve been prototyping in VCV rack.


I ordered a Volca Drum today. Not the worst thing I could have done, as far as impulsive buys go.


See this to me looks pretty awesome. It’s things like this that I’m interested to see coming out where a manufacturer pushes the envelope in some way. Standard analog polys are great and all but I like seeing new shit like this. Looks like a great, inspiring machine.


I wasn’t a fan of the Volca Keys but I am convinced there is a Volca that fits into what I do.

Nice grab.


Question: is anyone here still buying older gear? There’s still some deals out there for good or even great vintage-y stuff.


Picked up a Neutron for a decent price. Figured what the hell, maybe stave off the GAS for awhile.

I probably will pick up a Keystep at some point as it looks like it will do MIDI to CV pass thru from a DAW, so that sounds fun for the Neuton and my home built crap.


I don’t have the desire for most of the older stuff. Only been making music about 7 years and been paying attention to hardware maybe 4 or 5. So to me, Matrixbrute is like my vintage lust (and I have one). Most of the stuff that I’ve ever thought about buying was 2010 and newer. Not that I actively despise the older stuff, the newer stuff is just what I know for the most part.


And I apparently forgot how obnoxiously expensive 3.5mm patch cables are. Ugh. Guess I’ll be rolling my own. I’ve got a couple of longer cables around, but I included the bulk of my 3.5 patch cables when I sold off my Eurorack stuff years back (“because I’m never never going to go down this rabbit hole again!”). Redco and Amazon to the rescue.


Not really. I guess it depends on what you mean by vintage. I honestly think the new breed of digital synths that have been coming out in the last couple years are way more interesting than the stuff of yore. I guess I see some of the attraction if you’re looking for cheap OTB stuff, but most everything I’d consider ‘vintage’ is done better and cheaper by VSTs now.


Se years ago I went on a vintage gear spree. I didn’t end up picking up anything all that interesting and lost plenty of money getting rid of it.

Given unlimited space and money Id like to have all the old Electribes but that isn’t about making music.

Might be completely different results for you :slight_smile: But for my money I like modern features and a warranty (such as they are).


those 1/8 in cables are the only ones ive not rolled up myself.

I managed to score a huge # of them when a local modular boutique liquidated, so I’m good, but Im curious how it goes for ya.


I was wondering what was up with that thing, (keystep) I see it in most vids I’m watching that are demoing the things I’m interested in. That makes all the sense now