The Hardware Megathread


those wraps arent borrowed!


Neutron is tight. I’ve got a homie who has one and a 0-Coast, they play well together.


One of my buddies from college/rave days paid full price for a new OP-1 and claims to love it. I am skeptical if it is worth the price of admission.


interface is cute but super divey. this old man is like…



Right? That’s me looking at all this shit. Exactly why I want an analog something - twist a knob, hear a noise, stick a cable in a hole, hear a different noise. Like the OP-1 checks all my boxes (because it’s all the boxes, pretty much), but at the same time I’m going to guess it doesn’t do anything that I can’t do on a computer with a full blown interface on big-ass monitors. I’m sure it’s the shit if you’re looking for an inventive hardware only thingy.

Whole point of this is for me to have something on the desk to twiddle, and your point about interface diving makes it seem really not what I’m after (which is cool since I’m not going to spend that much anyway). Still on the Neutron for now…



So Thomann’s shipping department is like level 1 bajillion. When I ordered, they estimated delivery for January 20th. That thing hit customs December 22nd and my front porch on the 23rd. I had to let it decontaminate for a few days because the box was way to big to just disinfect, but I decided to open it up today and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, they TRIPLE boxed the synth. So the Super 6 was in a canvas bag, in it’s box, in a thomann box, in another thomann box, and every one was brimming with packing material so none of it would move. Then I realized that I had imported this thing from europe and it was probably going to have the wrong power cable for US plugs. Nope. UDO has 2 boxes of accessories in there with the synth (sealed with UDO tape for some reason, like they don’t have US distribution figured out but by god we need custom packing tape), and one of them is 3 different kinds of IEC to wall socket cables, so you are up and running pretty much anywhere. The other is some sweet stickers and a USB cable for firmware updates along with the manual and a huge card imploring you to update the firmware first thing - which I proceeded to ignore and started programming sounds immediately. So my bad on that one, we’ll see if I can save those patches and get them into the synth again after the update.

I’m really digging it. It’s a different synth from my Rev2 for sure, but I don’t feel like I’m going to regret having to sell the Prophet to make room for this. Anyways, I’ll stop bragging now. I’m excited, thanks for humoring me. I promise pictures next week when my patch bay gets in (never thought Amazon would lose that shipping race) and sounds soon-ish.


Whilst I’m off I’ve got this sudden urge to treat myself to a dreadbox typhon, but nobody in the UK has them in stock.

I’ll be back at work by the time they are in stock and I’ll have no time to use it then, so maybe it’s just a pipe dream, who knows?


I’m jealous, the super 6 looks and sounds stunning.


Brag away dude! I’m always excited for people I know well to try gear I’d probably not choose for myself : ) You are only in trouble if we don’t get a full report at some point.


Things being out of stock stopped some recent late night stoned purchases on my part here in the last week…


You’re the absolute worst on this thread.


Yes. Yes I am. <3


I’m actually in quite a good place at the moment, with a setup that has been stable for a bit, Force and Microfreak as key pieces, with a few bits working around them: ModelCycles, MicroMonsta2 (which I like more and more), zoom cdr 70 to add effects to the Microfreak or sometimes the Korg-NTS1 instead as the reverb has more sweet spots.


I really liked that Dungeon sound live set you did. Hoping to see more live things, whatever the vibe, from you : )

And that is a tidy little setup as well.


That was Force, samples packs and MicroFreak and I loved that type of workflow so, yeah, more to come and hopefully better.


I feel like if you walked in and did what you did last time at a pub event around here people would have liked it for sure.


Might order a polyend tracker when I get out of bed in the morning


I too am thinking of selling my Prophet 08 (I know diff from the rev2, but anyway)

The only thing stopping me is two things:

  1. Mine has this fault where it freezes every once in a while on startup. Turning it off and on again has fixed it every time, but since I’m not a scumbag I’d have to mention this in the ad I’d put up (never buy b-stock guys)

  2. The rev2 afaik is better than the '08 in literally every way.

So between these two little items I’d have to really, really lowball myself on the price to expect to sell it. I’d probably ask for like $400-$500 for it…and even that would be overcharging a bit :thinking:


Well, I just checked going prices on Reverb and they seem to trend around $1100. And that’s for ones with cosmetic damage. So I’d say to aim for $1000, include shipping, and take offers. If someone wants to lowball you $800-900 for it, then maybe take that. Though I don’t take offers because people are dicks. I did it one time, and first offer was a guy who offered me like $200 for a $450 listing and said that was all it was worth when literally every other listing was more than mine (and my item had no issues at all). Told that guy to take a hike.