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That’s some brilliant patch


This wasn’t always the case, but I’ll take a synth with a questionable interface but amazing sound over a synth with a amazing interface but generic sound any day of the week.


I’m happy they managed to make updates to the OS to enhance it, it’s just a little clunky when you’ve not done a deep dive in a long time.


Speaking of sounds and interface the MicroMonsta 2 is really good. The sound is huge and the interface really good. It ‘clicks’ immediately it’s very logical.


My Wife is Awesome :heart_eyes:


I think I’m going to hold off on a new synth. I got myself an bare bones, inexpensive Numark DJ mixer, 4 channels. That gives a channel each for the Digitakt, Samples, Monostation and… I think I’ll like this better for live recording. For me the only draw back is no panning on the mixer but at least both samplers have it.


Don’t know anything about mics and don’t recognize those spirits but looks like a merry Christmas indeed.


Anyone else here thinking of spending their stimulus (if there is one) on gear?

My gawd, if it’s $2,000 like it might be I might have to buy another vintage poly.

Sorry non-us people…this is sort of an American thing. :us:


No not over here, the pandemic has cut my income by ~60%.


Mine is mostly going to start my IRA on the right foot for 2021. I just got a Super 6, so that will keep me busy for a while.


Yes, yes I am


If I’d get a covid bonus I’d put it in savings too, I haven’t been affected but my wife has…


I was going spend some of it if I got it. But I already clicked buy on that DJ mixer for my samplers etc and have the TD-3 coming beginning of Feb and a criminally underused collection of iPad apps. I want a few pieces but Im going to hold off. Ive honestly hardly explored the Digitakt.


unrelated to stimulus check, which i wont receive even if approved for… reasons, i was paid for a handful of mastering jobs that I had done for friends on a “pay me when you can, i know where you live” sort of terms.

so…used OctatrackMK1 is heading this way. Also, re: Korg NTS1, I was really wanting to use that thing as a tiny drumsynth, but alas, the Volca Drum (the drumsynth one) is 6 voices of nearly exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll pay the difference!


No stimulus money for me, so no.

I do have an NTS1 on the way, and am maybe sort of considering a Model D or SE-02 as a desktop sound source. But I’ve got a metric fuckton of in box synths and homemade toys and the routing to use them as sound sources in and out of the box, and the desktop is pretty cluttered, so it’s a hard sell. But #moarknobs, so yeah…you know. :smiley:


SE-02 is a bit cramped compared to the Boog D.

One of those mastering jobs i was discussing featured a SE-02 and during a session here at the house we did a comparison between the SE-02, Boog D, and a Moog Voyager (for shits and giggles).

Post comparison, the Voyager is a thing of beauty, but I’m happy I spent only the coin to get the Boog.


Yeah, everything I read about the SE-02 is “omfg TINY KNOBS” and how packed it is. Also don’t really care about the sequencer since I’ll likely just feed it MIDI if I need. Patch saving is cool, but I’m figuring the Boog would be a nostalgic return to my youth of knob twiddling on pure analog without the safety net of instant recall. This is mostly to have something to twiddle on the desktop and put into other things (DAW/effects/tape loops/etc), so I doubt the cramped space would be a huge issue as I’m not really looking to ‘play’ it. At the same time, I’m not sure the extra features I’d get over the Boog would really be anything I’d have to have.

The Boog seems like a (really damn nice) ADSR synth, which I can get from just about anywhere. I think it’d be a fun piece of kit, but I’m not sure I’d provide the breadth of sounds I’m looking for. I dunno. Also checking out the Neutron for expanded pallet options. It looks fun.

Honestly, an OP-1 would be the gold standard of what I’m looking for, but I’m not willing to pay the insane prices they fetch these days.


It’s super fun too… this one is here but it doesn’t belong to me.


We’re talking about those wraps, right? Just holding them for a friend? :wink:

I just did a forum search and realized I’d asked about the Boog vs the SE-02 almost two years ago. I knew I’d been thinking about it for awhile but didn’t realize it’d been that long. The GAS comes as goes…

Think I’m going to try out a Neutron if I can pick one up for a decent price - the CV will play nice with my other 1V/oct gear and it seems to have a lot of room for sound tinkering. If that doesn’t do me I guess I’ll just get a Boog D and see how it does.


Yeah I like these but woo! That price