The Hardware Megathread


Yea! i actually have one heavy duty one of those. Though Im not sure if I can make it useful in this case. Ill have to see. It isn’t easy to setup haha


That someone made this is hilarious lol…


You’ve been teasing us too much, we need some audio snippets!


I’ve never used anything like this before. I did find a tracker to try and figure out, DefCom or something. I still need the actual audio outs vs a pin header.


I didn’t understand that it plays nice w max4live. Now I’m definitely getting one


Just bought one myself after taking a second look at all the features/hackability and Auto’s comment that you can M4L it. Too much power in a small box with a cheap price tag to pass up.


I incorrectly thought it could host M4L patches, which would be SO DOPE but that doesnt seem to be the case, unless I’m missing something.


No, you can control some of it from Max4Live patches, that is why above I was saying it’s quite limited.
M4L makes it easier to program and you could store patches.

As a side note, I mostly use it as a multi effects, mostly set and forget because of the pick up values thing.
The reverb is huge.


I heard some of the verbs and was like… o snap!


looked into the MSSIAH card and was disappointed to find out it could damage the edge connector used on the Ultimate64 boards -_- Essentially, its PCB edge can bend the pins on the connector…


I always look after things so well but have no idea whatever happened to my commodore 64, still got my Vic 20 :rofl:
Some guy gave me a commodore 64 a few years back, he said it had been in a shed but looked more to me as if it had just been left in the garden, the SID was ok inside so i used that to build a ALM SID GUTZ.

Ive always been curious about the messiah cartridge but it meant getting my hands on another bread bin, then get a suitable monitor which just seemed too much hassle.

but when you go to these old threads and people talk about what got you into electronic music and folks mention the usual Krafwerk etc, for me it was the commodore 64, knuckle busters, crazy comets, Monty on the run, sanxion, the Rambo loading music, the Green beret loading music, … thats the stuff that got me into electronic music.


I took a peek at the Ultimate64 Elite that I have and it doesn’t look like the pics I found. It isn’t nearly as blunt as the Ultimate64 someone posted, and not rounded like the OG Commodore one. It ramps back at a gentle slope. I think I’ll be okay using it :smiley:


If I get a second stimulus check and depending on what my xmas bonus looks like might spend some bills on a new toy. I was thinking maybe the SH 101 or MS20 clone from Behringer. Though I don’t currently have a hardware fx unit. Not sure I care? Price range is $300-400. mMaybe a Minilogue XD or something would be in order for poly sounds? Also considering getting inexpensive 4 channel DJ mixer to use with my samplers/synths, for use in live jams. For doing “dubs” that would feel more familiar to me than a studio mixer.

Currently have Digitakt, Samples, Mono Station and a TD-3 coming in February. I guess I have mono synths covered but I kind of have a fetish for them.

I make lots of kinds of music but mostly four to the floor dance-able/dj music.


I was thinking along those lines, minus the company bonus. Kicker is, i have to pay to convert the check to Euros, and then the conversion itself reduces the “amount” of whatever I get, so not sure what I can swing. But the last one went to the family…this one is mine alone. :slight_smile:


I used to be so fussy about monosynths lol. “WhY dOn’T yOu HaVe MoRe VoIcEs!? Peasant synths! Limiting!” until I finally went “You silly bitch literally 99% of the orchestra is essentially mono instruments…” (more or less, you know what I mean)

I really want something MS-20 flavored, too.


In other news, hoping to order a SID Tap audio output and the MSSIAH card after Christmas. I want to email the MSSIAH people and/or look around to see if people are using the internal SID(s) of the Ultimate64 boards with them, or if anyone really is. I have an offer on my eBay account for an allegedly legit pulled 6581 SID I could put in the second slot, but if I can sell the one I have and just use the FPGA I’m okay with that, too. I don’t need a 38 year old sound chip :eyes:

edit Apparently the SID has an envelope bug where every 8 notes or so it fails to trigger :joy: there are work arounds. What have I gotten myself into lol…


@relic; my vote would be minilogue xd for sure. Demos sound great and I really liked the sound of the original, minus that dreadful click on the attack stage of the amp envelope.

Not sure if you can push your budget or not but I was browsing synths and the Analog Keys is going used for some pretty crazy prices. New updates to the OS it can now sequence midi. A4 MK1 even more rock bottom than the AK and benefits from the OS update as well.

Long live Elektron.


I love that click. Snappiest envelopes I have in my studio!


Anyone here have a Subharmonicon?

Thinking of selling that RYTM mk2 and grabbing one (plus saving the extra cash left over)


Mighty Virus! I started this patch using max for all of the modulations and the it occurred to me that I could do it all “in the box” so to speak.

Virus’s menu diving is a little frustrating, but it’s like riding a bike, I got back to it. There is a lot under the hood!