The Hardware Megathread


I really, really like this idea. Maybe we could even use some of our funds to get it going. Or alternatively just setup a venmo or something and we could all donate a small sum to the cause. Let me float this in the backroom and see what the others think.


Oh, so close and yet so far. I’m on the other side, in Downey. It’s the most pleasant little suburban dystopia outside of Orange County.


Crazy, we’re actually only 20 miles away via the 101 and the 5! For those who don’t know, on the L.A. scale, that’s like crossing the road or something. I’ve driven through Downey but never had a chance to actually stop there I think.

When this COVID crap is finally tamed, we should grab a beer somewhere and nerd about synths. I’m sure you’d have a lot to teach me :slight_smile:


relevent to interests…


That’s cool and all, but I already had one of those things when it was called a Blofeld :grinning:



The other slot can house a second SID if I can find a working one, or get my hands on one of the “remakes”

It even came with a Commodore user manual that has all kinds of code so I can play around with the SID and see if it’s actually working…


well I got it to make sound. It’s sort of wild typing in shit like:

10 POKE54296, 15
20 POKE54298,199
30 POKE 54273,33

etc. that’s an awful lot of crap to memorize. I need a tracker program… but I did make it make a sound.


Just found out the Digitakt abd Digitone have pre drilled screw holes that let you mount them to computer monitor stands O_O;;


I wish the Force had them…


Hey Auto!

You have a NTS1, right? How do you like it? I’m considering it for the 4op FM synth.


I like it but it has a massive drawback, no pick up mode on the knobs, so if you change page, move a knob, come back and move something it starts from the current position…


I was hoping I could automate, say the FM algo via MIDI. Interested in using it as a HW FM drum synth a la AE.


You should be able to, a nice M4L patch that you can then share with me?
Or maybe there is one already.
Midi Implementation chart here.


I read that chart. Doesn’t give me any insight as to how it works w the particular synth that was written for it.


I’m not sure can have that much control, the M4L patches I found seem to only offer control on the same values as the knobs, so quite limited.


Yessss… this Ultimate 64 board has a “SID Tap” header for getting stereo audio directly from the SIDs :smiley:

a company sells a little thing to make it easy, but they use RCA jacks and some 3D printed thing that sticks off the back and angles them left or right “to minimize how much it sticks out the back of your 64c” like… come on, now, there’s an HDMI cable already sticking out the back…




Little devices like this are the best.


apparently there is a SID built into the FPGA called the UltiSID, and it can be split into 4/8 SIDs o.O I guess in theory I can make a SID polysynth out of this thing.


now that was some forward-thinking of Elektron o.O one of those dual monitor stands that clamp to the back of the desk…