The Hardware Megathread


I just received Audio Parasite’s new black MachineDrum faceplate across the world and it looks awesome. I wasn’t expecting the silver touches, but it was a nice surprise. There’s more info on Elektronuats for the MD and matching MonoMachine plates.


I’ve always kinda wanted an MD UW. That looks really good!


Someone stop me before I buy a HapiNES, TherapSID, MEGAfm, AY3, and Deton8 from Twisted Electrons.

I’m in a mood… lol thankfully I don’t have that much money just laying around. Now where the hell is my Gameboy…

In other news, can get a Lime TD-3 for $117 and then about $65 with points. That’s just silly lol…


as I keep checking to see if my S2400 has shipped, yet :eyes:


Get a MicroMonsta 2, it sounds beautiful!

Won’t satisfy your 8 bit hunger but…

Unrelated, I want this


That looks like a lot of fun. I do know my way around trackers (I used Jeskola Buzz for years and kinda still want to).

As for Micromonsta, your little soundcloud things were really good sounding. Very chill vibes that I like. Apparently it’s now discontinued and a successor is in the works.


I had another chance at a purple TD-3 for cheap and got the order in :smiley:


I don’t get my grape TD-3 until February : ( But that’s OK, by that time I’ll be sad with all the winter and staying home so it’ll be nice creative boost right when I need it. I’ve got plenty of distractions at the moment.


I kinda want this just for the look:


The boat hasn’t turned up yet from china with our S2400 on, they’re still shipping out the early bird ones that came by air from china.

Have you been watching the Alex Ball tutorial videos? this thing is far better than i imagined.


Alright I’ve never ordered a new synth before, but dammit I wanted this and Thomann’s US estimate prices were good when I ordered my keyboard stand last year, so I took the leap. Also, blue is one of my favorite colors.


damn…I am jelly. Reallly want one of those.


Don’t be too jelly, tried twice and the order hasn’t gone through yet. Who’d a thunk? sending 2700 dollars to Germany looks slightly suspicious to my credit cards. I told my CC electronically this morning that the transaction was legit, but I have to re-order so that Thomann can run it again. If that doesn’t work, then I either need to see what my bank’s policy on money transfers is or get on the phone with someone.


In case you don’t know: shipping from Germany tales a loooong time… because COVID - DHL doesn’t ship via air until further notice.

Can’t remember if you’re in the UK or the US? I’ve had records from Denovali that took 6+ weeks to arrive. Currently waiting for the latest Neubauten boxset from another German seller, been 4 weeks already since he shipped it.

So unless they have stock outside Germany, this may take a while. Good luck!


You should be able to change the onscreen graphics to just blue LCD, just to round the whole thing out.


Or you could just ship it to me, and come visit when Covid is over and pick it up. I promise I will hardly take it out of the box…:smiley:


I agree, you ship it Creepr, next time I’m in the area I collect it and take it to the UK, usually flights from LA fly to London first.
Or it’s cheaper to fly here, I’ll get you a beer when we meet!


Hahaha, I honestly have no idea when this will ship. I think they said they expect around January 20th. Not in too much of a rush, gonna have to sell (and more importantly, ship) the Prophet to make room for this and cover some of the expense.

I think the transaction went through yesterday. Called my credit card, told them what the transaction was, to let it thorugh and yada yada. Re-ordered and I haven’t gotten a cancellation email, so the next email is supposed to be a shipping notice in about a month’s time. IDK if UPS works internationally, but my only shipping option was UPS 2-day air. Let’s just say that was very premium…

Actually, IDMf buying a synth and sending it around to some of the hardware heads sounds like a fun idea, kinda like a sisterhood of the traveling synth type thing. Maybe we could do that with one of the volcas to save on shipping and up-front costs?


Oh, missed this, but yeah, I’m used to imports taking a bit. I live like 10 miles outside of LA. The city, not the state.


We’re neighbors? I’m in Hollywood, by Runyon Canyon.