The Hardware Megathread


At first I thought someone was sampling the sound of doing their laundry in a bathtub and I was like “lol pretty tame next to nuclear chernobyl pianos”.


The OP from facepage said their washing machine broke so they were in fact doing laundry in the tub lol.


I have a pile of old mic stands in my studio that I picked up for free and have been wondering how to best put them to use. Perhaps a lamp or two…but this had not occurred to me. :grin:


Not so easy.
I want to use the soundcard’s inserts, which are mono TRS cable so each plug is an output and return…
I just can’t figure out which adapters you use


for the price i swear by Beyerdynamic 770, a bench mark in headphones.
Had mine years can’t fault them, so comfortable.


The Prophet 5 reissue does sound gorgeous


Ah, so they’re actually wired as inserts. That does complicate it a bit. What you need to do is split the signals and recombine them.

You’ll need two insert cables (like a Y-cable, but actually splits the T/S into a single cable), two 1/4 TS to 1/8 TRS cables, and 4 female to female TS adapters.

What you’ll do is plug the both of the tip ends from the soundcard into the the 1/4 to 1/8 cable running into the stereo In on the Korg, and both ring ends into the cable running to the stereo Out (the insert cables are labeled). The cables will actually be crossed over, meaning both the Ins and Outs are going to the same place.

All this is probably better accomplished with a small mixer if you have one available, to keep from having to convert with the female adapters and to keep noise down and gain consistent.


good god that Zimmer Pad sound o.O


Had some more time with the Model:Cycles, that thing is absolutely filthy!


I’m giving up, I’ll just add the NTS as a master effect on the MicroFreak, much easier.


Not that Akai uploaded the Force 3.05 video, I can admit that the update is really cool.
Arranger mode is nice, works better for audio than it does for midi, but that is not the best part of it.
The crossfader is now super useful, it can be assigned to multiple parameters at once, add a range a value, save multiple assignment.
Same goes for the XY effect, with 4 scenes and a pad grid.
And an envelope follower…



Now I just need a device like the Force for Bitwig :eyes:

In other news, it’s looking like new orders of the S2400 are looking at December/January. Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday to me :grin:


There’s a new feature I didn’t notice in the beta and it’s a massive deal to me.
New note mode on drum view lets you play samples chromatically and keeps the warp setting. Small thing that makes a whole difference to me.


Just saw the update. Midi Multi will be a help for me, plus the working arranger mode. It will be nice to just try sequencing my synths, and to set one of them as the master so that I can understand what I’m playing in (still don’t get how the pads organize notes tbh). With the arranger mode, I could see myself sequencing my synths and then recording one on each pass so that I never have to worry about routing audio interface inputs and drivers and such. Then I can take the stems into FL for mixing.


So where have I been, I didn’t know the DeepMind was kinda sorta supposed to be a Juno 106 clone.


it does a good job. when i was servicing Jason’s (Neon Cities guy) I had them both side by side. Its no clone, and is SIGNIFICANTLY more deep than a 106, but one can certainly coax 106 patches out of it.


I was watching the Nick Batt review and he was making a lot of 106 comparisons.


If I was going to buy a Deepmind (and I don’t have any current intention to do so), it would be for the envelopes since you can modify them so extensively. That still stands out as a really cool feature to me that a lot of synths don’t have. In particular, the ability to modify the curves of each stage.


greatest feature i never use!


I noticed that as well and really liked it. I’m trying to control my GAS after getting a Digitakt, but now I keep thinking if I had an analog poly keyboard synth my setup would be “complete” (two samplers, analog mono and poly synth).