The Hardware Megathread


Probably ending up with different stands. Or none, after measuring there’ll be room on the upper shelf. I keep telling myself I’m downsizing and organizing, not making room for more gear :joy:


I just downsize other stuff. For instance that VHS collection that I haven’t even had a VCR to watch for the last 4 years can probably go. That would free up mad space for music activities.


XD I mean just music gear specifically. A lot is being unused and needs to go.


I basically just want to get down to:

2)Tascam 414mkII (lofi sample fodder)
3)Keyboard, either MIDI or a synth (poly)
4)A monosynth or two (MiniBrute 2S)
5)My 6U RackBrute
6)Bonus Prize?


That’s the dream right there. That’s where I’d like to be back to in 3-4 years setup wise. I’d say just go for the keyboard poly synth. And I’d say if you are gonna do it, go analog but something with a tasty filter you can recognize. I’m a fan of the Dave Smith sound personally.

Bonus prize I’d say either a nice delay or some other FX that is worth hand tweaking while recording.

Dream setup:

got Digitakt (complex samples, sequencing)
got Model: Samples (one shots)
need Poly Keys Synth? Probably a DSI, but I want to try the Behringer DeepMind
got Novation MonoStation (would like add MS20)
need A nice delay, probably a Strymon TimeLine


Add the moment I’m super productive and happy with:

  • Force as centrepiece, sampler;
  • Model: Cycles great sounding drum machine
  • Arturia Microfreak with the Korg NTS-1 on the master as multi fx.

And I actually make music and finish tracks.


I wouldn’t kick a Prophet X or OB-6 out at all.

I’ve had my eye on something from Strymon or Oto, like a Volante or a Bim, respectively, for example, as far as delays and whatnot go, or maybe something in my modular. And as I thought I remembered the Volante being discontinued I see Strymon has a Nightsky reverb :eyes:

Bastl Thyme looks really fun, too.


So, cable question.

My sound card has 2 mono inserts and I would like to use the Korg NTS-1 as a stereo insert.
So I have:
2x TRS plugs on the soundcard
1 mini jack stereo input
1 mini jack stereo output

How do I connect all of this???


If anybody has been interested the price to order a S2400 goes from $949 to $1499 this Monday.


It’s one of those “I want it. I like it, I like it a lot” kind of things, but I have no space for it at all. $950 is a nice price, $1500 and I probably won’t ever look at it again XD (mainly because I could have had it for $950…)

Thanks for the reminder though! I forgot about the price hike, and gd do I love samplers over synths these days :eyes:


I think I’m going for it. If I really don’t end up using it, going from $950 to $1500 should make for an easy resell…


I have a concern with the S2400.

It’s default is 24-bit 48kHz, but it has a “lofi mode” that is 12-bit 26.04kHz. Is it downsampling/bit crushing? I can’t figure this one out. The only thing I’ve found is a video stating that sampling off the inputs is 12-bit 26.04kHz, and that it can also automagically resample through the inputs when you load samples off the SD card (which is great imo)

I know Isla has worked extensively to get things like the pitch algorithms as close to the original as possible. Given all the attention to detail I have seen I don’t think it’s just downsampling, etc.


But not enough of a concern…


I have no concern…

Brad is a massive fan of 90’s house music so he’s build his dream machine and not from a business point of view but from a passion. I followed this machine getting built from day one and his attention to detail and the quality parts he has used are outstanding, have you seen him drop the unit on the floor and then switch it on and use it?

On the back the amount of ins/outs and ways of interfacing is superb even down to a kettle lead so in 30 years times you won’t be looking for a rare power supply. Hook the S2400 up to a computer via USB and just drag/drop audio onto your SD card, everything made so simple.

Anyway i made my order in August, the fact a EMU SP1200 can go for £6000 on eBay whilst the S1200 totally destroys it on every level was enough for me to buy.

Really looking forward to the music ill be making in 2021, 90’s vibe with 2020 production values, I’m excited.

oh and down the line brad will be introducing expansion cards, first of all it will be various analog filter models and then possibly effects.

Problem with my elektrons is if i haven’t used them in a while i have to look through the manual again, I’m pretty sure its not going to be the case with this machine, its so more straight forward/logical. but saying that its not trying to be an elektron is more about putting the old into new hands.


I kinda touched on the attention to detail thing. Did I mention I have paranoia and trust issues? :joy: But yeah, he really does seem like he makes passion projects. I was likely just being needlessly paranoid.

I’ll agree with Elektrons, if I went a long period without using my Octatrack I forgot how to do a lot of stuff that wasn’t just very basic :woman_facepalming:t2: XD

I did see the one video where he got half the first batch via airmail just to get them out into more hands sooner after all the covid delays. That was a nice gesture that he didn’t have to do at all.

the “not enough of a concern” was meaning my order was placed :smiley:


I did the pre-order lark with him to get the Kordbot and it arrived ok :grinning:

As you’ve probably seen theres been some good demos already in that i can get an idea of the sound, shame most of the beta testers are Hip hoppers, when this machine is in the wild they’ll be some great house, techno, drum & bass stuff about.

PS i bought a 128GB SD card the other day so I’m all ready :grinning:


I replaced my old trusty Audio Technica ATH-M50s with a Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 ohm set and… why didn’t I do this sooner?? :woman_facepalming:t2:


What kind of soundcard do you have? How you wire it up depends on how those two TRS jacks on the soundcard are configured.

Basically, you’d want a 3.5mm to split mono cable like this running from the NTS-1 mini out to the two mono inserts on the soundcard. That gets audio from the NTS-1 back to the soundcard inserts - you’ll have to use two separate channels in the soundcard to control left and right from the NTS-1 since they’re mono, then mix them.

Assuming you want to send audio to the NTS-1 from the soundcard for processing and not just record the sounds straight off the Korg, you’ll also need one running from the soundcard output(s) to the mini stereo in on the NTS-1. The question is what kind of output the soundcard has. If it has dual mono outputs, you’ll need the same kind of cable as before. If it has a stereo output, you can use a mini stereo to 1/4" stereo cable like this to get audio from the soundcard into the Korg.


Best no traditional use of a mic stand?


loooool amazing :grin: