The Hardware Megathread


Yeah its like, document and label everything consistently so that in a bind one can quickly and easily trace an issue to come up with a solution. Very do or die, mid show, or even during a sound check if you’ve got an issue you’re holding EVERYONE up (band, monitor engineer, foh engineer, lighting, video… the works) until you sort your problem out.

god forbid it be during the show…


Last night I had an online masterclass with Swarm Intelligence. Now I feel like parking the Force for a bit to focus on jamming on hardware, sample on Live and tweak there. What annoys me is that on PC I have to think a bit and look into latency and stuff.
Last night I plugged in the Model Cycles via usb audio and I got frustrated by having to tweak audio drivers and Asio4All stuff…


FWIW, the Samples USB Audio didn’t instantly work for me either so I bailed. I will hand it to Elektron on OB 2.0…OB never worked in FL Studio and it went great on my first try with the DT.


ASIO4All blows. While it works with most things its laggy as hell. I recommend German engineering with its proper ASIO driver.


The Behringer card has its own drivers and it works good, I wanted to have the Model:Cycles run as USB audio for quick sampling, but the cracks in the audio are terrible…


I can’t not see it now. F’ing champion!


I’ve still not got around to hooking up my Behringer patch bay, think ill need a week off for that.


not stoked on the build, its a lot of TRS cables.


It’s not the size of the patchbay, it’s what you do with it…


Buh… I was going to treat myself to one of those fancy desks by Output, a Platform, and realized that someone threw the box away to my new computer monitor yesterday and it had the original stand in side it still… fuck :woman_facepalming:t2: given the lead time I have time to figure this out lol. Or I just use the arm I have now assuming it can hold this huuuuuge monitor (it’s currently actually resting on something, the IKEA table I have gave out on the 24" 1080p I had before XD)


I think worst case your new larger monitor takes a larger VESA size, but you should be able to adapt that to your arm with a plate adapter of some sort.


sorry if I wasn’t clear, I have it on the VESA arm mount right now (out of necessity XD it does have a plate adapter installed, yes, that it came with). I had wanted to go back to the OEM stand for the new desk. I plan to reach out to the manufacturer to see if I can buy a replacement.


Well it’s about to get interesting over here. I just accepted a job offer with WMD devices (they’re based out of Denver, actually about 3 miles from my house). I’ll be product testing and doing QC for them.

I figure if I can’t tour I may as well do something synth related locally.

…I think I’m gonna need a bigger case…


That’s awesome man, big ups on that one. I think they make some of the best modules in the industry.


Well done!


that’s amazing <3 I almost got a PDO when building out my RackBrute 6U, but wound up with a Rubicon. I still want to try a PDO though :eyes:




great news


The Output Platform’s keyboard shelf can hold most 61 key keyboards, and some 88. I imagine some of the limitation is height due to 88s usually have hammer-action keys and of course knobs. I have a K5000S in storage that I want to bring back out :eyes: they have the dimensions of the shelf on their site, but not the height. I have some measuring to do…

But i want off this IKEA table and camping table lol…

I want a Platform, Sidecar, and the monitor stands, unless I come across something similar in size/price/versatility etc.

if I got a MIDI keyboard today instead, it’d probably be the NI S49 or S61, but I really want that K5000S out. I suppose a stand on the side is viable, too.


If I were going to spend that much on speaker stands, I’d get something that’s just the right height and fill them with sand. Though everything I’ve found so far is like 5 inches shorter than the output stands so maybe that would actually end up way more expensive. Sidecar looks nice though. I just measured and it won’t fit where I want to put my gear rack, so back to procrastinating on building my own.